Randall – Renegade Selector Series 2 Mix CD – 1994

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Dillinja – Deep Love (Remix)
DJ Nut Nut – The Dream
Renegade Feat. Ray Keith – Terrorist (Grooverider Remix)
Harmoney & Extreme – Boo (Exclusive Remix)
Krome & Time – The Licence
Foul Play – Being With You (Van Kleef Remix)
Chimera – Deeper Life
The Dubster – Retreat
DJ Gunshot – Wheel & Deal (Remix)
Roni Size – Timestretch
Dead Dred – Dred Bass (Pa Mix)
Cool Hand Flex – Mercy Mercy (De Underground VIP Mix)

Respect to Thumbzo for the original rip, I must have downloaded this some years back.

Andy C – Pure Rollers – 1996

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Here’s a mid-week treat for you, a 1996 mix CD from Andy C. Lovely ’96 style hardstep and jump-up tunes.

Dred Bass – World Of Music (Apollo 13 Remix)
De Elite – Check Dis
The X – New Dawn (Remix)
Marvellous Cain – Roll That Shit
Andy C – Roll On
Swift – Just Roll (VIP Remix)
The Dream Team – 16 Track Ting (Remix)
Serious Intent – Easy Dread
Bonafide – Super Bad
Joint Venture – Take Away
Dynamic Duo – Rolling Number (VIP Remix)
Joker – Tonic’s Jazz Lick
Dynamic Duo – The Ride (Rollers Remix)
Benny Blanko – Remember Me?
L Double & Shy FX – The Shit
Joker – Raw Dogs
Paul Z – Yea
The Darkman – Let’s Roll
Swift – On The Beat
PFunk – PFunk Era

Mantra – Source Direct Mix

Source Direct – A Made Up Sounds – Metalheadz
Mirage – Personal – Odysee
X Files – Forbiden Medicine – Basement
Mirage – Feel My Dreams – Odysee
Source Direct – Exit 9 – Source Direct
Source Direct – The Cult Remix – Razors Edge
Source Direct – Snake Style – Source Direct
Intensity – Generations – Basement
Goldie – This is a Baad (Source Direct Remix) – Razors Edge
Source Direct – Web of Sin – Metalheadz
Source Direct – The Crane – Source Direct
Source Direct – Secret Liaisons – Good Looking

Drum & Bass show with Physics – November

Drum & Bass Show with Physics 05.11.2018

Ben Soundscape: Big Sur
Bungle: Cocooned [VIP]
The Insiders: Without You
Colette Warren & DJ Marky ft. Tyler Dayley: One Exception
chrizz0r: Ixtab
Charles Bradley: World Is Going Up In Flames [Physics Remix]
Blade: Back From The Streets
Physics & J7: Africa
Serum & Voltage: Sumeting Special
Saxxon: Here To Play
Shimon & Trimer: Killers
Benny L: Low Blow
Stereotype: Long Distance
Silence Groove: Bratislava
Elere: Closer, Closer
Soultec: Artform
Physics: Deeper Insight
LSB: About Tonight
Askel: Portmanteau
Rowpieces: Brazil Calling
Severity ft. MC Astro: The Journey
Voltage: U Saxy Thang
Bou: Double Barrel
Physics: Bringing The Sound
Serum: Redeemer
Ray Keith: Deeper Love [Bladerunner Remix]
Jubei & Marcus Intalex: Fanny’s Your Aunt
Furney & Lady Emz: Falling Over You
Benny L & Shimon: Monsters [Sub Zero Remix]
Physics: Call Out
Benny L: Horizon
DJ Sofa: Number one dubplate
Lennie de ice: We are i.e [what ya looking at rerub]

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio October 28th 2018

Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 6 A2
The Criminal Minds – Jump The Gun (Smoke Eye Scientifik)
DJ Crystl – Give It Up
Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura
Clone Inc – Mood Swing
?? – ??
Acro – Superpod
Bizzy B – The Reel Message Is Power
L Double – Little Rollers Vol. 1 A
Tim Reaper – Who Run It
Kid Twist – Live & Direct
Ragu & Stalker – Love Comes & Goes (?? Mix)
FBD Project – Gesture Without Motion
DJ Dextrous – Just A Funky Vibe To Round Up
Sub Sequence – Phone Me In The Morning
Roni Size – Phizical
Peshay & Roger Johnson – See The Light
Coco Bryce – Ironing Service
SDR & Subsonic – Paradise
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – ??
Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air
Tim Reaper – ??

SUNANDBASS Podcast #77 – Mantra & Double 0

November’s SUNANDBASS Podcast comes from two of the most key members of the London Drum & Bass scene – and whose vision and dedication is now respected and revered to far further reaches.

Mantra and Double 0 have been both been consistently sharing their artistic vision within Drum & Bass and Jungle for many years, and since their first forays in Shoreditch in the early 2000s, the name Rupture has blossomed into one of the most go-to names in 160bpm + music.

Whether at their now infamous night at Corsica Studios, on their own label or with their own individual performances, their names guarantee a stamp of quality and a place that the real heads know they will always get what they’re looking for. They drop in here for 90 minutes of the most cutting edge beats – we’re very happy to have them gracing this month’s SUNANDBASS Podcast.

Renegade Riddims: KSO

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Graffiti 6 Mix Free Download


1. Craftsman – Woi Yoi
2. Craftsman – Carnage
3. Genotype – Moody Signal V.I.P https://ift.tt/2RjJbiE
4. G Skool – Vicious Mondayz
5. G Skool – Vicious Tuesdayz
6. Genotype – Combi
7. Just Jungle – Grey Alley V.I.P https://ift.tt/2PubTjE
8. G Skool – Greedy
9. G Skool – Rave Brekie
10. Just Jungle – Journey After
11. Genotype – De Range
12. Genotype – Distress Call
13. Just Jungle – Come Fi Nice It Up V.I.P 2018

DNB Dojo Podcast #24 – Oct 2018

Another month, another fresh selection of D&B and Jungle courtesy of Dojo’s very own Hex! This time around there are beats inside from Alix Perez, Leniz, Transforma, Shimon & Trimer, Reflektor and many more, plus unreleased dubs from Geety, Your Favorite Neighbor and Jus Dubz. Check it!

Alix Perez – BXL [1985 Music]
Nerv – 3 Left Feet [Tesseract Recordings]
Madusea – Shades [Default]
Nemy – Try [Celsius]
M-Soul & S27 – Disruption [Vandal]
K2T & Sirus – Rwenzori [Detached Audio]
Mahakala – The Exodus [Cosmic Bridge]
Lockjaw & Current Value – Passing [Locked Concept]
Esym – Lost Within (Future Engineers Remix) [SubSine]
Vince Grain – Can I Stay [Suspect Device]
Kyrist & Document One – Move This Way [Dispatch]
Rounder & Option – Emerald [Detached Audio]
Leniz – Choices [Differential]
Dilemma – Chemical Love [Soulvent]
Abstract Drumz – Exist [Omni Music]
Your Favorite Neighbor – Mad Science [Dub]
Transforma – The Darkest Void [Bad Taste]
The Upbeats & Halogenix – Kronan [No Sleep Til…]
Eusebeia – Charade [Literature]
Geety – In Love Before [Dub]
Xorcore – Burning Question [Xorcore]
Break – Keepin’ It Raw [Symmetry]
Phonograph – Time Flies [Hyperactivity]
Shimon & Trimer – Giant Locast [Audioporn]
Reflektor – Bass Talk [Really Good Records]
No_Name – Behind Enemy Lines [DLT9]
Jus Dubz – Venus [Dub]
Crimes x Sigrah – Raveclash [VALE]
Blueflip – Shaped Mood [Subplate]
Invadhertz – Mercury Rising [Bad Taste]
Sequences – Ethos [Blu Saphir]
HammerZz & BMA – Monroeville [Onset Audio]
Kid Kurse – Scrub [Aufect]
Books – Block1 [Detuned Transmissions]
Comma – Gasworks (Itoa Remix) [Rua Sound]
R1C0 – Want Yu [Celsius]
Dreadmaul & Goreteks – Fractured [Ronin Ordinance]
Slaine – Gangsta [Nurtured Beatz]
nCamargo – Ghoul [AGN7]
Colony – Kong [Hustle Audio]
Low:r – Reorient [Terra Firma]
Visages & Trail – Shifted [Flexout]
Invadhertz & Qua Rush – Damn [Delta9]
Doom Poets – Brighter Days [Tech Itch]
Goh – Propagation [Red Light]
SubMarine – Posse [Dispatch]
Dedman – Renegade (feat. Messenger) [Lost]
Scape – Vision Of The Future [Dope Plates]
Moresounds – Warriah VIP [Astrophonica]
Agman Gora – Cemetry Soul [Therapy Sessions]
Invadhertz, Tephra & Arkoze – When in Rome [Addictive Behaviour]
DYL – Ioana [Alphacut]
Commix – Cherry [Metalheadz]
Parhelia – Cycle I (Miracle Of Dissolution) [Kos.Mos]

LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad – BBC Essential MIx – 16-07-1995 – Side 1

This 1995 set is great for so many reasons.

1. The hilarious intro by Pete Tong where he mispronounces Bukem’s name

2. Conrad’s understated MCing

3. The insane track selection.

The Architex – Blueprint [Basement]
Funky Technicians – Airtight [Legend]
Fokus – On Line [Dee Jay]
Q-Project – The Instrumental [Good Looking]
Aquasky – Dezires [Moving Shadow]
PFM – The Mystics [Good Looking]
Wax Doctor – Finer Things [R&S]
Ils & Solo – In The Area [Looking Good]
J Majik – Lush Life [Infrared]
Skanna – Find Me [Skanna]


LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad – BBC Essential MIx – 16-07-1995 – Side 2

Side 1 can be found on my profile page.

JMJ & Richie – Universal Horn [Moving Shadow]
Carlito – Heaven [Creative Source]
The Sentinal – Awakening [Basement]
Oblivion – Sands Of Time [Streetbeats]
LTJ Bukem – Horizons [Looking Good]
Source Direct – Exit 9 [Source Direct]
Aquarius & Tayla – Soul Searching [Good Looking]
PFM – One & Only [Looking Good]
DJ Trace – By Any Means Necessary [Dee Jay]
PFM – The Rough With The Smooth [Crammed Discs]

Bowlcut Mix 007 – Fox X Sam Binga X Foreign Concept

Bowlcut Mix 007 – Foreign Concept, Sam Binga & Fox on MC Duties. Jheez. This mix has been specially curated by the trio for us and it’s a straight up banger. Thanks to Critical Music HQ for arranging this mix.

Cop the Simmer Down EP here: https://ift.tt/2xtvfu4

Tracklist: Dunno mate, some you’ll know, others you’ll have to ask in the comments.

Follow the artists here:
Sam Binga – https://ift.tt/WJd8sy
Foreign Concept: https://ift.tt/1jVnPWB
MC Fox – https://ift.tt/2yi3tTw
Critical Music – https://ift.tt/1qQcVlt

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio October 15th 2018

RJ – Play It Alone
Noise Factory – We Have It
DJ Mayhem – Metrix (The Remix)
Bizzy B – MC Suicide
Miranda – Back To The Future
DJ Fokus & DJ Stardust – The Theme
DJ Crystl – Inna Year 3000
DJs Unknown – Vol. 2A
Twin Bass – Atmosfear
Dica & Vinyl Groove – 1,000 Times
Unknown Artist – Wake Up EP B2
?? – ??
Citadel Of Kaos – Ronnie’s Revenge
DJ Rap & Aston – Vertigo (QBass Techno Mix)
Double Visions – My Mind is Going (Tango ’93 Dubplate Mix)
Probe & Pugwash – Dominion (Remix)
Underground Software – Electronic Pig
DJ Trace – Definition Of Living (Amen Mix)
The Rude Boy Project – Scary
Dillinja – Tough Toonz EP A2
Equinox – ??
?? – ??
Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Underground Feeling
DJ SS – Breakbeat Pressure (String Of Life Mix)
Hardware – Night Stalker
N.R.G. – I Need Your Love (Space Cube Remix) (Reaper Edit)

LTJ Bukem – Fantazia Takes You Into The Jungle – 1994

I can feel the love for LTJ Bukem whenever I upload one of his sets, so here is one of the best. The music Bukem was playing in 1994 was simply unbeatable, exemplifying everything that is great about jungle. Really emotive, awesome dance music. These tunes had a big effect on me.

This is from a compilation CD Fantazia released in November 1994, so it’s decent quality sound.

01. Studio Pressure – Book Of Changes [Photek]
02. Appaloosa – Unplugged [Recoil]
03. Photek – Feeling Up [Prototype]
04. D.O.P.E. – Travelling Pt 2 [Good Looking]
05. Sounds Of Life – Release The Bells [Certificate 18]
06. Studio Pressure – Relics [Certificate 18]
07. Plasmic Life – Water Baby [Brain]
08. Red One – Alive N Kickin’ [Liftin’ Spirit]
09. Randall & Andy C – Sound Control [Ram]
10. Nookie – Only You [Reinforced]
11. Studio Pressure – Presha III [Certificate 18]
12. FBD Project – Journeys [Bang-In-Tunes]
13. Higher Sense (feat. Maxine Francis) – Cold Fresh Air [Liftin’ Spirit]

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