2011-09-06 – Calibre & SP:MC @ Sun & Bass, Ambra Night, San Teodoro

  1. Calibre – Windows [Signature]
  2. Calibre – Who’s Singing [Signature]
  3. Calibre – Notting Hill [Signature]
  4. Calibre – Mirage [Signature]
  5. DRS Feat. Calibre – Something To Believe In (Instrumental)
  6. Calibre – Even If [Signature]
  7. Calibre – Hummer [Samurai Red Seal]
  8. ST Files & Calibre – Falling Down [GreyAudio]
  9. Calibre Feat. DRS – Eschaton [Signature]
  10. Calibre – Garbage Man [Signature]
  11. Calibre – Fire & Water [Soul:R]
  12. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Calibre Remix) [White Label]
  13. Calibre Feat. DRS – Fear Of Letting Go [Signature]
  14. Calibre – Whril [Signature]
  15. Calibre Feat. DRS – People Never Change [Signature]
  16. Calibre – Can’t Stop This Fire [Bassbin]


DnB Girls Podcast #18 – Tally G

Here is episode #18 of The DnB Girls Podcast! Join us for the 3rd guest podcast of the year as we head into 2019. Another great year of music is in the works; as the DnB Girls hit their 10 year anniversary this year 🙂 For March’s episode we are very pleased to feature an Exclusive mix from Tally G!! Get ready.


Tally G (El Paso, Texas)


1. Ezor & Inkeri:  Treated Me Cruel

2. Hyrogliphics:  Delicate (Original Mix)

3. Halogenix:  Raeph (Original Mix)

4. Nymfo: Coming Through (Quadrant, Ant TC1 & Iris Remix)

5. Incorporate:  I Believe

6. Zed Bias:  Pick Up the Pieces feat. Boudah (Skeptical Remix)

7. Super Rush:  Into Obscurity 

8. NC-17, Black Opps:  Jugular feat. Black Opps (Original Mix)

9. Spinline & Hydro:  Blindfolded

10. Parker:  Out in the Cold

11. Kyrist:  Ill Skill

12. Cruk:  Tiger Fist

13. Sudden:  Shotgun (Original Mix)

14. Benny L:  Bullfighter (Serum Remix)

15. Molecular:  Midnight Run

16. Invadhertz, Qua Rush:  Damn (Original Mix)

17. Levela:  Tension (Original Mix)

18. Super Rush:  Signal

19. Roygreen & Protone:  Illusion (Re-master)

20. Hyroglifics:  Hanging On You (Original Mix)

21. Tempus I:  Reorient (Original Mix)

Hosted by Bvitae

EATBRAIN Podcast 086 by A-Cray



A-Cray – Glitch [Let It Roll]
Fourward & Phentix – Ratio [Eatbrain]
A-Cray – Impulsive [Hoofbeats Dubplate]
Signal – These Eyes [DIVIDID]
Rido & Jade – Maze [Eatbrain]
Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix) (A-Cray Edit) [Dubplate]
KOLT – Space Ghetto [Eatbrain]
Teddy Killerz – Afrika [Eatbrain]
Mizo & Trilo – The Pursuit [C4C]
QO & The Clamps – Krieg [Hoofbeats Dubplate]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Dub Elements – Brain Eaters [Eatbrain]
A-Cray – Lasers & Stuff [Eatbrain]
Telekinesis – Levitate [Blackout]
A-Cray – Nuclear Whatever [Let It Roll]
Fourward & Jade – Make Some [Eatbrain]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (A-Cray Edit) [Dubplate]
Mefjus & Emperor – Flashizm [Critical]
Rido – Stranger [Eatbrain]
Agressor Bunx – Step It To The Front [Eatbrain]
Gydra – Protocol [C4C]
Black Sun Empire & Prolix – No Advance (Misanthrop Remix) [Blackout]
A-Cray – Proxy [Eatbrain]
Mefjus – Sizzle Fizzle [Vision]
InsideInfo – Mirrored [InsideInfo Music]
Furious Freaks & No Cure – Polar (A-Cray Remix) [BNCexpress]
Mefjus – The Chase [Let It Roll]
L 33 – Badman [Addictive Behaviour]
QO – Evil Dead (A-Cray Remix) [Eatbrain]
Holotrope – Izotope [Hoofbeats]
A-Cray – Wasted Funk [Eatbrain]
Rastafidli Orkestra – Cheers (A-Cray Remix) [Free]

Fusion 015 ft. Doc Scott X Outlook Festival Launch AUS/NZ Promo Mix

Plasma presents mixes from top artists and DJs from around the globe in a series called ‘Fusion’. Launching the fifteenth episode today with 31 recordings bossman and legendary DJ ‘Doc Scott’ – in view of his upcoming ‘Outlook Festival’ launch tour of Australia & New Zealand made possible by Plasma Audio and BBA.

Like —> https://ift.tt/1QlAqOM

Look —>https://ift.tt/2TfW7GU

Listen —> @docscott31


Grooverider: The Prototype Years – CD2/Mixed (1997)

I’m on a Blue Note tip at the moment, warming up my tiny virtual turntables to drop some 96-97 flavour over the next month or two. Seems appropriate to leave this here…

Optical – Grey Odyssey
Ed Rush – Subway
Matrix – Mute
Lemon D – Going Gets Tough
John B – Secrets
Dillinja – Silver Blade
Codename John Feat. Grooverider – Dreams Of Heaven
Boymerang – Still
Cybotron Feat. Dillinja – Threshold
Codename John Feat. Grooverider – Deep Inside
Ed Rush & Fierce – Locust
Lemon D – City Lights
Codename John Feat. Grooverider – Warned
Boymerang – Still (Dom & Optical V.I.P.)

Renegade Riddims: Maztek

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Jungle Syndicate Radio on Jungletrain 08/03/2019 ft Coco Bryce Guest Set

Featuring guest set from Coco Bryce for the first hour.

Pixl 2nd hour:
Fada – Decay [Pinecone Moonshine]
dgoHn – All The Fuckin A’s [Love Love]
Nebula – The Dream Begins [Scientific Wax]
Paradox – Hologram [Paradox Music]
Rumbleton – I Like You [Stand Firm Hi-Fi]
Dub One – Gwarn Amen (Phuture-T Remix) [Dub]
NSF – Big Time [Dubplatelet]
Dub One – Inglis [Scientific Wax]
Equinox – All Massive [Scientific Wax]
ASC – Static Shock [Synaptic Plastic]
Limewax – Cat And The Hat [L/B]
Gein – Simon [Tech Itch]
Limewax – Cracking Core (Tech Itch VIP) [Penetration]
Dylan – Dark Planet (Donny Remix) [Position Chrome]

Dose Studio Mix March 2019

Dose Studio Mix – March 2019 // Voice overs by JabZ MC. My favourite MC.
Mp3 format.

From me:
I’m back with a new studio mix, its been a while! Lots of new music incoming from me on PrescriptionZ. stay tuned for releases and giveaways.
big ups!

Tracklist for mix

Dose – Similarity – (PrescriptionZ)
Dose – Electronic synthetic -(Subsine Records)
Dose & Menace – Pick up VIP – (Samurai Music)
ChaseR – Rebelfunk – (Ignescent)
Dose – Like this – (Commercial Suicide)
Agressor Bunx – Rolling – (Blackout)
Dose – Psychological – (PrescriptionZ)
Dub.Elements – Beasts Abode – (C4C Recordings UK)
Dose, Dj Meltdown ft Georgia – We Connect – (PrescriptionZ)
Enei – Modulate – (Critical)
Process of Living [Filip Motovunski Remix] N.O.H.A.
Bou – Cat Women – (Critical)
Audio – Mudshar – (Virus)
Break, DLR – City Slickers – (Symmetry Recordings)
Black Sun Empire & Nymfo – Perception – (Blackout)
Teddy Killerz vs. Gydra – No Kidding – (Neuro punk Records)
Invadhertz, Hijak MC – Hardwired – (Addictive Behaviour)
Stoner – Sweet Home – (Critical Music)
Telekinesis – Levitate – (Blackout)
Dose – No Doubts – (PrescriptionZ)

Black Rhino Mix 005: Presha

Full story here: https://ift.tt/2WbdRoJ

Veteran Dj and sound promoter Presha offers a unique journey into drum and bass with this special mix for Black Rhino Music. 
Internet, radio and nightclub DJ, event promoter, distributor, record label owner and artist mentor, Geoff Wright aka Presha’s list of accomplishments and roles within the music industry is immense.

CYBERFUNK PRESENT – The Funk-Cast S01E02 (Ft. ZeroZero)

Welcome to S01E02 of the Funk-Cast.

We are bestowing upon you a whole feast of new music, from producers new and old, heard and unheard.

As always, we strive to bring you music you otherwise never would have heard, alongside music we think you should hear.

This time round we are also joined by one Zero of ZeroZero, Jesse.

we discuss their debut cyberfunk release, production techniques and more.

Toadstyle EP (OUT NOW) – https://ift.tt/2ueR67q

Track list:

1. Pete Drake –Forever
2. Defex –Dr. Funk
3. Anonymous –Delta
4. Bold Theory –Little Parasites
5. Defraction –Illicit
6. Wingz –Gray Matter
7. Ini Kamoze -Here Comes the Hotstepper
8. Sublimit –A New Time
9. Angst –Despot
10. Halogenix –Don’t You Know
11. Neve & Synthetics –Voodoo
12. Submarine –Criminal Thug
13. Itoa –Diceman
14. Psynchro –Glimpse

Interview with Zerozero.


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