Sun & Bass – 2018

09/09 – La Cinta Beach – Shimon b2b Benny L

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Klute b2b Dom Roland

09/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Quadrant + Iris

09/09 – Ambra Night Garden – In:Most feat Inja

10/09 – La Cinta Beach – John B (Alt Set)

10/09 – Ambra Night Garden – SS + T.R.A.C

12/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – A Night For Spirit

13/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – Doc Scott b2b dBridge feat Fox, Tyler Daley + DRS

13/09 – Ambra Night Garden – DJ Randall & MC GQ

14/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Nymfo feat  Fava

14/09 – Ambra Day Garden – Phase feat Mota

15/09 – Ambra Night Gazebo – ArpXP feat TRAC + Kwality

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – John B (DnB Set)

15/09 – Ambra Night Garden – Chris.Su

Metalheadz Podcast 58 – Klute


Our latest label podcast comes from Klute, a producer, DJ and all-round drum and bass stalwart that’s been on the circuit for over 20 years.

Klute has always made it clear that drum and bass isn’t the only genre that he wants to involve himself in – from founding hardcore punk band The Stupids to also releasing a bountiful amount of techno – he is a man of many talents, something that is showcased in his eclectic 90 minute podcast.


Lossless Music Podcast 10 [ Soul Intent ]

Lossless Music Podcast 10 hosted by Soul Intent

Da Intalex – What You Gonna Do (Flex)
Dub One – Taken From This World (Subtle Audio)
Soul Intent – There She Goes (Lossless)
Klute – Angel Eyes (Commercial Suicide)
Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance (Soulr)
Soul Intent – Heart Chord (Lossless)
M.I.S.T – Play On Me (Soulr)
M.I.S.T – How You Make Me Feel (31 Recs)
M.I.S.T – Universe (Metalheadz)
MJ Cole – Sincere (M.I.S.T Remix) (Talkin’ Loud)
Soul Intent – No Answers (Concealed Identity Remix) (Exkursions)
Future Cut – Hornz (Gremlinz & Overlook 2015 Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
Transient – Scripture (Lossless)
M.I.S.T – Neptune (31 Recs)

Please donate to the fund for Marcus’ family @

Eatbrain Podcast 048 by State Of Mind

State of Mind & Maztek – Back from the edge
State of Mind – Giant
AMC & Turns – The Fever (Tobax Remix)
Proxima – Outworld
Stoner & Paradigitz – Odious
BSE & Prolix – No Advance
Icicle – Electronic Bandwagon
State of Mind, Mindscape & Jade – Grape Juice
Agressor Bunx – Twisted
Cruk – Full Tilt
BSE & Pythius – Scarf
Phetsta – Disco Dog
Klute & Stamina MC – Lose My Way
State of Mind & BSE feat Thomas Oliver – Stranger
Agressor Bunx – The Offering
State of Mind & Nuklear MC – Jesus Overdose
Killbox – Hype Cycle
Synergy – Overdose
Noisia – Into Dust (Neonlight Remix)
BSE – Swarm
Konflict – Beckoning (Jade Remix)
Current Value, Optiv & CZA – Ghost Nation
Gydra – Noise of the Machine
VLTRN – Valkyrie
Posij – Jovial
State of Mind – Leapfrog
State of Mind – Choker

Juno Download Takeover mix – Klute (Commercial Suicide)

Drum & Bass royalty Klute looks to the past as well as the future with this exclusive mix for Juno. If one producer can get away with the self indulgence of a set comprising only of their own material, then it is Klute, the man’s back catalog is denser than a neutron star!
So expect to be taking through various moods, feelings and time era’s as Klute goes deep into his personal archives for a short yet powerful mix n blen’

This is of course, all in celebration of Klute’s brilliant new studio long player “Read Between The Lines” a album that is filled with so many complex elements and ideas that it keeps on giving with every listen.

Listen to the album here:

Klute – Cross Club []

Check full video set + tracklist from party and subscribe us. Thank you!

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Just Greg Retrospective Mix #23 By vonAudio (Free Download)

– The reason I chose most of these songs, is that I’ve heard them in other Dj’s mixes, for a few months, and have been waiting for them to be released. I love all styles of Drum and Bass, but the “liquid” and melodic, musical style has always appealed to me far more than any other Sub-Genre. I feel the tracks work really well together and complement each other perfectly. The last two tracks don’t necessarily fit so well in the mix, but I had to play them, as they are really unique, and caught my attention from the second I heard them.

*About me: I’ve always loved music. It is my earliest memory of being alive. I grew up listening to groups such as Queen, Kool & The Gang, and other “Soft rock” and Funk acts, until I first heard heavy metal, at the age of 8. I threw myself into that head first, listening to the heaviest, and fastest metal I could find. Then I discovered Hardcore Metal, not the “emo-crap”, but proper New York hardcore. Aaaaand then nu-Metal happened.
I first heard Drum & Bass, as it was just being known from the jungle days. I was 16, and I fell in love! I didn’t know what it was, or is, about it that I love so much, but it is the best thing I have ever heard, and I’ll be listening to this until the day I die, AS WILL MY KIDS!
I Dj “professionally” for a living, and I play anything from 4-6 gigs a week. I play Golden Era (80’s & 90’s) Hip-Hop, Classic 70’s & 80’s Funk and Disco, and Jacking & Bassline house. I love my job, however, it is also the reason that I don’t get to come to as many DnB gigs as I’d like.

Follow vonAudio on Soundcloud:

01 HumaNature & Skeletone & Silence Groove – Sparkling Orb
02 Krakota & Lifford – In the Area
03 LSB – If You’re Here (Luke’s Tangerine Dreaming Vip)
04 Pola & Bryson – My Detention feat. Tayah Ettienne (Original Mix)
05 Unknown Artist – Back By Dope Demand (Al Pack Bootleg)
06 Netsky – Forget What You Look Like (Pola & Bryson Bootleg Remix) ft. Lowell
07 Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be
08 FD – Through (Original Mix)
09 Technimatic – Side Hustle
10 Bcee – Come and Join Us (Klute Remix)
11 Fred V & Grafix – Ultraviolet (Original Mix)
12 Technimatic – Remember You
13 Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – The Last Light
14 WATSN – Mallicks
15 Etherwood – We’re Nothing Without Love (feat. SPY)
16 Hugh Hardie – Light It Up (Original Mix)
17 Proxima – Loose Lights (The Future Sound of Holland)
18 Lynx – Ruffneck Sound (Original Mix)

Klute – Commercial Suicide comes to LIGHTBOX 17/06/16 – pre-mix


A little taste of whats in store for tomorrows COMMERCIAL SUICIDE event at LIGHTBOX, London from KLUTE.
A carefully selected line up of top shelf DJ’s will be bringing you the best of D&B all night.
DOM & ROLAND, KLUTE, SPIRIT, NYMFO, THE INVADERZ, hosted by the sexiest MC alive. MC FAVA.
11 – 6am.

6a South Lambeth Place,
London SW8 1SP.

innerSoul Promo Mix March 2016

A 3 hour promo mix comprised of tunes by all the artists playing at the next innerSoul on April 1st 2016, namely Artificial Intelligence, Seba, Nymfo, Klute, Bailey, Phil Tangent and Pennygiles. Bit of a random selection but with so many great tunes from these artists is was hard to pick!! Enjoy!

Track List

Crockett – Seba
Vanity – Seba
Floating – Nymfo
I Remember – Pennygiles
Lunar – Phil Tangent
My Black White (Calibre Remix) – Klute
Better Days – Artificial Intelligence vs D-Bridge
Leyla’s Last String – Pennygiles
Playing Games (Seba & Paradox Remix) – Duo Infernale
Problem Reaction – Klute
Moce On – Seba & Paradox
Odessa – D-Bridge & Artificial Intelligence
Lose Control – Seba
The Light – Seba & Paradox ft Kirsty Hawkshaw
Roxy – Nymfo & State Of Mind
Property Is Theft – Klute
Quiet Seas – Pennygiles
Giving Up The Ghost – Phil Tangent
Now, Always, Forever (Calibre Remix) – Klute
Come Back To Me – Klute
Part Of Me – Klute
Momentary Switch – Pennygiles
Hindsight – Phil Tangent
Make A Stand – Klute & Marcus Intalex
Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix) – Lenzman
Billies Smile – Phil Tangent
Restitution – Phil Tangent
The Joy (Face To Face) – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw
Bloodlines – Artificial Intelligence
Waters Edge – Phil Tangent & Imagery
Our Leader – Klute
Oedipus Violins – Pennygiles
Pleasure Trip – Phil Tangent
Forever – Seba
Ambient Hell – Klute
Saviour – Klute
Through The Gate – Artificial Intelligence
Hell Hath No Fury – Klute
Balance Of Power – Seba
Desperado – Artificial Intelligence
Under The Sun – Seba
Give Me Your Heart – My Joseph & Pennygiles
Take A Breath – Klute
Africa – Bailey

Klute – 15 Years of Dispatch Recordings Mix

To coincide with our 15 Years of Dispatch Recordings tour, we will be inviting some special guests from the label to deliver exclusive mixes, in anticipation of the forthcoming dates.

DLR & Ant TC1 kicked things off on Radio 1 and we’re proud to welcome one of our favourite DJs for the next mix – Klute.

With an exclusive VIP of ‘Visitation’ just featured on Radio 1, catch him at our London (B2B Dom & Roland), Bristol & Brighton shows.

Upcoming 15 Years shows:

19 Feb – Lightbox, London

26 Feb – Black Swan, Bristol

27 Feb – Volks, Brighton

12 Mar – Kohvik Sinilind, Tallin

19 Mar – Antwerp Mansion, Manchester


Klute –
Dispatch –
Bandcamp –
Webstore –

SUNANDBASS Podcast #43 – Quadrant & Iris

The start of December sees SUNANDBASS Podcast #43 dropping – and it’s time to get cold.

Quadrant & Iris have very kindly graced us with a mix of epic proportions, showing us exactly what to expect when they step up to the decks.

Featuring a raft of their own productions, including some from their 2015 ‘206’ LP on Commercial Suicide, the mix also neatly ties together a wide range of flavours from many of drum and bass’ important players – but also some fresher names, proving they like to keep their ears to the ground for hot new tracks and talent.

Enjoy the mix, it’s going to warm up the place!

Schematic – Live @ Masterlab 006 /w Ivy Lab & Klute 11-06-15


1. Schematic & Polaris – Conduit
2. 4hero – 9 by 9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix)
3. Autumn – It’s Always About The Girl (Lomax Remix)
4. Break – Gave Too Much feat. Kyo
5. Calibre – Half Full
6. LSB – Snap Funk
7. Unknown Artist – Mango
— 8. Kabuki, Jeru The Damaja – Watch Your Step
9. Makoto, Deeizm – Release The Bird
10. Calibre – In Denial
11. Mefjus, Zoe Klinck – Blame You feat. Zoe Klinck
12. Abstract Elements – Uranus
13. Random Movement – We’ve Been Lost in Time (Talkin’)
14. Schematic – 44 Hours
15. Silence Groove – Hot One
16. Random Movement – All Wrong
17. SpectraSoul – Submission
18. Dub Motion – Exodus
19. Soul Intent – Funk Lick
20. dRamatic – 92 Frequencies
21. Flaco – Difference
22. Drs – The View feat. LSB and Tyler Daley
— 23. Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
24. Electrosoul System – One, Two… Madness
25. Random Movement – God Complex
26. Break – Come And Get It
27. Schematic – Yeah, what?
28. Schematic – Creep
29. Trilo – Metrolab
30. Dcision & Colin All Shotz – Special Days (Schematic Remix)

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