ctoafn Live @ PTA presents Cooh & Nanotek – January 2013

Recorded live on 25th January 2013 at Noise Bar in Brunswick Melbourne with mostly vinyl before international bad boy Cooh jumped on the decks.

I haven’t had much of a chance to play some good old tunes in a while so dusted of some of my vinyl and went for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

01. Dom & Roland – Archaeon
02. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)
03. Rob & Goldie – The Shadow [The Hive VIP]
04. Kryptic Minds – More Like You (Unknown Error Remix)
05. Photek – Sidewinder
06. Dom & Roland – Killa Bullet
07. Future Prophecies – Voice of Loneliness
08. Bad Company – Pulse 2000 )EIB( Remix
09. Dom & Roland – Paradrenasite (Hive Duo Mix)
10 Audio – Headroom
11. BSE & Noisia – Feed The Machine
12. Mefjus & M-Force – Struggle & Pain ft. Maksim
13. Dub Phizix – Codec
14. Rockwell & Alix Perez – Ballbag
15. Dub Phizix – Never Been feat Fox
16. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dust Up
17. Audio – Point Of No Return
18. BSE & Foreign Beggars – Dawn Of A Dark Day
19. Dom & Skynet – Rhino
20. Donny – Forgotten Coma (Counterstrike Duo Mix)

ctoafn Therapy Sessions Melbourne DnB Studio Mix 2008

Just finished moving house and I found some old CD of my sets that I thought I’d lost forever (when a hard drive failed). One of them was this mix ๐Ÿ˜‰

This was just after I launched Therapy Sessions in Australia with Robyn Chaos and the start of 5 years of sick party’s.

Couple of tunes I can’t remember the name of – wonder if Spotify can ell me ;-P

Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds – More Like You_Unknown Error Remix (Defcom)
SPL – The Assailant (Freak)
Technical Itch – Soldiers_Dylan & Robyn Chaos Remix (Technical Freaks)
Dylan & Raiden – Futures Futile (Freak)
Counterstrike feat Limewax & SPL – Killing Machine (Algorhythm)
Gein – Hell (Habit)
Limewax & SPL – Spirit (Freak)
Code Blue & The Panacea – Headstone Shuffle (Position Crome)
Limewax – 666 (Freak)
Counterstrike & Mumblz – White Light (Evol Intent)
Evol Intent – Death Row (Outbreak)
Technical Itch – Judge (Penetration)
The Panacea – Calcifier (Offkey)
Technical Itch – Life Of Sin_Limewax Remix (Penetration)
Counterstrike – Draco (Algorhythm)

ctoafn – Therapy Sessions Melbourne VII

This set as recorded as part of Therapy Sessions Melbourne VII – Right before Robyn Chaos & The Panacea played.

Its 2.5 hours long and I’m way to busy to do a full tracklist but I can tell you thats its a fast poaced and up front set of heavy rolling techy dnb set with tracks from Audio, The Sect, Tech Itch, Loki, Ed Rush, Outside Agency, Current Value, Cooh, Black Sun Empire, Counterstrike, Paul Blackout, Raiden and many, many, many more (probably 40-50 tracks in total).

Probably my favourite dnb set I’ve ever mixed – Its heavy but not stupidly heavy – so hopefully you jump on it and give it a listen.

About 2 hours 15 mins @ 256k mp3

ctoafn b2b Cliffery w/ MC Wasp @ 1st Collateral Damage Party 2006 w/ Limewax

My first party. The story goes I launched Collateral Damage and organised Limewax to play Friday night @ Brown Alley back in December 2006. On the Wednesday afternoon via the NZ Bassdrop forum, I found out the bloody tour promoter had Limewax playing in NZ the same night. After some scrambling, I was able to be one of the first to use Miss Libertines – on a warm Sunday afternoon no less.

The tracklist is not complete, still some I cannot ID. This was up on my Soundcloud a while ago but deleted it when I ran out of room. If you can help ID track, please let me know via comments. Some of my favourite amen driven, reece ridden dnb. Drum & Bass how it was supposed to be!!!

1. Street Knowledge – Evol Intent (Renegade)
2. The Return – End User
3. Payload – Kaiser *RIP* (Barcode)
4. Infection (E-Sassin rmx) – Raiden (Renegade)
5. End Game – Noisia (Virus)
6. ???????? – ??????????? (Freak??)
7. So Sick – Manifest
8. Suck It Up – TZA
9. ???????? – ??????????? (XXXXXXXX)
10. Timehold – End User (Outbreak)
11. Death from a Distance – DJ Hidden (Outbreak)
12. Killswitch – Counterstrike (Algorhythm)
13. Critical Switch (Infiltrata and Hochi Rmx) – Tech Itch & MC Jakes (Tech Itch)
14. ???????? – ??????????? (XXXXXXXX)
15. ???????? – ??????????? (XXXXXXXX)
16. Edge Of The Cliff – Current Value (Intransigent)
17. ???????? – Audio (XXXXXXXX)
18. Chernobyl 4 – Raiden (Off Key)
19. Divergence – Cruel Intentionz (Freak)
20. Bear Of Berlin – The Panacea (Outbreak)
21. White Light – Counterstrike & Evol Intent(Evol Intent)
22. ????????? – ??????????? (XXXXXXXXX)
23. ????????? – Cliffery (Dub)
24. Real Fucking Gay Tune – Magistrate & Nichol (Cliff sucks Recs)
25. Hooked (Tech Itch & Dieselboy rmx) – Dom & Gridlok (Project 51)
26. Desolate Ways – Paul Blackout (Epileptic)
27. Bodybag – Counterstrike (Obscene)
28. The Unspoken – Current Value (Soothsayer)
29. KoRn/Hip Hop Mash Up – ??????????? (XXXXXXXXX)
30. ?????????? – ??????????? (XXXXXXXXX)
31. “Sin City Tune” – Some French Guys?? (XXXXXXXXX)
32. ?????????? – ??????????? (XXXXXXXXX)
33. Soldiers (Dylan & Robyn Chaos Rmx) – Tech Itch & MC Jakes (Tech Freaks)
34. Grudge – Technical Itch (Penetration)
35. The Indivisible Force – Current Value (Obscene)

ctoafn dubstep set @ Therapy Sessions Melburn with Raiden May 2008

Put a gig on with Raiden on a Sunday @ Miss Libertines back in 2008 which happened to be Mothers Day of all days (got double booked). Don’t have a tracklist but its nice old deep dubstep to warm up, I quite enjoy listening to it now though, The tunes are deep, melodic but tough at the same time.

Raiden (who is genuinely one of the nicest guys in the scene) came in early for a producers workshop and then went on and dropped one of the best sets I’ve ever heard which was done live with Ableton. The set which was recorded and uploaded in 2 parts had over 20,000 DL’s. I’ve still got it and if there is enough interest, I’ll put it back up.

NOISE TEST: UVB-76 Music label mix [next event this Saturday, Bristol]

Our fav tracks from this wkd label and its associates. Enjoy.

Join us for this Saturday’s event: http://hdfst.uk/E51624

Tracklist :
4 6 2 5 โ€“ Cassette_A
Overlook โ€“ Purr
Clarity โ€“ Cassette_A
Skitty โ€“ Oppression Dub
Ruffhouse โ€“ The Foot (Loxy & Resound Remix)
Overlook โ€“ Nowhere Else To Go
Forest Drive West โ€“ Inverse
4 6 2 5 โ€“ The Barrens
Red Zone
Overlook โ€“ Magick
Entire – Two Spirits
Outer Heaven – Pathos
Overlook & Gremlinz – Dream Logic
Overlook โ€“ All Of Them Witches
Karim Maas โ€“ C_C_E_D
Gremlinz & Overlook – Horns 2015
Overlook โ€“ Blue Rose
Skitty โ€“ Rocka
Overlook โ€“ Ritual ft. Mono
Holsten โ€“ Momentum
Overlook โ€“ Rogue Soul feat. Mono
Aspect & Gremlinz โ€“ Kilo (Ruffhouse Remix)
Overlook โ€“ Travelling Without Moving
Overlook โ€“ Out Of The Unknown
Karim Maas – Zombissm
Overlook – Public Image
Mantra โ€“ Mindgames
Overlook – The Totem That Guides Us
Overlook โ€“ The Dream Unfolds
Overlook – There Was Truth And There Was Untruth
Overlook โ€“ River’s Edge
Overlook – Travelling Without Moving (Positive Centre Remix)
Pessimist โ€“ The Empty House
Pessimist โ€“ Aurora
Pessimist โ€“ Ultranova

Bristol Mix Sessions – Episode 27

Hello & welcome to Episode 27 of the Bristol Mix Sessions!

During the livestream, my sound card was being very temperamental and so had frequent audio cuts. Fortunately, I had 35 minutes of uninterrupted mixing so have cut that section out for you to enjoy.

See you all next month on WEDNESDAY 15TH MAY! ๐Ÿ™‚



DJ Bailey (no MC) – Intelligent D&B 1996 – 90min

Beautiful selection of intelligent and soulful D&B from back in the day. Always loved Bailey’s sets, one of my favorite club DJs to get down to – I remember many an outstanding set down at the End. This is from the “Primitive Rising โ€Žโ€“ BAI02” Studio Mix, I got this from the “Ambiance” Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAw0NyC_6y-se4zcQGbEgHA) check it out for loads of quality & rare oldskool D&B sets and tracks from LTJ, Phesay, etc. Find more sets in this style in my playlists.

Shifty – Jazz Ass
Jazz Cartel – Blue Haze
Mastermind – The Essence
Wax Doctor – Heat
Intense – Positive Notions
Tanya Louise – Deep In You (Ed Rush & Nico Mix)
Rogue Unit – Marianna Carley
Lemon D – Subphonic
Mastermind – Imagine
Lemon D – Going Gets Tough
Arteq – Sleepless
Roni Size – Down
Fuze – Anything Goes
Boymerang – Soul Beat Runna
Public Demand – Invisible (The Invisible Man & Dillinja)
Adam F – Circles
Wayward Mind – Homeland (Subject To Reason Remix)
MLO – New Generation (Boymerang Remix)

As always, all props to the artists, producers n engineers that made these tracks – they still sound fresh 20 years later.

UKF Podcast #116 – The Others & Subscape (ft. Dread MC)

The Others & Subscape link on a special edition of the podcast celebrating UKF10: Hosted by Dread MC, it features all their own tracks with flavours old and new, as well as some exclusive unreleased treats…

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Ghost Town LA – The Soundtrack (Mini-Mix)

Bassrush on Spotify: bssrush.co/BR-Spotify
Download ‘Wake Up London’ by CASPA: https://bssrush.co/wake-up-london

Bassrush Presents Ghost Town LA – The Soundtrack Mini-Mix featuring tracks from Caspa, Ternion Sound, COKI, Eazybaked, The Widdler + Bukez Finezt!

Stay tuned for the full release coming soon.

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