LTJ Bukem presents Logical Progression (CD-B mixed set, original 1996 version) Intelligent DnB

This is logical, this is a progression… The original and still one of the best sets around, LTJ’s about to touch down. After much confusion I finally found the original 1996 version of LTJ’s seminal Logical Progression 2 CD release. This is the mixed set (CD-B). Intelligent DnB at its finest. Find more outstanding LTJ sets in my “LTJ…” playlist.

1. Airtight remix – Funky Technicians
2. New element – Form Form
3. Drum in a grip – De Wolf & Wax Doctor
4. Solution – Ils & Solo
5. In too deep – JMJ & Flytronix
6. So long – Seba & Lo-tec
7. Pharaoh – Photek
8. After Hours – DJ Trace
9. Groove Therapy – Universal
10. Mind Games – DJ Crystal

I’ve been looking for this set for a long time but have never been able to find it online, only the 2001 re-released version where the mixed CD was replaced with the ‘Ministry of Sound Half A Decade Of Dance’ 96 live set and different tracks on the un-mixed CD. I brought a 2nd hand copy from I will do a mix using the tracks on the unmixed CD (CD-A) when I get some time.

No infringement of copyright is intended, I’m assuming it’s ok to make this available to download as it’s not possible to buy this new anymore. If there is a problem with copyright let me know and I’ll remove it.

As always, all props to the artists, producers n engineers that made these tracks, nuff respect to all the Goodlooking family.


1) Omni Trio – Soul Promenade [Moving Shadow]
2) Danny Breaks – Volume 2AA [Droppin’ Science]
3) Asend & Ultravibe – What Kind Of World (Asend Remix) [Back 2 Basics]
4) Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air [Liftin’ Spirit]
5) Chimeira – Deeper Life [Back 2 Basics]
LTJ Bukem
6) PFM – Wash Over Me [Good Looking]
7) The Sentinel – Pulse Of Life [Basement]
8) Studio Pressure – Touching Down…..Planet Photek [Photek]
9) Aquarius – Drift To The Centre [Looking Good]
10) JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk [Moving Shadow]
11) LTJ Bukem – Horizon [Looking Good]
12) Digital – Touch Me (94 Original Mix) [Timeless]

LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad: Promised Land Volume 1 (1996)

Legendary. No pithy introduction needed.
Volume with Fabio/Cleveland Watkiss now up

Fokus – On Line
DJ Trace – After Hours
Adam F – Circles
Voyager – Voyager
Adam F – Aromatherapy
MI5 – Experience
DJ Trace – By Any Means Necessary
Fokus – Jazzed Out
Code Blue – Angels In Dub (DJ Crystl Remix)
Adam F – F Jam
Simon Bassline Smith – Midnite
DJ Crystl – Let It Roll
DJ Crystl – Meditation
Orca – Tranquility To Earth

More here

013 – The Ones And Twos On Fresh927 – Ctoafn 2018 Retrospective – 201218

So this is my retrospective of 2018, my fav tunes from 2018. Smashed 61 tunes over 1’50 of air time. Its been a joy (over the last 6 months since joining the show) to share my tunes in a non club environment. I love rocking a packed club but being able to play some not alawys club friendly stuff has been refreshing to say the least.

We kick off the first half hour with liquid, then Deep followed by the cheesy party stuff then the last 30 mins of neuro.

This isn’t the best voted tunes of 2018 its my favourite tunes of 2018 😉

1. One’s and Two’s Intro
2. Illmatika, Mr Joseph, Sabrina Carr – Her Name Is (feat. Sabrina Carr)
3. Villem, Mcleod, Leo Wood – Let It Breathe
4. Gerra & Stone – East Point
5. Bcee – Magic Words feat. Degs
6. Dub Motion – Feeling U
7. Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club (Circuits Remix)
8. FD – All Yours
9. Satl – Not Ordinary Music
10. Camo & Krooked – Tagtraum (GLXY, Satl & Malaky Remix)
11. S.P.Y – Grey Days
12. Zed Bias – Pick Up the Pieces feat. Boudah (Skeptical Remix)
13. Synergy – The Moment
14. Zeal, Cigz – Opal
15. Shy FX, Mr Williamz, Kate Stewart – Badboy Business (feat. Kate Stewart and Mr Williamz)
16. T>I, Saxxon – Ganja Dance feat. Blackout JA
17. Ulterior Motive & Future Cut – Second Nature

18. Kiljoy – Bad Man
19. Amoss, Fre4knc, MC Swift – Warning feat. MC Swift
20. Kiril, Was A Be – This!
21. Nymfo – Lemmings
22. Breakage – As We Enter
23. Philth, Wreckless – Entropy
24. Gerra & Stone – Blue Noise
25. Break – Keepin It Raw
26. Bredren – Backlash
27. SpectraSoul – Untitled Horn
28. Submarine – Clairon
29. Mefjus – Sinkhole
30. Tyrone, Jubei – The Saboteur
31. Benny L – Dogs Bark
32. Kiljoy – Air Raid

33. Cyantific – Outatime, Pt. 2
34. Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (Friction One In The Jungle Remix)
35. Kings Of The Rollers – Get Set Go
36. Dimension – Whip Slap II
37. Upgrade – Do It Good
38. Danny Byrd – Just a Step Away feat. Ownglow
39. Levela – Blown Fuse
40. Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)
41. Tantrum Desire – Vybez
42. Mampi Swift, InsideInfo – The One (InsideInfo Remix)
43. T & Sugah, Dualistic – Tripod
44. Motiv – Prompt Demise
45. Dimension – Raver
46. Turno & A.M.C – Ice Cold Vip
47. Wilkinson – Decompression
48. Levela – Orbit
49. Matrix & Futurebound – Tardis
50. Cyantific – Bloodline Feat. Raphaella (Tantrum Desire Remix)

51. Magnetude – Entr’acte
52. Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Noisia Remix)
53. Mefjus – Muskox
54. Current Value – Relinquish
55. Disphonia, TR Tactics – Vision (Disphonia Remix)
56. Phace – Downgrade
57. Mr. Frenkie – Bass Symptom
58. Doctor P – Yim Yam (Teddy Killerz Remix)
59. Annix – Crash (Guv Remix)
60. Redpill – Ghost in the Club
61. Raiser – The Weapon
62. Mefjus – The Sirens

LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad – BBC Essential MIx – 16-07-1995 – Side 1

This 1995 set is great for so many reasons.

1. The hilarious intro by Pete Tong where he mispronounces Bukem’s name

2. Conrad’s understated MCing

3. The insane track selection.

The Architex – Blueprint [Basement]
Funky Technicians – Airtight [Legend]
Fokus – On Line [Dee Jay]
Q-Project – The Instrumental [Good Looking]
Aquasky – Dezires [Moving Shadow]
PFM – The Mystics [Good Looking]
Wax Doctor – Finer Things [R&S]
Ils & Solo – In The Area [Looking Good]
J Majik – Lush Life [Infrared]
Skanna – Find Me [Skanna]


SS018 ~ Hydro

Next up for our mix series is Hydro, a name who has cemented himself within the underground scene with his heavy drum and bass weaponry. He has released on innumerable iconic labels including Metalheadz, CIA and Critical, as well as often collaborating with other heavyweights such as DLR, War and Total Science. His latest offering is the ‘Not Too Late / Trick’ EP on DLR’s Sofa Sound label, a hefty collaboration with Hydro and War that can also be found in this exclusive mix. Every element of the mix is masterfully crafted, with each song playing a vital piece in building upon the atmosphere and groove of the previous, as well as being packed full of his own productions and exclusives.

Hydro will be rolling out at the Hangar at our SINE warehouse rave on 9th Nov, and we are honoured to have him there alongside the rest of the lineup.

Final tickets available here:
Join the event page here:

@bladerunner-dnb b2b @T-I (2 hour set)
OneMind @utopia-music / @j_dlr / @metalheadz
@Satl b2b @IllTruth
Hosted by:
@mcDRS, @mcTali, @Visionobi, @Joe_Raygun & K-Eye @HarryHughes

Hydro has released on:
Utopia / Metalheadz / Symmetry / CIA / Dispatch / Commercial Suicide / Critical / Horizons / Quarantine / Warm Communications / CNVX / MethLab / Collective

Kolectiv – SINE Warehouse Sessions Promo Mix

Made up of Sam, Simon and Kerim, Kolectiv are an eclectic trio that continue to show the world their unique twist on drum and bass, with releases on labels such as Flexout, Dispatch and most recently Diffrent. They don’t allow sub-genres to define their style however, with releases ranging from liquid, to straight-up rollers, to experimental halftime cuts. We had the pleasure of the boys putting together this promo mix ahead of their set at the SINE Warehouse rave on the 9th of November. Opening with a halftime tune off their new EP on Diffrent, the mix then dives headfirst into a barrage of rolling drum and bass, and provides a sneak peek of what they will bring to the Hangar in November.

Kolectiv will be joining the rest of the Flexout crew in room 2, alongside Bassi, Fre4knc, Amoss and Data 3. Not one to be missed.

Final tickets available here:
Join the event page here:

@bladerunner-dnb b2b @T-I (2 hour set)
OneMind @utopia-music / @j_dlr / @metalheadz
@Satl b2b @IllTruth
Hosted by:
@mcDRS, @mcTali, @Visionobi, @Joe_Raygun & K-Eye @HarryHughes

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