DNB Dojo Mix Series 82: Distorted Therapy

London producer @distortedtherapy delivers our latest guest mix and it’s a gritty ride from start to finish taking in dark tech rollers from the likes of DLR, Fre4knc, Circuits, Survey, and of course Distorted Therapy himself! Deadly vibes.

Homemade Weapons – Chrysalis (Instrumental)
Parasite – In Motion
Exept – Omkara
Exodous – Reckless
Kiril – Turn Back Time
Koherent – UGH!
Hydro, DLR, Ulterior Motive & Kid Drama – Dredger
Parasite – Rebirth
Distorted Therapy – PLASMA
Unknown – Parasiten
Cruk – Devil and the Deep
Distorted Therapy – STEP LADDER 003
DLR, Ulterior Motive & Kid Drama – Unforgiving
Enei & Kasra – 1000
Circuits – Drench
Enei & QZB – Johannesburg
Fre4knc – Red Shadow
Gran Calavera – Vivid
Klinical – Africa
Krakota & Urbandawn – Epigram
MD – Arrival
Skeptical – Plastic City
Solace – Forbidden Affection
Survey – Basic Motion
Survey – Lifter
Taelimb – Flo
Telomic – Control (Revaux Remix)
Thematic – Prime Time
Alix Perez & Zero T – Ladders
Dub Head – Genesis
Nosfer & Wingz – Shallow
Bredren – Line Art

DNB Dojo Mix Series 81: BadJah

Forest Biz bossman BadJah steps up for our latest exclusive mix with a massive hour long selection of D&B! Kicking off with heavy neurofunk before moving through halftime, rollers and liquid, this one hits all the styles and takes in a selection of unreleased dubs to boot. Dope!

Gydra – Bass Must Go On [C4C Recordings]
Signal & Synergy – Duster [Invisible]
Circuits – Euphoria Part 1 [Critical]
Benny L – Monsters (Sub Zero Remix) [AudioPorn]
MISSIN & Abis – Hurt [DIVIDID]
Nesium – Subvert [Free Download]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Emperor – Sosij Thing [Critical]
Ntechnique & Mayel ft. Paraskeva – I See A Dream [Ignescent Recordings]
Exept & Sinic – Kernal Panic [MethLab Recordings]
>> QZB & Was A Be – Eastwood [Critical]
Conrad Subs – Critical Bass [Nuusic]
Fixate – Deep Inside ReFIX (Inside Dub) [Free Download]
OAKK ft. Rider Shafique – Growing [Unchained Recordings]
Nesium – Graviteren [Forest Biz]
Culprate – Helter [Inspected]
Dystopik – Squat Juice [Wonk#ay Records]
Aeph & Kung – Unformed [MethLab Recordings]
Kings Of The Rollers – Rave Alarm (Korpse Bootleg) [Dub]
>> Des McMahon – Bad Habits [Santoku Records]
Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Qua Rush REFIX) [The Dreamers Recordings]
>> Horge – Let Me Think [Free Download]
Severity – Fakeworld (Royalston Remix) [Unchained Recordings]
>> SpectraSoul – Untitled Horn [Ish Chat]
Krome & Time – The License (Break Remix) [Streetlife]
>> Euphonique & DJ Hybrid – Oi [Deep In The Jungle Records]
UFO! – Ygmfu [Evol Intent Records]
Dillinja – Hard Noize [Valve Digital]
>> Kyrist – Hoodlum [Dispatch Recordings]
Break & DLR – City Slickers [Symmetry Recordings]
MISSIN – Directions [Delta9 Recordings]
ID – ID (ID Remix) [Forest Biz]
Stakka & Skynet ft. Konflict – BiosFear [Underfire]
Total Science & Jubei – Reality Check [Metalheadz]
Shyun & Cruk – Wreckage [Critical]
Mefjus – Together (Signal Remix) [Vision]
Grey Code – Ethics [Metalheadz]
>> Changing Faces – Monochrome [Hoofbeats Music]
Urbandawn – Sleeping Awake [Hospital]
>> Dawn Wall – Emblem Of The Sun [Integral Records]
Uprising – Dracc (Leon Ross Remix) [VALE]
Collette Warren ft. Quadrant & Iris – Betrayal [Innerground Records]
>> OaT – Bittersweet [forth. Addictive Behaviour]
Bop & Subwave – City Lights [Hospital]

Vibe Guide Selects: Rusha

After a brief hiatus we are back with our Vibe Guide Selects mix for March.

This months mix is curated by the head of Dnb Imprint Bratva, Dan Rusha. Rusha’s passion for Drum & Bass and ability to has seen him go from strength to strength in our scene. from supporting names like A.M.C, Dimension, and Culture shock, as well as securing a regular spot on Adelaide’s iconic Drum & Bass show Rollers on Fresh 92.7. As head of Bratva, he’s been hard at work bringing some of Drum & Bass’s hottest names, such as Document One, Skeptical, LSB & Enei. This months mix releases just a few days before Bratva’s next event, headlined by forward thinking young gun Monty. So shut the doors, turn up the music and get to know what Bratva is about.

JAYDAN – Reflections Mix Vol 1 (The Rollout Selection) 1

Here is the first part of my reflections mini mix series containing tracks taken strictly from my vast back catalogue of darker rollers and jungle including some remixes and collabs, Ive also dropped in a couple of unreleased tracks as a treat.

Im making it downloadable as per the requests so you can bump it in your car or at the gym etc.

A little history lesson for those of you who are not as familiar with me as an artist and a trip down memory lane for those that are. mixed on 3 decks.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for your continued support.



Tracklist :-

1. Jaydan & Danger Cosmos (2017 Smokin Riddims)
2. Jaydan – How Far (2016 Smokin Riddims)
3. Jaydan – Element (2013 Innerground)
4. Jaydan – Dreams (2015 Smokin Riddims)
5. Jaydan & Upfront – Commando (2015 Digital Soundboy)
6. Dub Frequency Ft The Krypt – My World – Jaydan Rmx (2017 Clawhammer Recs)
7. Jaydan – Late Night Drive (Real Playaz 2013)
8. Subnation – Scotty – Jaydan Rmx (2009 Unreleased)
9. Jaydan – IT (2019 Dubplate)
10. Jaydan – Follow The Rules (2015 Smokin Riddims)
11.Jaydan – Dead – (2016 Smokin Riddims)
12.Jaydan Ft Sam – Insatiable (2013 Innerground)
13.Jaydan – Badman Tune (2018 Octave Recs)
14.Jaydan – Right Now (2013 Smokin Riddims)
15.Jaydan – She Gives Me Love (2010 Smokin Riddims)
16.Warhead – Creeper – Jaydan Rmx (2018 Clawhammer Recs)
17.Jaydan – The Shadows – (2009 Ganja Recs)
18.Jaydan – The Whistler – (2018 Serial Killaz)
19.Jaydan – Thought you Heard – (2019 Dubplate)
20.Jaydan – Babylon – (2018 Serial Killaz)
21.Jaydan – Snake Charmer – (2019 Dubplate)
22.Jaydan – Shes Heaven (2013 Real Playaz)
23.Krome & Time – Ganjaman Jaydan Remix (2011 Streetlife)
24.Jaydan – Skankout (2013 Smokin Riddims)
25.Jaydan Ft Mia Sylvester – Back Here (2012 Real Playaz)
26.Jaydan – Brock it Up (2015 Smokin Riddims)

Renegade Riddims: Exile

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DNB Dojo Podcast #28 – Feb 2019

Rolling out of winter and into the beginning of spring, Hex returns with the monthly Dojo podcast featuring 90 minutes of only the freshest D&B. New cuts in the mix this month from Klute, Enei & Hyroglifics, Joanna Syze, Digital, Phonograph and many many more.

Circuits – Euphoria Part 1 [Critical]
The Green Man & Seibel – Synergy [Basswerk]
Immersion – Soundscape [Impact Music]
Caill – Can I [Beat Spectrum]
Soul Defiance – Every Soundboy [Defiant Audio]
NEOH – Savage [Boey Audio]
#### – Doc001 [Soulvent]
Fanu – Drums For Freedom [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Marc Renton – Desired State [Drum Army]
Agents Of Rush – Bomber [Agents of Rush]
Kyam – VHX [Unbidden Audio]
Dharma Kaya – Fenix [Kos.Mos.Music]
Enei & Hyroglifics – Never Tell Me [Critical]
Arks – Step Response [Onset Audio]
Thesis – Afterworld [Advection USA]
Johnathan Thomas & Danky – Empathy [Onyx Recordings]
Marginal – Delusionism [Translation]
Jade & CELL D – Synth City [Close2Death]
Black Opps – Dr. Waldman [Subplate]
Forbidden Society – Dirt [Forbidden Society]
Kodiak Tension – Remember [Dub]
Drumsik – Maybe [Bad Taste]
Akuratyde – Passengers (feat. Bop) [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Dkay & DJ Lee – Interlinked [31 Recordings]
The Outsiders – Extraction [Fraktal]
Uprising – Dracc (Leon Ross Remix) [VALE]
Kozmo – Grown Man’s Game [Sound Museum]
Dub Phizix & Fixate – Babalugats [Exit]
Millbrook & Vorso – The Rise (Instrumental) [Viper]
Syrinox – Bounce [The Tech Collective]
Montesco & Maok Sevek – AxRxP [Lost]
Embers of Light – Two Four [Four Corners Music]
Primal Tribes – Chasing [Onset Audio]
OFFISH – Vile [Krytika Productions]
Dr Woe – Lake Of Wisdom [Insomnius Music]
Digital & Keygenlog – Too Late Again [Function]
Retrakt – Nova [DLT9]
Convolve – Evoke [Convolve]
Kelayx – Fckng Action [Subplate]
Mefjus – Divergence (Misanthrop Remix) [Vision]
Sequend – Lockhead [Close2Death]
Trail – Blink [Flexout]
Phonograph – Heatwave [Hyperactivity Music]
Total Science & Jubei – Reality Check [Metalheadz]
LMB – Savage [Overview]
Notequal – Microstep [DNB Zone]
Sicknote – Someday [Rotation Audio]
Klute – Take A Breath (Klute Remix) [Commercial Suicide]
Joanna Syze & The Sect – Surrender [Othercide]
Shyun & Cruk – Breathe [Critical]
Skantia – Unorthodox [ProgRAM]
nCamargo – Bending [Boey Audio]
Dimensional Dryft & Ritual Spirit – Tomb [Onset Audio]
Objectiv – The Greyhound [Addictive Behaviour]
Shodan – So Vulgar [Tesseract Recordings]
MISO – The Pact [Modular Carnage]
Om Unit & Kid Drama – Untitled 2 [Apollo]
A.Fruit – Please, Arrive [Med School]
Pablo Dread – Whats Going On [Beat Machine]
Muon – Troposphere [Free Download]
Om Unit – Shackup [Violet]
Crypticz – Grids [Crypticz]

Terrence & Phillip + Haribo – Underground Sounds [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Socials –

After we invited Harry Haribo down to host our set and meeting him in Bristol last year, it was only natural that we get in the studio together to write some music.

‘Underground Sounds’ is a gritty bass driven track that really makes a statement! It showcases exactly where we’re both at as individual artists and it was a pleasure to finally get something down.

As usual this ones up for Free Download & will be available for purchase on T&P Music via all major online stores on the 29th of March.

missledz – This was a fun time

New mix I recorded on the weekend 🙂 Few dubs from myself and others! Hope you enjoy <3

Please check out the artists’ other releases if you enjoy the below!

Ill Truth – Get Rollin’
Emperor, Mantmast – Box Cutter
missledz – ID
Terrence & Phillip – Broken (Objectiv & Klinical Remix)
Soligen – ID
Dauntless – Reverse Nirvana (Rizzle Remix)
Sam Harris – Dave (missledz Remix)
DLR & Ulterior Motive – Modules
Submarine – Clairon
Ground – Garden Peak
Wingz – Regrets (Wingz & Skylark VIP)
Ill Truth, Critical Event & Bronski – Kissing You (Ill Truth Remix)
DLR – When I’m Trippin’
Maverick Soul – The Useless
Subtle Element – What I’m Thinkin’
LNO – Wretch
Amx – Rectine
Monty – Ectoplasm
QZB – Artificial
missledz – ID
missledz – Atmos

Renegade Riddims: Deuce & Charger

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Renegade Riddims: Magnetude

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KCDC Presents w/ Arkaik – 10Twenty Radio – 06_01_19

KCDC Presents – a monthly show championing underground sonics from some of the best and most promising in the industry. Focused primarily on pushing tracks both new and unreleased from local Bristol artists, each KCDC Presents show is available to download from 10twentyradio.com.

This month our resident d&b DJ & vocalist Charli Brix takes you through the first hour of the show, while our special guest – DJ & producer Arkaik [@arkaik] – rounds off the last hour with a sublime guest mix.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and to @arkaik for such a blinding selection, you can catch us on 10Twenty Radio the first Sunday of every month 9-11pm.


FB – @ArkaikDNB
SC – @arkaik

– – – – –

Follow @kyristdnb @charli-brix @collette-warren @deannawinn

DNB Dojo Podcast #26 – Dec 2018

Just in time for Christmas, Hex is back with the last podcast of 2018, and it’s a bit of a belter! 90 minutes of brand new music including tech smashers from Invadhertz & MISSIN, liquid rollers from Cnof & Skydata, weighty steppers from Ground & Spook and halftime melters from Fractale & Monty.

There’s also new music from Hex himself in the form of his remix of K2T – Reckoning, and K2T & Manu return the favour on a new remix of Hex’s This Snare. Last but by no means least, there are dubs inside from Dialectical and Shudder…what more could you want over the holiday season?

MISSIN – Give Me A Feeling [Delta9]
Invadhertz – Hardwired (feat. Hijak MC) [Addictive Behaviour]
Dub Phizix – Buffalo Charge (Data 3 Remix) [Free Download]
Ziz – Cruise Control [Default]
Electrosoul System & Etherwood – Coming Back [Kos.Mos]
Arp XP x Kabuki – Andiamo [Kabuki]
Conspired Within – Bad Intentions [Ronin Ordinance]
Low:r – Chop Shop [Future Retro]
Emperor – Legion [Critical]
Humanon & Victim – Liquid Glass [Red Light]
Muffler – Heavy Heart [Muffler Music]
Moresounds – Shut Up [Astrophonica]
Quentin Hiatus – Star 4788 [Free Love Digi]
Nookie – Love Me [Innerground]
M-Set – Come Nah [AutomAte]
St.Iff – Behold The Villain [Blackhill Production]
Cnof – Choices [Celsius]
Jaskin & Uneven – Closed Circuit [Kos.Mos]
Dialectical – Regulators [Dub]
Victim – Cold Touch [Kill Tomorrow]
Ground – Sleep Talking [Chikara Project]
Fractale – Frei [Unchained]
Monty – I Know [1985 Music]
Subp Yao – Bubbles [Methlab]
ColtCuts – Bug Bite [Sound Museum]
Konka x Strange Thing – Strap Up [Aufect]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Hex – This Snare (Khnum Remix) [Detached Audio]
Mage – Edge of the Earth [Celsius]
Covert Garden – Fugitive [Fokuz]
Shudder – Might Not Be Love [Dub]
SiLi – Looove [Differential]
Submanifold – Contact [Omni Music]
Defraction – Erra [Lost]
K2T – Reckoning (Hex Remix) [Detached Audio]
Spook – On & On [Free Download]
ReDraft – Hold Up [Shoot]
MidKnighT MøøN – Onism [iM Dance]
Mako – Come Down (Pusher Me) [Soul:R]
Karma Kingdom – I’ll Be Waiting [Bay 6]
Lockjaw & Missin – Save Me [Overview]
Bereneces – Nommo [DLT9]
Trex – Manic Culture [The Dreamers]
Skydata – Starcrush [Beat Spectrum]
M.E.D. – Too Fly [Fokuz]
Shodan – I Don’t Need You [Celsius]
Ground – Garden Peak [Flexout]
Synged – O2 [IN:Deep]
Chris.SU & Fedora – Without You (Liquid Mix) [FATE]
Fracture – Makes Me Wonder [Exit]
Naibu – Red Hand [Horizons]
Handra & Mystic State – Side Effects (Fre4knc Remix) [Absys]
Visionobi & Melinki – Searching for the Answer [Dispatch LTD]
Akov – Symbiosis [Cause4Concern]
LN4 & Simple Souls – Won’t You [Soul Deep]
Esym – System Shock [Protocode]
Hybris – False Positive [Pseudoscience]
Elementz Of Noize – In Aether [Elementz of Noize]
Thing & InZtance – Keep On Running (ft. Frank Carter lll) [Warm Comms]
A.Fruit – Be Careful With The Clouds [Microfunk Music]

Terrence & Phillip + R3DX – Ghetto Bass [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Hello! Merry Christmas!
We just finished up some new music 🙂 This time we linked with jump up producer R3DX and created bit of wonky business.
‘Ghetto Bass’ is an infused jump up / roller track and is a great representation of both of our sounds.

The new age rolling jump up sound is massive within the industry at the moment and it was great to be able to link up with Evan to create this bit of music!

Follow R3dx here –
Facebook – https://ift.tt/2Lsb9XN
Soundcloud – https://ift.tt/2jHCXfN

DNB Dojo Podcast #25 – Nov 2018

With the year drawing to an end, Hex is back with the penultimate podcast of 2018 and as always it’s packed full of fresh D&B goodness! This time around there’s new music from Circuits, Frame, Kusp, Retrakt, Visages, TIDE, Akuratyde and many many more…get to know.

SpectraSoul – Organiser (Circuits Rewire) [Critical]
Break & DLR – City Slickers [Symmetry]
Sedo & St.iff – Shorty [Tesseract]
G Skool – Rave Brekie [G Lab Dub]
Nucleus & Paradox – Azha [Metalheadz]
Brain Vertex – Epiphany [T3K]
Frame – Unbreakable [Delta9]
Mitekiss – Crate Six Seven [Hospital]
Peyo – Ghost Bird [Hyperactivity]
Balatron – Huginn [Methlab]
Kabuki – Whiplash [Unchained]
Fearful & LSN – Hostile Transmission [Diffrent]
D’TCH – Stay Loose [The Dreamers]
Kusp – Badlands [Detail]
Ewol – Despair (Ak:Hash Remix) [Flexout]
B1tyze – Cascadia [Samsara Beats]
DLX – Busted Groove [Free Love Digi]
Calibre – Let It Rain [31 Records]
Namarone – Prey [Drum Army]
Linear – Heavyweight (K2T Remix) [Dub]
Heft – Air Kiss [Liquid Flavours]
Piglet – Games (Mako remix) [Subsine]
Confusious – Instinct [Lost]
Gerra & Stone – Inner Light [Flexout]
Amalgam – Temporal Flow [Deconstructed]
Retrakt – Mix It Up [Terra Firma]
Retrakt – Gravity (Ding Remix) [Modular Carnage]
Loomis – The Mirror’s Eye [DNB Dojo Free Download]
Kiljoy – Bad Man [Function]
K2T – Depths (Aardonyx Remix) [Detached Audio]
Akuratyde – Lost Summer [Blu Mar Ten]
TIDE – Cloak & Dagger [Locked Concept]
Visages – Uganda [Dispatch LTD]
Mad Vibes – Hatched [Sidechain]
Dan Guidance – Love That I Need [All Street]
Thing – Blessed Love [Repertoire]
Jolliffe – Morality [RSTLSSNSS]
Subtle Element – The Core [Sixteen Step]
Ordure and Corrupted – What2Do [Music Squad]
Deep Stealth – Ocean of Consiousness [Omni Music]
Greazus – Sweat Equity [Deviant Audio]
QZB – Artificial [Critical]
Jaybee & Freeze – So Much More [Trust Audio]
Sonic Art – Beast (Abstract Illusion Remix) [Danger Chamber]
Easy & Geeks – Natural [Influence]
Nesium – Dimension Leap [Forest Biz]
Radicall – Moon [Warm Ears]
Marcus Tee – Retrospective (Valerie’s Song) [Beat Spectrum]
InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds – Beneath [DNB Arena]
Need For Mirrors – Tresor [Commercial Suicide]
Des McMahon & not sorry – Cold [Viper]
Sicknote & Escher – Trouble [Stereocilia]
Yoofee – Visualize [Through These Eyes]
Whiney – The Capital [Med School]
Wresker & Kilobite – One Night [Peng Dominion]
Submarine – Dive Alarm [1985]
Intermitant – Frozen Silence [Omni Music]
Sonic Art – Deep Feeling [Next Phase]
Aaron Spectre – Respect This Sound [Destroy Oh Boy]

Lickweed – Just how I like it (Twisted Audio Podcast #65)

Our resident DJ Lickweed steps back on the wheels of steel and takes over the Twisted Audio podcast showcasing all styles of Drum n Bass that he loves so much… ENJOY!


Lickweed Intro
Nymfo – Worries in the Dance
>> Enei & Kasra – Transmitter [feat. Jakes]
L33 – So Dope [feat. Coppa]
Break – Alpha
Black Sun Empire – Caterpillar [feat. Virus Syndicate] (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
1991 – Jungle Cats
>> Hive – Neo (Remix)
Tantrum Desire – Repeat [feat. Coppa]
Frankee – Dawn
Pythius – From the Future
MD – Fiction
Two Mind – There Will Be Blood
>> Vici & Miss Understood – Glow
Dirty Skank Beats & Isaac Maya – Step in ya face [feat. suku] (Isaac Maya Remix)
Rune & Kaiza – Breakup (Dizkret Remix)
Melinki & Revaux – Swordplay
DC Breaks – Remember (Loadstar Remix)
Subview – Soundman
Alibi & Takura – Pull Up
Volatile Cycle & Philth – Headsplit
Bill & Ed, Elijah Divine – Massacre
Run Tingz Cru, Redders, Da Fuchaman – Welcome to Bristol
Calyx & Teebe – A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix)
Agressor Bunx – Pararampam
James Marvel & MC Mota – Way Of The Warrior
Razlom – Flashback
Disprove – Disprove
>> Benny Page, Sweetie Irie, Congo Natty – Power
Metrik – We Got It [feat. Rothwell] (S.P.Y Remix)
Black Sun Empire & Audio – Drizzle (Black Sun Empire VIP)
DC Breaks – Gambino (InsideInfo Remix)
Gawn Deep – Champion (Transforma Remix)
>> Harry Shotta – Watching Me Now feat Doctor
L Plus – Everyone VIP
Insideinfo – Renegade [Feat. Jakes]
Kove – Give & Take
Agressor Bunx – Roadside
Black Sun Empire – Hideous [feat. Noisia]

ADLDNB Vibe Guide Monthly Wrap October


No Trust – Chimpo x DRS x Slay x Ragoloco
Rudeboy Stuff – Breakage
Grey Days – S.P.Y
Slink – Alix Perez
Faithful – Spectrasoul
Wah Wah Track – FD
String Therapy – Zero T & Villem
Silence – Spectrasoul Feat. LSB
From The Outside In – Kasra
Shibuya Pet Store – The Upbeats & Noisia
Reload – Kiril
Keepin it Raw – Break
Strike – Kiril
Ski Mask – Kasra
Caligo – Alix Perez & Monty
When I’m Trippin’ – DLR
Obscure – Phace
Miso – Kasra
Stabs – Jubei & Tyrone
Surge Engine – Black Sun Empire feat. Nymfo
Looking in from the Outside – DLR
Live With It – Alix Perez & Icicle
Isolated – Phace
Ripsaw – Black Sun Empire & State of Mind
Rock Da House – S.P.Y
This! – Kiril
Give Up The Ghost (Calibre Remix) – Zed Bias feat. Nasrawi & Disco Puppet

DNB Dojo Podcast #24 – Oct 2018

Another month, another fresh selection of D&B and Jungle courtesy of Dojo’s very own Hex! This time around there are beats inside from Alix Perez, Leniz, Transforma, Shimon & Trimer, Reflektor and many more, plus unreleased dubs from Geety, Your Favorite Neighbor and Jus Dubz. Check it!

Alix Perez – BXL [1985 Music]
Nerv – 3 Left Feet [Tesseract Recordings]
Madusea – Shades [Default]
Nemy – Try [Celsius]
M-Soul & S27 – Disruption [Vandal]
K2T & Sirus – Rwenzori [Detached Audio]
Mahakala – The Exodus [Cosmic Bridge]
Lockjaw & Current Value – Passing [Locked Concept]
Esym – Lost Within (Future Engineers Remix) [SubSine]
Vince Grain – Can I Stay [Suspect Device]
Kyrist & Document One – Move This Way [Dispatch]
Rounder & Option – Emerald [Detached Audio]
Leniz – Choices [Differential]
Dilemma – Chemical Love [Soulvent]
Abstract Drumz – Exist [Omni Music]
Your Favorite Neighbor – Mad Science [Dub]
Transforma – The Darkest Void [Bad Taste]
The Upbeats & Halogenix – Kronan [No Sleep Til…]
Eusebeia – Charade [Literature]
Geety – In Love Before [Dub]
Xorcore – Burning Question [Xorcore]
Break – Keepin’ It Raw [Symmetry]
Phonograph – Time Flies [Hyperactivity]
Shimon & Trimer – Giant Locast [Audioporn]
Reflektor – Bass Talk [Really Good Records]
No_Name – Behind Enemy Lines [DLT9]
Jus Dubz – Venus [Dub]
Crimes x Sigrah – Raveclash [VALE]
Blueflip – Shaped Mood [Subplate]
Invadhertz – Mercury Rising [Bad Taste]
Sequences – Ethos [Blu Saphir]
HammerZz & BMA – Monroeville [Onset Audio]
Kid Kurse – Scrub [Aufect]
Books – Block1 [Detuned Transmissions]
Comma – Gasworks (Itoa Remix) [Rua Sound]
R1C0 – Want Yu [Celsius]
Dreadmaul & Goreteks – Fractured [Ronin Ordinance]
Slaine – Gangsta [Nurtured Beatz]
nCamargo – Ghoul [AGN7]
Colony – Kong [Hustle Audio]
Low:r – Reorient [Terra Firma]
Visages & Trail – Shifted [Flexout]
Invadhertz & Qua Rush – Damn [Delta9]
Doom Poets – Brighter Days [Tech Itch]
Goh – Propagation [Red Light]
SubMarine – Posse [Dispatch]
Dedman – Renegade (feat. Messenger) [Lost]
Scape – Vision Of The Future [Dope Plates]
Moresounds – Warriah VIP [Astrophonica]
Agman Gora – Cemetry Soul [Therapy Sessions]
Invadhertz, Tephra & Arkoze – When in Rome [Addictive Behaviour]
DYL – Ioana [Alphacut]
Commix – Cherry [Metalheadz]
Parhelia – Cycle I (Miracle Of Dissolution) [Kos.Mos]

DNB Dojo Mix Series 76: Whychek

London producer Whychek steps up with a half hour of power for our latest exclusive guest mix! Featuring his latest work for The Dreamers alongside a selection of tidy rollers and some timeless classics, this is pure D&B vibes; what better way to spend your Sunday?

Whychek – Lock & Key
Air. K & Cephei- Savannah (Gerra & Stone Remix)
Bert H – Fly With Me (Bop Remix)
Voltage – Suspicious
LSB – The Optimist
Fluidity – Deeper Vibe
Satl – Midnight Moon
Rockwell – Underpass
LSB – Sketch For My Sweetheart
Commix – Be True
Logistics – Together

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