About the Mix:
A Journey of Low end dubs into skanky dab

00.00-2.00 Dumpa- krypsis remix
2.00-3.00 Year of the real – daseplate dunman remix
3.00-5.00 Wiley – Morgue [Tom said Remix]
5.00-5.40 Fat tony – Daseplate
5-40-7.00 Hedland- Idle
7.00-8.10 SIR SPYRO- Topper Top (ALXZNDR Version
8.10-10.00 Unkey- Leng
10.00-11.30 Alix Perez- Last rights
11.30-13.45 Thelem ft. T-man – Bring Me Down
13.45-15.30 Alix Perez- Ravana
15.30-16.50 Jook- Lookacha
16.50-17.50 ID
17.50-19.00 Juss B- Bussin
19.00-20.51 Khanum- Spiral
20.51-22.00 Imanzi & Kontent – Grevious Dub (Confusious Remix)
22.00-23.00 Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Confusious Rework)
23.00-25.00 Alix Perez- Slink
25.00-26.00 Submarine- Clairon
26.00-27.40 Radiax- DADA
27.40-29.30 Bredren- Only one
29.30-31.50 Bredren- Foundation
31.50-32.20 Amoss- Line art
32.20-33.50 Geostatic- Detached
33.50-35.00 Bredren- Slackers
35.00-36.27 LSB- Potshot

About C-LEKTA:

C-LEKTA has curated his sound from its roots in the UK, taking inspiration from dubstep, grime and bassline Meanwhile being heavily involved with Perth’s grime scene, representing local crews such as IC93 and Hustle & Grind on Noongar FM 100.9

Meanwhile having ties to international grime MC MYSTIC and with the support of artists like Confusions & Daseplate. If you like low end 140s and 175s then check this mix.


4NC¥ Radio mix 056 – WHAT I’M ABOUT – C-LEKTA
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