After a little break we’re back with a special guest on board.
All the way from West Yorkshire, we are lucky enough to have MD or Mark Dinimal who is well known on the scene for some time already. With amazing stuff he has released as a solo artists but also as one third of successful trio Data 3, there is no doubt that MD is bringing top quality into our mix series.

For the first first half hour ou can enjoy our usual b2b set (Arkoze & Fedi Minikin)playing some forthcoming stuff from ourselves and other talents on the scene. Then the following hour belongs to the one and only Mark Dinimal (MD) who also produces as one third of Data 3

We’d like to thank Dan for taking his time and recording an absolute banger of mix for our 5th episode!

Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the word and share 🙂

Arkoze & Fedi Minikin – Deep Within 005 (Guest Mix – Mark Dinimal)
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