Fiction – Midday Mix DNB OCT 2018

Here is a mid day mini mix I recorded for Fresh 92.7 an FM radio station here in Adelaide. This one aired on Nov 8 and features some of my favourite recent DnB releases. I hope you enjoy the mix!


Impish “Changing Colours”
Spirit “Interval” Dispatch Recordings
Impish “Solid”
Jubei & Marcus Intalex “Fannys Ya Aunt”
Impish “Solid” Zero T Remix
Zero T “Little Pieces” Feat Steo
Marcus Intalex “Deep Stepper”
Tokyo Prose “Raised By Wolves”
Zed Bias “Pick Up The Pieces” Skeptical Remix
Breakage “Anymore”

Fiction @ Electric Circus May 25 2018

Here’s a live recording of my set at Electric Circus in Adelaide on Friday May 25 2018. The gig was Simon Bassline Smith presented by Bass Element and The Collective. Shout outs to the lads for the set! I really enjoyed playing this one, the gig was wicked. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Tracklist :
Zed Bias – Pick Up The Pieces (Skeptical Remix) (EXIT)
Fields and Forren – Takashi (C.I.A)
Makoto – Salvation (HOSPITAL)
HLZ – Clusters (DISPATCH)
Makoto – Primitive Galaxy (HOSPITAL)
Riya feat Dynamite & Villem- Fear Bites (SPEAR HEAD)
S.P.Y – Hardcore Harry (HOSPITAL)
The Oscillators – Cold Water (Fiction Remix) (DUB)
Total Science, War and Hydro – Denial (C.I.A)
A2B2 – Hold Fire (DUB)
Fields – Full Court Press (C.I.A)
Black Barrel – Seeing Explosives (DISPATCH)
Soul Intent – Wanna Fight (COMMERCIAL SUICIDE)

Fiction – Jungle And Tek (93 – 95 Adelaide Massive Promo Mix)

Here’s an old skool Jungle Techno mix I originally released around 2008 / 2009 as a promo mix for the rad Adelaide Massive forum. This one is full of beats from 1993 – 1995, featuring some dons including Ratty, Doc Scott, Tango and more. All vinyl from my personal collection. Check the mix, I hope you enjoy the journey back in time.

Fiction –Jungle and Tek promo mix (

1 Ratty – the source of all evil
2 Doc Scott – rage
3 Doc Scott – drumz
4 Tango and Fallout – ??
5 Dj Gwange – motionless
6 Fast Floor – 1000 photons
7 Tango and Ratty – tales from the darkside
8 Dj Crystal – warpdrive
9 Dj SS– the bounce
10 Anthill Mob – my selector
11 007 – we had it all
12 Ratty – step back in time
13 Mental Power – dream sequence
14 VanCleef – peace in our time
15 Ratty – source of all evil ( dj ss remix)
16Tango and Fallout – positive chaos
17 Doc Scott – its yours
18 Doc Scott – paradise lost.

Fiction – Mix At 6 June 2006

Here is another “Mix at 6” I recorded live on air back in 2006 on Fresh FM 92.7. 6 = 6pm in the evening. This ones a nice roller with some great beats from Calibre, Marcus, Silent Witness and more. Sorry about the tracklist, if you can help with track names please comment. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Fiction – Mix at 6 June 2006
2. Calibre – Corner Dance
5. Calibre – Tall Stories
6. Fellowship – Coming On Strong
7. ES9 – Free Your Mind (dBridge remix)
8. Seba & Robert Manos ??
9. Marcus Intalex – Immersed
10. ??
11. Silent Witness California
14. Silent Witness Atlanta

Inbound Podcast 0017 – Kiddo And Fiction – Diggin In The Crates

Welcome to edition 17 of the Inbound Podcast series. Here we have a special edition dedicated to our 19th Birthday “Diggin In The Crates”. So to fire you up for the show, Inbound originals Fiction and Kiddo decided to have a dig thru the crates of the Inbound Records store and mix up a live set with some old school tunes straight outta the crates of the shop! All of these are available to purchase on our discogs page too :

Also don’t forget the gig itself – Inbound presents “Diggin In the Crates” on Sat Aug 19 at the Crown and Sceptre Hotel, doors open at 9pm. We hope to see you there.

Tracklist :

Static X “Love Dump” Optical Remix
Dj Trace “Haze”
Loxy and Ink “Twisted Third Mind”
Spirit “Chapter 2”
Digital “Rocksteady” 4 Horseman remix
Total Science “Jet Set”
Red One “Cant Stop” Matrix and Fierce Remix
Digital “G-Man”
Konflict “Roadblock”
Future Cut “Whiplash”
Ryme Tyme “Move V.I.P”
Drum Cru “Thin Air”
Future Cut “The Specialist”
Bulletproof ??
Raiden “Scum On The Run”
Modern Moves “Cypher”
Ryme Tyme “Frogger”

Inbound podcast-Kiddo-Feb-2012

Inbound Podcast #007 February 2012

featuring guest Kiddo in the mix

j robinson and shima – come correct (ft grimm)
june miller – walls of Jericho
physical illusion – thunder
phobia – clean break
octane, dlr and survival – the others
zero method – rarp
war – rafale
technical itch – kymera
dabs and amoss – still there
mindscape – flashback
cause 4 concern – luca (silent witness rmx)
data – overflow
meth (ft digital ) – brutal
jubei – the path
monica – don’t take it personal (synx rmx)
vilen – snakebite
incident – slight
blu mar ten – damage
pessimist – syncopation
data – passive aggressive
fiction – bleak times (kiddo rmx)
wreckless – jumanji
kiddo – bleeding eyes (octane and dlr competition non-entry)
dabs and june miller – ditch
jubei and cern – black hole
phobia – voyager (ft baron von alias)
seba – painted skies (kiddo rmx)

Fiction – All Fiction Mix 1

Here is a mix I recorded a while back featuring all of my own productions (one also features my good buddy Kiddo). These date back to around 10 years ago. (yes time flies). Most of these are unreleased, although a few have come out on digital labels in the past. If you would like me to send you any music or wanna chat tunes please hit me up. I hope you enjoy the mix!

Tracklist :
Fiction – Into The Light
Fiction – Mars
Fiction – So Would I?
Fiction – Soul Train
Fiction – On The Ride
Fiction – Runnin’
Fiction – Break
Fiction – Delta Box
Fiction – Sandtrap
Fiction – Progression
Fiction – The Paradox
Fiction and Kiddo – Dogtown
Fiction – Crisis Control

Inbound Podcast 0016 – P-Key

Welcome to edition #16 of the Inbound Podcast Series. Today we have a guest mix from Adelaide based – Dj P-Key. Here he delivers a tasty mix including a track by himself and 2 from his good buddy LP. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Inbound Podcast 0016 – P-Key

LP – Spiritual Music
Alix Perez – The Raven
Gerra & Stone ft. Lucy Kitchen and Stephen McLeery – Unbreakable (Zero T Remix)
Fre4knc – Tradecraft
Calibre – Posh Boy
Calibre ft Singing Fats – Drop It Down
Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova (dBridge Remix)
MC Conrad & Makoto – Golden Girl (Tease)
Lenzman ft. Steo – Golden Age
Henree – Shake Da Funk
Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – Arkestra
LP – On My Mind
P-Key – Purity
Impish – Digital Bath

Fiction @ Subalicious March 5 2016

Here’s a live set of myself in the mix from Subalicious at Sugar in Adelaide from March 2016. This one features resident mc’s Pab and G-swift on the mic who do a wicked job as always. Subalicious at Sugar is always a great place to play, it’s unique and super fun as I can go on a bit of a journey with my selections each and every time! I feel like this is a great representation of the vibes at Subalicious. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Tracklist :
Commix “Be True”
SKC & Bratwa “Prophecy”
Fierce and Zero T “Lowball”
Special Forces “What I Need”
Enei “Just One Look”
Need For Mirrors feat DRS “D.F.T.F”
Zinc “Show Me” Calibre remix
Need For Mirrors “Sharp Teeth”
DJ Die “Drop Bear”
Subwave “I Need You”
Nymfo “Brain Feeder”
Enei “Homeworld”
Ed Rush and Optical “Goodfoot”
Break “Moving On”
Konsta “What I Need”
Skittles “In For Me” Jubei Remix
Ivy Lab “Afterthought”

Inbound Podcast 0015 – LP

Welcome to edition 15 of the Inbound Podcasts series. Here we have a very talented dj and producer – LP- in the mix for this latest installment. LP delivers a wicked set featuring plenty of fresh beats for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy.

Alix Perez – Numbers Feat. Benabu
Lenzman – Waves
Calibre – Mr Right On
DRS – I Will Feat. Patife & Vangeliez
FD – Serious
Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Dreaming (Calibre Remix)
Goldie & Ulterior Motive – I Adore You
Spectrasoul – On & On
Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club
dBridge Vs Alix Perez – Through My Eyes
LSB – Missing You Feat. DRS & Tyler Daley
Ulterior Motive – I Remember
Arcatype – Ascension
Spectrasoul – Second Chance
Fluidity – Deeper Vibe
Skeptical & Alix Perez – Killa
Ivy Lab – Thirsty 18.) Breakage – Elmhurst Dub
Calibre – Echoes
The XX – Shelter (Alix Perez x Khanage Remix)
Lenzman – Park Hill Feat. Jubei
Xtrah – The Embarkment
Foreign Concept – Escape Orbit

Fiction – Hyperscience (95 – 97 Jungle mix tape)

Hi crew, here is another mix from the vault. This one is a mix tape I released back in 1997 titled “Hyperscience”. This was sold at a few local record stores in Adelaide such as Sugar Shack, Central Station and Ravin’ Mad. 45 minutes per side, jungle and dnb from 1995 – 1997. I tried to cover a few different styles that I was into at the time. There are some beats on here I never really played out, plus some more club friendly and better known tracks. I remember recording it on 2 pitched up SL1200’s and a crappy Numark DM1100X mixer on my shitty stereo speakers, as that’s how we rolled back in the day! 2017 marks 20 years since this one so now seems like the right time to put it online. Full track list incoming, feel free to add the tracks in the comments if you know them. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Fiction @ 5E FM 2002

Here is a live set I just salvaged – it was recorded on mini disc way back in 2002 when I played on radio station “5E FM” based in Victor Harbour, South Australia. The set was for the local crew who ran a show called “Freak Nation” on Saturday nights (shouts to the lads). With Digital about to play in Adelaide I thought I’d dig this one out as it features some of his music alongside some of the other big names from back then. It also includes an unreleased track I made with Mark 7on an Amiga 500, played off a Music House 10″ Dubplate. If you can help fill in the missing tracks please do add a comment, I hope you enjoy the mix.

Tracklist :

Digital – Rok Da House (Function)
Universal Project and Friction – Weird Vibes (Advanced)
MIstical – Mistical Dub (Soul:r)
Dieselboy – The Descent – Decoder Remix (Tech Itch)
Usual Suspects – Jah Bless (Timeless)
Marcus Intalex and ST Files – Warp 1 (Soul:R)
Juju – Soul Free (Phuturo)
A-Sides – Spread Love (Hardleaders)
Danny C – Mean Streets (Portica)
Kemal – Plan B (Timeless)
Total Science – Squash (C.I.A)
Digital and Spirit – Phantom Force (Phantom Audio)
Spirit – Raygun (Function)
Fiction and Mark 7 – The Sever (Inbound Dubplate)
Tango – Understanding – Total Science Remix (Notch)

PATTO – Live @ River Dreaming – SUNSET DNB 25.9.16

A recording of my set live @ RIVER DREAMING FESTIVAL on the 25.9.16 in the magical riverland @ Waikerie!

It was an absolute honor to be a part of such a diverse & high caliber lineup at what I believe is the beginning of something very special for Radelaide’s little doof scene!

I played mostly liquid DNB + a few cheeky rollers as it fit the sunset & environment nicely!

HUGE thanks to Luke Stone from JELLYFISH EVENTS for having me onboard. I had an amazing time 🙂

FREE DOWNLOAD – re-live, re-listen & enjoy

Fiction @ The Collective July 29 2016

I played this set for the ADLDNB crew who put on a wicked little event in an industrial zone in the outer suburbs of Adelaide. featured 2 international dj guests – Nu Elementz and Eazy. Wicked party, here’s my set to warm up the vibe! Respect to The Collective crew for the opportunity. I hope you enjoy!

Bazil – Traction
Riya feat Enei – You Or Me
Rene Lavice – More Wore
Nymfo – Cheetah
Spectrasoul – Light In The Dark
Dose – Three Treasures
Emporer – Made Of Light
Quadrant – Scandal
Dose – Break The Habit
Enei – Just One Look
Gerra and Stone – This Is How
Need For Mirrors – Brand New Design
Bayou – Lunar
Rob F and Kiko – Naughty Girl boot
Riya feat Emporer – Piece Of Me
Dose, Trei, Menace – Valium Express (VIP)

Fiction @ BBA Melbourne Dec 4 2010

I played this set for the Brokenbeat Assault crew in Melbourne at the Hi-Fi bar in 2010. This one was before The Upbeats and Sigma took to the stage. Mc Lowqui jumps on the mic towards the end which was pretty cool. This was a wicked night, big ups to the lads and to all Melbourne crew. I hope you enjoy the set.

?? Subtitles white
Dose – Lost Inside
Total Science – Squash (S.P.Y. Remix)
A-Sides – Changes
Silent Witness –
Alix Perez – Im Free
Dj Die – Drop Bear
Cern – Wasabi
Mindscape – Bounce
Nu Tone –
Ed Rush and Optical – Chub Rub
Lenzman – Turn The Page
Loadstar – Link To The Past
Break – Isis
Rockwell – Dj Friendly Unit Shifter
Bad Company – Barcelona Remix
Nymfo – Matchstick
Noisia –
Dillinja – Hard Noise

Kiddo Live Inbound 18th Bday

Track widget embedding disabled.

Well 18 years hey?
It was a fun.
Thanks to all you peeps out there dishing out the high fives and big ups on the night and so for you guys here’s my set.
its live (obviously) and so it sounds as such.
It was loud, fold back was weird and the MC at some points are like WOW LOUD! However, the vibe on the night is all that matters and this recording will only give you a glimpse so i hope you enjoy.

peace out

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