Lost In Ether | Podcast #109 | Overlook

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Lost In Ether | Podcast #109 | Overlook

Overlook, considered for a long time as one of Drum & Bass’ rising stars now sits at the genre’s top table having walked the path, earning recognition and veneration. A staple of the UVB-76 Music camp, his debut album ‘Smoke Signals’ confirmed his potential, widely acknowledged as one of the best releases of 2017.
Overlook’s music pays homage to great Drum & Bass tradition while viewing the genre through a futurist lens. Now making significant inroads into Techno & Ambient music, Overlook makes no secret of his influences from the world of film and art, drawing heavily on the suspense, tension and restraint of the medium. A consummate producer and highly credible remixer Overlook isn’t bound by the numbing limitation of genre.

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META062 Paradox Vol.28 Radio Show

New Radio Show showcasing the new META062 12″ plus tracks from Seba, Digital, Overlook, Spirit, Nucleus and other like-minded musicians.

** Disclaimer – This is NOT a mix, but a narrator-style presented Radio Show **
** Tracklisting is clearly mentioned on the mic – pay attention **

Bookings : alex@bassic.co

• bit.ly/meta062_redeyerecs
• bit.ly/meta062_bandcamp
• bit.ly/meta062_headz
• bit.ly/meta062_ebloc
• bit.ly/meta062_juno

12” released: 06.04.18


Agent : alex@bassic.co


Overlook Mix for Unearthed Sounds [002]

Read our interview with Jason: http://ift.tt/2E8uf1e

Stepping up for first artist mix of the year – and Vol. 2 of our series we will be doing with artists and labels that we represent – is none other than UVB-76 affiliate Overlook.

Check out the UVB-76 label catalogue right here: http://ift.tt/2Dv0jLP

Hold tight for 003 coming in a month or so!

Overlook – Drum&BassArena ‘Smoke Signals’ Promo Mix

Overlook goes deep in the mix to celebrate his forthcoming debut LP on UVB-76, showcasing a typically forward-thinking selection. Dark, brooding, progressive. Get to know. Pre-order Smoke Signals here: http://ift.tt/2mZSEO4

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Syncopix – Promo Mix Australia

Syncopix made a 1 hour long promo mix before he travelled to Australia from Germany.

This mix it is a really journey from the sexy, jazzy Liquid tracks to the dark, tribal Jungle tunes and gives us a great reflection about his musical taste 🙂


Enjoy and be prepared for debut set on 17th of March at The Candy’s Apartment feature Commix, Milleks, Severity Zero and Vica Versa

Sun And Bass Podcast #19 – Clarity

SUNANDBASS Podcast #19 comes from Clarity – the name on a lot of people’s lips right now.

Soon after starting to send his music out, Clarity’s tunes were jumped on by all who were lucky enough to hear them. Sparse, stripped back, ice cold yet immensely powerful, the sounds he was producing belied his tender age – and of course with tracks like this, it wasn’t long before labels such as Samurai and Exit were knocking at his door.

His performance damaged SUNANDBASS this year, and now he’s back for more – let’s call it an early Christmas present. Get wrapped up, the volume up loud and check what the man has in store for us all…


Fade – Trap Game
Gamma – 2347
Kolectiv – Launch Pad (Xtrah Remix)
Nymfo – Tower of David
Rafiki & Draize – Throwdown (feat. GK)
Dabs Feat. Need for Mirrors & Hlz – Halftruth
Ed:it & Pennygiles – Set Theory
Hyroglifics – Unfulred
Release – Safe House
Axon – 68
Kolectiv – Launch Pad (Xtrah Remix)
Basis – Submerged
Fade – Nutty Reese
Fade & Dudawles – Remember All Those
Artifice – Insomnia
Blocks & Escher – Moods
Chromatic – Orchestral
Eastcolors and Krysiz – No One Knows
DLR – Outbound
Enei – The Artefact
Jazzatron – Zarathustra
Nymfo & Detail – Survivor
Tephra & Arkoze – Illusion
Dom & Roland – Glowbug (S.P.Y Remix)
Nativ – Half A Gram (Arkaik Remix)
Keosz/Trilo – Deadly Shadow
Mastaba Audio – Way Of Life
Nativ – Undisputed
Kolectiv, Dexta & Mauoq – Lemonade
Linden and Detail – Fringe
Noel & Exit9 – Data Mode
Mastaba Audio – Ghost Tale
S.P.Y – Jelly Belly
Nickbee – Westban
Nativ – Signals
Sudden Def, Nuera & Fire Syne – Brute Force
Tephra & Arkoze, Innate MC – Pressure
War, Overlook and Mateba – Scared
Cern – Nerve Ending
DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals – Stay
Ed:It – I Would
Fracture – Better Than Tomorrow
Incognito – Black Magic
Kolectiv – Slow
Survey – First Encounter
Arkaik – Wax
Decontrol & Twisted Facts – Clamber
Hyroglifics – The Bridge
Incognito – Black Magic (Philth Remix)
The Invaderz – Dream is Over
Fade featuring Andy Pain and Z Connection – Target
Hyroglifics, MC Tone Def – Digital Future
Jubei – These Things (feat. Dbridge)
Mastaba Audio – Raise Of Abel
Agressor Bunx – Reality
Chromatic – Lung

Cranium Session 003

We’re back with 003 in the Cranium Sessions series. Loads of Drum & Bass, new and old reaching into the deepest and darkest sounds in the scene.

Big up to Mikey Beats for winning the competition! We’ll get a copy of our latest single over to you very soon!

If you want to send in your shout outs, jingles please send to info@amoss.co.uk

If you want to get beats to us, please send to demos@amoss.co.uk

Big up!
Andy & James


1. Blocks and Escher – Moods [Metalheadz]
2. Cern & Overlook – Nevada Ghost [Horizons]
3. Yukon and Deluded – Snow
4. DBRUK & Genotype – The Fog Off [Broken Audio]
5. Hyroglifics – Bay City Rollers [Critical Music]
6. Fearful – 13 (MTWN remix)
7. Clima – Real Human Being [Dust Audio]
8. Skitty – AX [Dutty Audio]
9. Amoss – Autosequence

Perfection Selection
10. Amon Tobin – El Cargo [Ninja Tune]
11. Billy Brooks – Forty Days [Crossover]

12. Cern & Dabs – Alter Ego [Dispatch Recordings]
13. DLR – Bridge the Gap [Utopia Music]
14. HLZ – Blue Sand [Flexout Audio]
15. Soligen & Type 2 – Turn the Levels Up [Citrus]
16. Double Helix – Cue [Deep Field Audio]
17. Corrupt souls – Seppuku [Moving Shadow]
18. Amoss – Bleed It VIP feat. MCJC [Horizons X]
19. Mako – Tell me something feat. Detail [Metalheadz]
20. Mzine & Scpeticz – Point of no return VIP [Dispatch LTD]
21. LSB – Leave – [SoulR]

Warm Communications EHL Promo Mix for WARM028 Jan 2014

This mix was made in promotion by EHL for the release of WARM028 by Need For Mirrors, HLZ & Mikal. Released last Monday[Jan 13], it is out everywhere on 12″ & digital formats


Mix Tracklisting:

1. Detail – Pressure – Commercial Suicide
2. Need For Mirrors & Mikal – Solomon – Warm Communications
3. Jubei – Block Code – Metalheadz
4. Unknown – Unknown
5. Unknown – Unknown
6. Gremlinz & Ahmad – Nibiru – Paradox Music
7. Cern & Overlook – Shelter – Warm Communications
8. Photek – Smoke Rings – Science
9. Total Science – Espionage – Partisan
10. Mark System – Observation Point – Exit
11. Dissident & Fluter – The Claustrophile
12. Need For Mirrors – Unknown – Warm Communications