So… Podcast 78 comes rushing in holding a track I’ve wanted for soooo long… DLR’s long awaited remix of 2020 by Future Cut.. it’s just so good.

Combine that with another 35 tunes from the last 4 weeks (and a few slightly older interlopers) and you have the next installment of the Back to the Future franchise.

Podcast 79 will be an all Evolve affair.. Get ready.

Enjoy / Share / 20/21!!

DLR – U.D.O (Future Cut)
Hexa – Plains (ThirtyOne)
Trex – One Time (Trust Audio)

In the mix 1
Trex – Dopamine (Trust Audio)
>>Kasra – Us (ThirtyOne)
Kasra – Die 4 It (Thirty One)
Dunk ft. T95 – Shift (Playaz)
Serum – Gator (Critical)
Workforce ft. SP MC – Overnight Express (Break remix)(Must Make Music)
DLR – Nads (Sofa Sound)
DLR, Script & MC Fokus – Perception (Wingz remix)(Sofa Sound)
DLR – Twisted (Sofa Sound)
Dunk – Vibration (InHabit)
Future Cut – 20/21 (DLR remix)(Future Cut)
Serum – Species (Thirty One)
DLR – When I’m Trippin’ (Dispatch)

3From – OPR Recordings
DJ Poleaxe – Ricksticks
DJ Poleaxe – Freeze
Owen G – Little Did He Know – For more details

In the mix 2
Kung – Irked (progRAM)
Black Barrell – Let U Go (Dispatch)
Q Project – Demonz (C.I.A)
Workforce – Don’t Tell Part II (1985)
>>Jubei – Barracuda (Carbon)
Q Project – Trouble (Myth remix)(C.I.A)
Sam Binga & Chimpo – Rude AF (Critical)
Lenzman – Down for Whatever (Jubei remix)(The North Quarter)
Break – Never Say Never (Symmetry)
L-Side ft. Fats – High Times (Break remix)(V)
FD – Bully (The North Quarter)
Visages – EgoTrip (1985)

Bcee, Charlotte Haining & Emba – Home for Good (Spearhead)
Break – Zodiak (Symmetry)
Trex – One Time (Trust Audio)
LSB & DRS – High As She (Break remix)(Footnotes)

Last One
Breakbeat Era – Ultra Obscene (XL)

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Back To The Future #78 – The Eruption Sessions
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