SS019 ~ Seba (100% Seba Past & Present)

Swedish-born Seba has been in the business for well over 20 years now, and over this time has crafted a unique space in the scene for his atmospheric, often ethereal style of drum and bass and
jungle. His music has seen releases on some of the most influential labels in the genre, including the late Marcus Intalex’s Soul:R, the ever-influential Metalheadz, and his own label Secret Operations. This exclusive mix ahead of our upcoming 4th birthday at Fabric explores his unique style through a range of old and new, smooth and heavy, and ultimately top-drawer selections. Be prepared to let him take you on a serious journey in RM2 on Friday.

Tickets for FABRICLIVE 10th May ft Seba:

Track list:

1. Seba & Robert Manos – Space & Time – Soul:R
2. Seba – Island dub – Inperspective Records
3. Seba & Paradox feat Robert Manos – Lie to me – Paradox Music
4. Seba – Nichoho – Warm Communications
5. Seba – She looks real – Spearhead Records
6. Seba – Whats your fantasy – Secret Operations
7. Seba – My love – Spearhead Records
8. Seba – Vanity – Warm Communications
9. Seba & Robert Manos – Etherall – Paradox Music
10. Seba & Paradox – Delusions – Secret Operations
11. Seba feat Krister Linder – Blaze and fade out – Secret Operations
12. Seba – Science fiction – Secret Operations
13. Seba – Snow – Hospital Records
14. Seba & Method One – Dawn patrol – Commercial Suicide
15. Seba – Move on – Hospital Records

Jossy Mitsu – Outlook Mix Series 2019

Birmingham raised, now London based; Jossy Mitsu’s talents are unrivalled when it comes to shelling hard and setting the party to turbo. Those that have witnessed Jossy rinsing out a twisted concoction of sweaty house, techno and left-field club heaters, serenading you with her 2-step vinyl collection or firing heavyweight rave and jungle sets will testify to the energy that flows from start to finish.

Here with her offering to our 2019 ‘final fort’ mix series, Jossy nods to the old skool rave days with a perfect blend of favourites spanning jungle, break beat, rave and beyond. It’s this passion, knowledge and dedication to the music and her craft that sees her affiliated with the likes of Six Figure Gang, Boiler Room, Red Bull and Fabric, and has seen her embark on a brand new residency on the legendary Rinse FM.

We wait in eager anticipation for what’s in store for us as she joins for the final edition at the fort this year.

DNB Dojo Mix Series 83: Calculon

US experimental beatsmith Calculon is in our mix series hotseat today, serving up a wicked selection of raved up halftime, footwork infused bangers and jungle-tinged melters. Dancefloor flavours and all sorts of wickedness, plus watch out for beats from the man himself including his new single with Dave Owen & Jaybee which is out now on None60.

Lewis James – response
Touchy Subject feat I-Mandala – Turnt Up
Moresounds – Shut Up
Sam Binga & Rider Shafique – Organic
Sinistarr – Unfair
Kromestar – X files
Calculon & 6Blocc & Jaybee – Live By The Streets
Calibre – Temple Step
Amit – MK Ultra
BANZULU – Islands
Om Unit x Kid Drama – Untitled 4
Special Request feat Nina Kravitz – Looking Glass
Jaskin & Uneven – Closed Circuit
Root For The Villain, Calculon, Austin Speed, Jimmy Hoffa – Destroy Babylon
Agzilla – Reneri (Kid Drama Remix)
Silent Dust – Another Sunlight (Dead Man’s Chest’s Dappled Dub Version)
Root For The Villain – Meazels
Dave Owen & Calculon & Jaybee – Comfort Zone
PaulSG – Swosha (ReDraft & Calculon Remix)
Clap! Clap! – To Open A Feeling By Closing It With An Embrace

SINE Podcast EP003 ft Ant TC1 Interview + Subtle Element Guest Mix

We’re back again with the third instalment of the SINE Series podcast, and as usual it is full to the brim with new music and dubs-a-plenty, all mixed by our SINE residents Apey and Maximous. This time, our man in the field – Scott Claridge – caught up with one of the hardest working people in drum and bass Ant TC1, who manages to juggle the label management for Dispatch and Metalheadz alongside a whole host of other responsibilities. We chat about the forthcoming EP on Metalheadz from himself, Adred, Commix & DRS, as well as his exclusive B2B with Fre4knc at our Fabriclive takeover in May.

For the guest mix this month we have Subtle Element, a producer that has been rapidly rising the ranks of drum and bass with releases on labels such as Engage Audio, Symmetry Recordings, and Sofa Sound. The mix is packed with serious blends and dubs, and is a testament to what you can expect from him at Drum & Space this Friday, our event with Engage Audio at The Cause.

Track list:

Maztek – The Origins – Illigal Live Set 2006 [Somewhere In The Hood… The Rave Never Stops][.]

Somewhere in the hood back in the days, when i was playing live with an illegal and huge sound system.. sorry for the quality my nerdflix but it is a live recorded set which they do not even know how they recorded it… i will post some jump soon promise.

thanks to my friend Tarantola for sending me this file from this recorded live set from 2006, good to know where you come from…. and for live set i mean live set…

#4theravers #fuckwhatyouthinkyouknow #biatch #welcomebackinternet 🙂 #0101 #crackerscansuck #analog #raver #rave #origins #theorigins #nowripthis #travellers

DNB Dojo Mix Series 81: BadJah

Forest Biz bossman BadJah steps up for our latest exclusive mix with a massive hour long selection of D&B! Kicking off with heavy neurofunk before moving through halftime, rollers and liquid, this one hits all the styles and takes in a selection of unreleased dubs to boot. Dope!

Gydra – Bass Must Go On [C4C Recordings]
Signal & Synergy – Duster [Invisible]
Circuits – Euphoria Part 1 [Critical]
Benny L – Monsters (Sub Zero Remix) [AudioPorn]
MISSIN & Abis – Hurt [DIVIDID]
Nesium – Subvert [Free Download]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Emperor – Sosij Thing [Critical]
Ntechnique & Mayel ft. Paraskeva – I See A Dream [Ignescent Recordings]
Exept & Sinic – Kernal Panic [MethLab Recordings]
>> QZB & Was A Be – Eastwood [Critical]
Conrad Subs – Critical Bass [Nuusic]
Fixate – Deep Inside ReFIX (Inside Dub) [Free Download]
OAKK ft. Rider Shafique – Growing [Unchained Recordings]
Nesium – Graviteren [Forest Biz]
Culprate – Helter [Inspected]
Dystopik – Squat Juice [Wonk#ay Records]
Aeph & Kung – Unformed [MethLab Recordings]
Kings Of The Rollers – Rave Alarm (Korpse Bootleg) [Dub]
>> Des McMahon – Bad Habits [Santoku Records]
Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Qua Rush REFIX) [The Dreamers Recordings]
>> Horge – Let Me Think [Free Download]
Severity – Fakeworld (Royalston Remix) [Unchained Recordings]
>> SpectraSoul – Untitled Horn [Ish Chat]
Krome & Time – The License (Break Remix) [Streetlife]
>> Euphonique & DJ Hybrid – Oi [Deep In The Jungle Records]
UFO! – Ygmfu [Evol Intent Records]
Dillinja – Hard Noize [Valve Digital]
>> Kyrist – Hoodlum [Dispatch Recordings]
Break & DLR – City Slickers [Symmetry Recordings]
MISSIN – Directions [Delta9 Recordings]
ID – ID (ID Remix) [Forest Biz]
Stakka & Skynet ft. Konflict – BiosFear [Underfire]
Total Science & Jubei – Reality Check [Metalheadz]
Shyun & Cruk – Wreckage [Critical]
Mefjus – Together (Signal Remix) [Vision]
Grey Code – Ethics [Metalheadz]
>> Changing Faces – Monochrome [Hoofbeats Music]
Urbandawn – Sleeping Awake [Hospital]
>> Dawn Wall – Emblem Of The Sun [Integral Records]
Uprising – Dracc (Leon Ross Remix) [VALE]
Collette Warren ft. Quadrant & Iris – Betrayal [Innerground Records]
>> OaT – Bittersweet [forth. Addictive Behaviour]
Bop & Subwave – City Lights [Hospital]

The Keith Flint (The Prodigy) Tribute mix, 8th March 2019 #TheBriskSelection

Here’s my tribute mix to the late, great Keith Flint of The Prodigy. A true icon of British electronic dance music, taken from us far too soon. Rest in peace Keith, God bless x

Track list:
01. DJ Brisk Intro
02. The Prodigy – Need Some1
03. The Prodigy – Poison (1995 mix)
04. The Prodigy – Deisel Power
05. The Prodigy – Under My Wheels
06. The Prodigy (ft. Pop Will Eat Itself) – Their Law
07. The Prodigy – Light Up The Sky
08. The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital
09. The Prodigy – Girls
10. The Prodigy – Funky Shit
11. The Prodigy – Thunder (Arveene & Misk remix)
12. The Prodigy – Timebomb Zone
13. The Prodigy – Breath
14. The Prodigy – Spitfire (Future Funk remix)
15. The Prodigy – We Live Forever
16. The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up
17. The Prodigy – Resonate
18. The Prodigy – Jericho
19. The Prodigy – Omen (Noisia remix)
20. The Prodigy – Firestarter
21. The Prodigy – World’s On Fire
22. The Prodigy – Warriors Dance (N2 remix)
23. The Prodigy – The Prodigy – Outta Space (Deekline remix)
24. The Prodigy – Wild Frontier (Killsonik remix)
25. The Prodigy – Voodoo People
26. The Prodigy – Music Reach (1, 2, 3, 4)
27. The Prodigy – Ruff In The Jungle (Uplifting Vibes mix)
28. The Prodigy – G-Force (Energy Flow)
29. The Prodigy – Full Throttle
30. The Prodigy – Charly (Trip Into Drum & Bass mix)
32. The Prodigy – The Prodigy – Your Love (remix)
33. The Prodigy – Rhythm Of Life
34. The Prodigy – Boom, Boom, Tap
35. The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (Hardcore remix)
36. The Prodigy – No Good (Drum & Bass mix)
37. The Prodigy – Ghost Town
38. The Prodigy – Richard Cheese – Smack My Bitch Up (Outro)

SINE Podcast EP002 ft Nymfo Interview + Telomic Guest Mix

Welcome to episode two of our monthly SINE Series podcast mixed by SINE residents APEY & Maximous. For this episode we’ve got lots of dubs and unreleased music from our favourite artists in the scene right now, plus an exclusive interview with Dispatch stalwart Nymfo and and a FYAH guest mix from Liquicity favourite Telomic.



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Lossless Music Podcast 17 feat Sonar’s Ghost

Paradox – Planet 3 (Good Looking)
Holsten – Momentum (Droogs)
Soul Intent & Ben Repertoire – Glimmer Of Fear (N/a)
Chromatic – Untitled (Dope Plates forthcoming)
Soul Intent – Bell Tune (N/a)
Soul Intent – Everything And Nothing (N/a)
Soul Intent – Mr Moody (N/a)
Slider, Expose & Clima – All Fall Down (Lossless Music forthcoming)
Sicknote – Feel The Vibe (Dope Plates forthcoming)
Soul Intent – Get Down (N/a)
Soul Intent – Rock It (N/a)
Slider, Expose & Soul Intent – Lead Them To The Well (Lossless Music forthcoming)
Soul Intent – Rub-a-Sub (N/a)
DJ Rap – Intelligent Woman (Soul Intent Steppa Relick)
Soul Intent – Lick Down (Dope Plates forthcoming)
Dubmonger – Shrouded (Bandcamp Page)

Sonar’s Ghost mix >>

Model – Untitled Amen – Dub
Law and Kola Nut – Out Of Fokus – Sonic Force
Sam Binary – Sentinal Era – Western Lore
Sonar’s Ghost – Uranus – Rupture
That Thing Called Love – ?
Overlook – Magjick – UVB76
Nucleus and Paradox – Azha – Metalheads
G-Force and Ils – Medusa – Markforce Bandcamp
Sonar’s Ghost – So Deep – Dope Plates
Moresounds – Warriah VIP – Astrophonica
The Promise – Sicknote, Dissect & Justice – MJAZZ
Night Journey – Dwarde and Tim Reaper – Amenology
Model – Untitled Amen – Dub
Effra – London Rain – Dub
Acid Lab – Shimazu Clan – Repertoire
Indifferent – The Only One Left – Dub
Sonar’s Ghost – (Women aren’t From) Venus – Dope Plates
Intense – Positive Notions – Good Looking Records
Response and Pliskin – The Mancunian Way – Western Lore
Manix – Come On Strong Double O Remix – Reinforced
Tim Reaper – Second Chance Sonar’s Ghost Remix – Repertoire
Sonar’s Ghost – Dark Star (Uranian VIP) – Dub
Nucleus and Paradox – Electropia – Esoteric

Kolectiv – SINE Warehouse Sessions Promo Mix

Made up of Sam, Simon and Kerim, Kolectiv are an eclectic trio that continue to show the world their unique twist on drum and bass, with releases on labels such as Flexout, Dispatch and most recently Diffrent. They don’t allow sub-genres to define their style however, with releases ranging from liquid, to straight-up rollers, to experimental halftime cuts. We had the pleasure of the boys putting together this promo mix ahead of their set at the SINE Warehouse rave on the 9th of November. Opening with a halftime tune off their new EP on Diffrent, the mix then dives headfirst into a barrage of rolling drum and bass, and provides a sneak peek of what they will bring to the Hangar in November.

Kolectiv will be joining the rest of the Flexout crew in room 2, alongside Bassi, Fre4knc, Amoss and Data 3. Not one to be missed.

Final tickets available here:
Join the event page here:

@bladerunner-dnb b2b @T-I (2 hour set)
OneMind @utopia-music / @j_dlr / @metalheadz
@Satl b2b @IllTruth
Hosted by:
@mcDRS, @mcTali, @Visionobi, @Joe_Raygun & K-Eye @HarryHughes

John B Podcast 177: John B @ Sun & Bass 2018 (Alternative Set at La Cinta)

Here it is! My ‘Alternative’ Set from La Cinta Beach at Sun & Bass 2018!

Previously I’ve played more niche Italo Disco stuff at sun & bass for my ‘alternative’ sets so I thought it would be good to switch it up and not duplicate what I’d done previously – so this time I decided to go all out megahits from the 80s & 90s for a proper beach party vibe, then work in some of the D&B remixes of 80s stuff I’ve amassed over the years to bring the energy up at the end!

Words can’t describe how much fun it was and how happy I was with how it went! This was my first day at S&B this year and what a great start to the week! Big Love to everyone that was there and shared the occasion – if you couldn’t be there I hope this recording brings you a bit of that San Teodoro sunshine!

I really hope you like the set – and if you do, please share it online with your friends – it really helps more people see the posts & hear my music!

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xxx John B

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