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Sully @ Kallida Festival – 21-Jul-19

For the third instalment of our @KALLIDAfestival series, we’ve got 95 minutes of understated party starter @Sullye64; effortlessly weaving between Jungle, Footwork, and razor-sharp Breakbeat. Expect warm Hardcore nostalgia, underpinned by relentless snare drums and low slung distortion. We’ll be uploading a new mix from our Kallida Festival 2019 archive every Thursday afternoon – follow us on the links below to stay in the loop. Listen to Threads live @ Sully: Soundcloud: @sullye64 Tweets by sullyE64 Kallida Festival: Soundcloud: @kallidafestival
 Threads Radio:

Simon Bassline Smith – Dark Creation ‘Turntable Terror’ – 23rd September 1993

Tracklist DJ Rudeboy Dark & Moody – Volume 2 (B)- [Dark & Moody] DJ Vibes & Wishdokta – Obsession (The Only Remix Because Music’s So Wonderful) [Ayslum Music Inc] Simon Bassline Smith N. Leigh – Dark Troubles [Not On Label – RC 001] Johnny Jungle – Flammable [Suburban Base] International Rude Boyz – Paragone [Formation] Q Project – Champion Sound [Legend] Noise Factory – Future II (The Remix) [3rd Party] DJ Unity – Hear Dis [Pure White] Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark Remix) [Ram] 2 Sinister – Let It Roll [Dark Horse] DJ Spinback – In Effect [Legend] Studio Pressure – Junglistics Pt 1 [Certificate 18] LTJ Bukem – Music (Happy Raw) [Good Looking] Apollo Two – Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ Bukem Remix) [Good Looking] Cloud 9 – Return Of The Donut [Moving Shadow] Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (Ray Keith Remix) [S.O.R.] Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor – Dark Matter (Kev Bird’s 93 Remix) [Basement] Orca – Separate Reality [Lucky Spin] Acro – Superpod [Force Ten] Cool Hand Flex – Mars Re-mix [In Touch] Gwange – Vinyl Paradise [Legend]

A-Sides – Unity 88.4FM 24-04-94

A-Sides – Unity 88.4FM 24-04-94 A1) Desired State – Beyond Bass (Rmx) [Ram] A2) Pulse & Wax Doctor – Silent Voices [Creative Wax – Bounty Killaz Part Three] A3) Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth – Unfriendly [Basement] A4) DJ Fokus – Chill Out [Blueprint] A5) Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura [Dee Jay] A6) Undercover Movement – Warning (Dark Warning Mix) [Strictly Underground] A7) Harri & Eddie – Day & Night Part 3 [One Touch] A8) Flex N Fats – Somebody [Suburban Base] >> ? A9) Slipmatt – Hear Me [Awesome] A10) DJ’s Unknown – Volume 2 (B) [Homegrown] A11) Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime – Got To Believe [Hectic] A12) Bay-B-Kane – Addictive [Whitehouse – The Guardian Of Ruff LP] B1) Bay-B-Kane – Addictive [Whitehouse – The Guardian Of Ruff LP] B2) Original DJ Vibes – Warm & Eazy [Spinning Vynal] B3) Tunnel Vision – Dark Secrets [Labello Blanco – Dig The New Breed Volume 1] B4) Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Foul Play Rmx) [Moving Shadow] B5) Slipmatt – Breaking Free [Awesome] B6) M-D-Emm – Fly Free (A-Sides Rmx) [Strictly Underground] B7) Roni Size – Fresh [V – Inch By Inch] B8) M-Beat feat The Voltress – […]

Jumping Jack Frost & Top Buzz – The Edge – Late 1992

Tracklist Jumping Jack Frost Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground (E.5. Mix) [Suburban Base] ?? Frequency – Systematic Input [Lower East Side] DJ Edge – Compnded [Edge] Jungle House Crew – King Of The Jungle (Bamboo Mix) [Formation] Top Buzz – Livin’ In Darkness [Basement] Arabian Knights – Soundforce (No Hat, No Job Original Mix) [Soundman] Foul Play – Feel The Vibe (Again) [Oblivion] Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Foghorn Mix) [Ffrreedom] LSDJ-e – Excuse Me [TCX] ?? Dubplate “Brothers & Sisters” MC Jay J (SL2) & DJ Devious D – Time Of Our Lives [Awesome] Sacred – Bass Keeps Going (Ju Ju Jump Up Mix) [Not On Label – HOM01] Minds At Large – Rough Justice [Not On Label – ZAK 001] Progression – No More [Nuff Said!] Top Buzz Nasty Habits – Let’s Go (Cold Remix) [Reinforced] Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Ray Keith Remix) [Production House] Edge Of Darkness – Come Together (After Dark Remix) [After Dark] LTJ Bukem – Demon’s Theme [Good Looking] LTJ Bukem – A Couple Of Beats [Good Looking] Tronik House – Straight Outta Hell (Simon Bassline Smith remix) [Absolute 2 – SOH 001] Top […]

Randall & Tin Tin – In-Ter-Dance At Sterns – 10th July 1993

Tracklist Randall Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Underground Feelin Remix Pt 2 [Face] Rhythm For Reasons – Arabian Nights (Remix) [Formation] Peshay – Gangster [Reinforced] Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Long Dark Remix) [Ram – RAMM004R] Bizzy B – Slow Jam [White House] Omni Trio – Feel Better (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow] Cool Hand Flex – Ya Buzzin [Suburban Base] Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Remix) [Reinforced] Cloud Nine – Mr. Logic [Moving Shadow] Bounty Killaz – Brighter Future [Creative Wax] D-Force – Ruff!!! [Slammin’ Vinyl] Hyper On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow – SHADOW30R] Tom And Jerry – Yamming Snacks Like Shaggy [Tom & Jerry] Tin Tin Studio Pressure – Jump [Certificate 18] FBD Project – The Core [Bang-In Tunes] Skanna – Night Stalker EP (A1) [Skanna] Omni Trio – Mainline [Moving Shadow] Summer’s Here – Satan Was An Angel [Liquid Wax] Skanna – Night Stalker EP (A2) [Skanna] Omni Trio – Feel (Feel Good) [Candidate] The White House Crew – Where The Sun Don’t Shine [Subliminal] One From The Posse – No Place Like Milk [Force Inc. Music Works] Jim Polo – The Night Rider […]

Kenny Ken – Test Mix 2 – May 1992

Tracklist Younghead – I Love Hardcore [Reinforced] Intravenous – The Copper (Instrumental) [Hardcore Noise] Dougal & Evolution – Virtual Reality (Mix 2) [Meltdown] Addiction – Addiction EP (A1) [Vicious Pumpin Plastic] Overdraft – Do It Like This [Cheque’s In The Post] Addiction – Addiction EP (B2) [Vicious Pumpin Plastic] 2 White Boys – Techim [Not On Label – BER 01] X-Men – Ragga Dub [Mutant] Dragon Fly – Viking [BTB] Noise Factory – Feel The Music [Ibiza] X-Men – Return Of A Simple Song [Mutant] Ruff & Ready – Tribal [Ruff & Ready] Dragon Fly – Groovin’ [BTB] Sycometrix – Sycometrix EP (A2) [Bad Boy] Automation – Sweat The Light [Triple Helix] Analogic – Icon [MBM] The Impact Crew – Feels Good [U No Dat] The Tranquil One – Rave Era [786 Approved] Reload – Death Of A Disco Dancer [Evolution] The Ratpack – Searchin’ For My Rizla [Big Giant Music] Liber-Oz – ME109 (Bass Culture Re-Mix) [Neurotic] The Original Gangsters Of Freestyle – It’s The Only Way [Brooklyn Groove Productions] DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven (The Reincarnation) [Ffrreedom] Ray Keith – Tapes (B1) [Advance] Hocus Pocus – Sound Boy (Twisted Mix) [Twisted] The Shamen – LSI (Club Mix) [One […]

Kenny Ken – Arcadia (Seduction Cassette) – 16th July 1993

Tracklist Kenny Ken Quarter Back – Dis One [Pursuit] Hyper-On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow] W. Wilson – Tribal Blast [Future] Q Project – Champion Sound [Legend] Studio II – Junglism [Not On Label – ST 002] Wots My Code – Dubplate (Technical Timestretch Mix) [Advance] Freestyle & DJR – Feed Back [Awesome] Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Remix) [Reinforced] Subject 13 – Armageddon Countdown (Blatant Remix) [Underground Level] Potential Bad Boy – Work The Box PT 1 [Limited E Edition] Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows [Ram] Ironik – Fantasy (Dark Mix) [Deep Seven] K-Rox featuring DJ Monita – I Can’t Go On [Skeleton] DJ Solo – Darkage [Production House] On Remand – Black Steel [Crack House Productions] Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow] Hyper-On Experience – Thunder Grip (Kaotic Chemistry Remix) [Moving Shadow] The White House Crew – Where The Sun Don’t Shine [Subliminal] DJ Lee – Want Your Love [Impact] Top Buzz – Livin’ In Darkness (93 Remix) [Basement] DJ Pooch FT & Myth – High NRG [Oh My Gosh]

DJ Hype – Reincarnation – 16th October 1993

Tracklist Unknown DJ Jim Polo – Dark Horse In Full Effect [Dark Horse] DJ Hype Oaysis – Open Secrets [Moving Shadow] DJ Crystl – Warp Drive [Dee Jay] Swan-E – Collusion [De Underground] Warped Kore – The Power [White House] Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Tango Mix) [Suburban Base] Apollo Two – Atlantis (I Need You) (LTJ Bukem remix) [Good Looking] >> Potential Bad Boy – New Style (Re-Mix Part 2) [Ibiza] Bizzy B & Cool Hand Flex – Come Back 2 Me [Brain] Subnation – Scotties Sub [Future Vinyl] Wishdokta & Eternal Bass – Eternal Expression [Volatile] DJ Crystl – Meditation [Dee Jay] Acro – Superpod [Force Ten] Edge – The Remix [Not On Label – REMIX 93] Jonny L – Hurt You So (Bootleg Mix) [Not On Label – KRM 001] Hardware – Night Stalker [Face] Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – R Yeah (Dubplate Mix) [Unreleased]

PRSPCT PDCST 063 – Year Mix 2019 by Spiral

For PRSPCT PDCST 063 PRSPCT’s very own Spiral got behind the wheels of plastic to record an extra special PRSPCT Best Of 2019 year mix. Enjoy a banging trip through PRSPCT memory lane featuring a ton of music that we released over the last year. Now crank up the volume and rock it loud and proud! Tracklist: 01. [KRTM] & Ansome – Fiend (PRSPCTSPCR003) 02. Somniac One – Dad Bodies Everywhere (PRSPCTXTRM049) 03. [KRTM] – Slave (PRSPCTSPCR002) 04. DEFFFORMER ft. Shaydie – Lose Your Mind (PRSPCTRVLT022) 05. [KRTM] & The Panacea – PQTmDY3xUhaSz3d (PRSPCTSPCR003) 06. [KRTM] ft. Thrasher – Placebo (PRSPCTSPCR001) 07. Somniac One – Thundone’s Revenge (PRSPCTXTRM049) 08. Coco Bryce – Talkin Bout My Generation (PRSPCTRVLT025) 09. FFF – Skeleton (PRSPCTRVLT024) 10. Coco Bryce – Come On Feet (PRSPCTRVLT025) 11. Somniac One – Murderize (PRSPCTXTRM049) 12. Adamant Scream – Red Coloured Juice (PRSPCTXTRM044) 13. The 3Eyed – Next Victim (PRSPCTXTRMDigi016) 14. Switch Technique & The Clamps – Mindgames (PRSPCTLP015) 15. The Dead Cvlt – All Hope Is Lost (PRSPCTRVLT023) 16. Shadow Sect – Moshpit (PRSPCT036) 17. Sinister Souls – World At War (PRSPCT038) 18. Loop Stepwalker & DJ Assassin & eRRe – Listen Up (PRSPCT037) 19. High Rankin – […]