InnerSoul Mix Sessions – Loz Contreras (2013)

2Pac/Bobby Cauldwell – Do For Love (Dave Owen Bootleg)
Mutt – Draw On Me
Submorphics – Hurt so Bad
Dave Owen & Dorsh – Our Little Secret
Random Movement – Wallflower In The Dark
Macca & Vector – Celestial
Loz Contreras – Keep On Keepin On
Random Movement – Can’t See You
Break – In My Mind
Random Movement – When You Come Alive
Kove – Gone (6am Mix)
The Avalanches – Tonight (Commix Remix)
Marky & S.P.Y – Tapestry
Vital – Chasing The Past (Loz Contreras Remix)
Loz Contreras – Baby It’s You
Loz Contreras – Senna
BCee & Lomax – One Year On
Sevin – Intercept
Alix Perez – Forsaken
Random Movement – Down Somehow
Snakehips – If You Feel Like I Do (Loz Contreras Remix)
Loz Contreras – Just A Moment
Loz Contreras – Suddenly Attached
Hybrid Minds – Leaving
Level 2 – She Goes Away
Loz Contreras – Chloe’s Exodus
Submorphics – Forgotten Dreams
Loz Contreras – Sienta
Marky & Makoto – Love Again
Marky & S.P.Y – Kinky Funky
Pennygiles – Life Goes
High Contrast – Twilight’s Last Gleaming


SUNANDBASS Podcast # 76 – Macca & Loz Contreras

Our October Podcast is sure to top up the fading sunshine for you – this month coming from the excellent duo, Macca & Loz Contreras!

First teaming up back in 2013, this North-South connection have been spearheading the good times sunshine vibe movement since then. They recently released their album ‘Better World’ in 2017 which was chock full of hands in the air moments, whilst still keeping true to a held back and refined sound.

Their DJ sets are a good reflection of the vibe of their music and their abilities on the ones and twos as well, and their SUNANDBASS Podcast delivers this in spades, full of new and unheard music. Check out Macca & Loz Contreras!


Sun and Bass 2017

BCee – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. Ambra Night
Jumpat – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. Ambra Night
Seba and Robert Manos – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. Ambra Night
Patife – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. La Cinta Beach (03.09.2017)
Alibi – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. La Cinta Beach (03.09.2017)
L-Side Feat. MC Fava – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. La Cinta Beach (03.09.2017)

Bryan Gee With Darrison & T.R.A.C.
Serum With Inja
DJ Marky With MC’S GQ & Lowqui

Klute b2b Dom Roland – MC Stamina
L-side With MC’s Fava, Christina Tamayo, Inja, T.R.A.C. & Darrison

JJ Frost b2b BaileyN

Nymfo – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. Ambra Night

JJ Frost B2B Bailey – Live at Sun and Bass 2017
Ben XO – Sun and Bass 2017
Blofeld – Sun and Bass 2017
Mach4 – Live at Sun And Bass 2017
ArpXP – Live at Sun And Bass 2017




Download A Sides b2b Raw Q


Doc Scott & DRS – Live at Sun and Bass 2017. Ambra Night (05.09.2017)

The Invaderz @ Sun and Bass


The following files have not been split

Paul SG, Patife, Alibi, L-Side – Live from La Cinta Beach 03.09.2017
Uno, Alibi, Command Strange, Dillinja 03.09.2017
Jumpat, Villem & McLoed, Seba, BCee, Utah Jazz 04.09.2017
Macca & Loz Contreras, L-Side, Serum, Marky 06.09.2017
Dauntless, Invaderz, Total Science, Dom & Roland, Klute 07.09.2017
Rumble, Satl, A-Sides, Bladerunner, Gridlok 08.09.2017
Mad Vibes, Nymfo, Chris SU, John B 09.09.2017

Unknown line up 05.09.2017

Fokuz Recordings Podcast #38 – Macca & Loz Contreras & Anthony Kasper

Woi! Anthony Kasper AND Macca & Loz Contreras feature their recently released music on this months installment of the Fokuz Recordings podcast. AK’s Misery Loves Company and the Better World LP by Macca & Loz Contreras are both available for purchase through the Fokuz Recordings store and all good digital outlets. Hope you enjoy the sounds!

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