DLPC #037 – Fuj

DLPC #037 – Fuj (jp)

“like watching a vulcano erupt”



BnC Mix 045: Mystic State

The latest installment in the Booms and Claps mix series comes to us from a British duo who we’ve had our eyes on for a few years now: the collaborative project of Will Marquiss & Mike Holliday AKA Mystic State. It’s hard to put these two in a box, with influences ranging from drum and bass and jungle to hip-hop and R&B down to dubstep and garage, but with an impressive list of label affiliations including J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music and uptempo titans like Flexout Audio and Halogen Music, their unique and clean production style clearly rings true whatever the genre. We first took notice of Mystic State several years back with their vibey footwork-adjacent beat “808 Gravediggin'” on the aforementioned Halogen Music, and since then, we’ve seen them release everything from meditative 140bpm stompers to chunky hip-hop beats that you would probably catch on Noisia Radio. Although both members hail from the Bristol area, they’re now split internationally, with Will in Calgary, AB (We sure do love our neighbors to the North!) and Mike still in the UK, so expect to see more North American appearances from Mystic State soon! We’re very excited to welcome them to the mix series, and without further ado, we’re proud to present BnC Mix 045: Mystic State.


Itti – Membrain Festival 2019 Promo

Our dear friend and emerging artist from the land of the rising sun, Itti presents our next chapter of the Membrain Festival 2019 mix series. With recent releases on Ronin Ordinance and Mask Music, we are honoured to host such talented musicians amongst the plethora of the underground elite at this year’s festival in Croatia. Hope y’all got your tickets, we’ll see you soon in the sun!

DNB Dojo Podcast #33 – Jul 2019

Europe might be in the grip of a heatwave but that’s not gonna stop the monthly injection of D&B from Dojo HQ! This month’s selection features new cuts from Tweakz, Concord Dawn, Dark Ops, Esc and many more, plus Hex’s own Weightless VIP (out now on Beat Spectrum) and dubs from DJ Zent and Boredome & Rottenluckz. Check it!

Voljum – Until the Last Breath [VALE]
Boredome & RottenLuckz – Violation [Dub]
Quantum Mechanix – Sonic Battle Weapon (feat. Tiímea Kovàcs) [Nurtured Beatz]
Captivate, Stranjah & Levrige – Slackline [Deviant Audio]
Tweakz – Contradictions (feat. dvdv) [Delta9]
Concord Dawn – Acres [Commercial Suicide]
Enei – Pay The Cost (feat. Jakes) [Critical]
Kije – Acid Drops [Sweetbox]
Monty – One Shot [1985 Music]
Hugh Hardie – Negomi [Hospital]
Neve – Positive/Negative [Overview Music]
K2T – Fluttering [Tesseract]
Kyam – Blood Orange [Unbidden Audio]
Sonic Art – New Orleans Freedom (Cnof Remix) [Live History]
nabepro – Headnod [0101 Music]
Quentin Hiatus – Upper Love [Free Love Digi]
Arclight – EyeWall [Vandal]
Stabfinger – Tangerine Funk [Boomerang]
Dark Ops – Running Man [Rebel Music]
Screamarts – Particles [Delta9]
Phace & Noisia – MPD (Proxima Remix) [Neosignal]
Neve & Fractale – Believe [Unchained]
Mystical Sound – Caveman [Anticlockwise Music]
Grafix – Acid Generation [Hospital]
Drumsik – Dubsik [Bad Taste]
Tephra & Arkoze – Relentless (feat. Ray Uptown) [Dispatch LTD]
Ghost Warrior – Drone [Inception Audio]
Eschaton – Silicon Lifeform [Omni Music]
Hex – Weightless (VIP) [Beat Spectrum]
HNGVR – Take Me Away [Samsara Beats]
Greekboy – Space Area 1977 [In Reach Records]
D_iolax – Confusion [Shell Shock Recordings]
Rainforest – Citrus Ridge [Mettasonic]
Esc – Arrowhead [Straight Up Breakbeat]
Tellus – Cardel English Rose [Locked Concept]
Jolliffe – Movie Scene (feat. Pastry Maker) [Soulvent]
Intervore – Frameshift [Conflate Audio]
Necrotype – Substellar Companion [Omni Music]
Malux – Medicate [Methlab]
Hazqa – Lost Cause [Bay 6]
OaT – Rest [Drum Army]
Smote – Stars Of Creed [Celsius]
Relapse – Accursed [Amen-tal / Burden Imprint]
Quantum Mechanix – Dirty Tricks (Kalm Remix) [Nurtured Beatz]
Dynamics & Confusious – Calling Me Close [Protocode]
CRSV & TS – The Cycle [Subplate]
Burr Oak – Time Has Come [Trendkill]
Henry & Fullalove – Wherever You Are [Glitch Audio]
Champion Sound – Vershun Excurshun [Through These Eyes]
DJ Zent – Chroma Mist [Dub]
Oliver Yorke – U No [None60]

Antagonist – Membrain Festival 2019 Promo

Antagonist has been building a journey for years, experimenting with various genres of music until finally setting the concrete down with the darker and cinematic side of drum&bass & electronic music, enjoy this sultry promo in awaiting of Membrain Festival 2019 where you’ll be able to enjoy these vibes live!



Shambhala 2019 Mix Series – Ivy Lab

2 years ago we came to the Grove on the most fleeting of visits, hardly having a chance to even cool down from post-show-adrenaline before rushing off to another tour stop. We ain’t messing about with any of that lark this year . We’re on site from start till finish, soaking up the spectacle, transitioning from performer to audience member and back again as fully invested witnesses to one of the most celebrated gathering anywhere in the continent. Gassed is an understatement.

1/ Ivy Lab – “Stars”
2/Julo – “Temp”
3/ no puls & Aztek – “Ooobahting”
4/ Drae Da Skimask – “PHB”
5/ Ivy Lab – “Lullaby”
6/ Ivy Lab “Untitled”
7/ Tommy Genesis – “Tommy”
8/ Ivy Lab – “Untitled”
9/ Dolenz – “BBoxyrama”
10/ Lil Wayne – “Uproar” (Andre Palace remix)
11/ Ivy Lab – “Untitled”
12/ Tsuruda – “Dragon of the Darkness Flame”
13/ Ivy Lab & Two Fingers – “Orange”
14/ L-Zee Roselli – “Make them see the Devil”
15/ Up High Collective x Vorace – “Helophïo’s Hunt”
16/ Julo – “Gutter Slither”
17/ Ivy Lab & Barclay Crenshaw – “Betty White”
18/ Eun – “Clear”
19/ Up High Collective x Vorace – “King Consom”
20/ Ivy Lab – “Untitled’
21/ Mono/Poly – “Teach you all a Lesson”
22/ dBridge – “Nacthlus (Fear Ratio Remix)
23/ Mono/Poly – “Stackin Ones”
24/ no puls – “Jukeflook”
25/ Casisdead – “The Code”
26/ Ic3peak – “Грустная сука”
27/ Up High Collective x Vorace – “Binomium”
28/ Tiedye Ky – “Chain Smoking in LAX” ft. Mindset
29/ The Northaze – “DayTwoRescue”
30/ Untitld – “Tequila”
31/ Ivy Lab – “All Day Swimming”
32/ Ivy Lab – “When I Go”

Kyam – Membrain Festival 2019 Promo

The ultra talented Kyam brings forth a exquisite mix for the next round of Membrain Festival 2019 promo mix. The host of Beats on the Borderland on jungle train.net, producer of modern jungle with nostalgic touches has featured on recent releases for Ronin Ordinance and AKO Beatz, whilst pushing the vibes on his imprint Unbidden Audio. Perfect beats for the perfect location, we’ll see in you in Croatia very soon!


AGN7 Audio Podcast July 2019

We’re back! This is the third installment of our podcast series. Lots of great music (both new and classic), some exclusive forthcoming material that will be dropping on the label very soon, and of course our usual banter. Enjoy!

Aaren’s mix:

Ivy Lab & Two Fingers – Orange (20/20)
TMSV – Replicant
Quartz & Gremlinz – Oblong Druid (Metalheadz)
Lyndon Jarr- Zellwigger (The Dreamers Recordings)
Kabuki – Alkaline (Halogen Music)
Neuroleptick – Ephemera (Regression Media)
Kit Curse – Gone (Conspired Within Music)
Amit – Naked Fuse (Metalheadz)
Arclight – Saskatchewan (Vandal Records)
Taelimb – Titan (The Chikara Project)
Ill Truth – So Addicted (CIA)
DJ Trax & Infest – State of Consciousness (Omni Music)
Hydro – Above The Waves (Utopia Music)
Wreckless & Necrobia – April (Dispatch Recordings)
Indidjinous & Code 906 – Tenebre (AGN7 Audio)
Seba – Island Dub (Inperspective Records)
Rainforest – Inner Breeze (Next Phase Records)
No Rules & Khords – Trojan (Regression Media)
Dubmonger – Dutty Barracudas
Flare – Arguments (AGN7 Audio)

Raphael’s mix:

Paragon – Iris (Tech Itch)
Outer Heaven – Trapline (UVB-76 Music)
Paradox – Hakai (Paradox Music)
Mirage – No Tomorrow (2019 Remaster) (Odysee Recordings)
Gremlinz & Jesta – Opium Den (Metalheadz)
Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla – Further Peaks (Cosmic Bridge)
Dom & Roland – Dred Sound (Dom & Roland Productions)
John Rolodex – Knife Drawer (Funback Records)
Flare – Arguments (Indidjinous Remix) (AGN7 Audio)
Centaspike – Homecoming Queen (Tech Itch)
Deft – Coil (20/20)
Cern – Premonition (Dispatch Recordings)
J Majik – Repertoire (2018 Remaster) (Metalheadz)
Dark Ops – Burgundy Breaks (Rebel Music)
Soul Intent – The Old Skool Is So Kool (Dope Plates)
Spirit – Interval (Dispatch Recordings)

LOXY – Membrain Festival (Japan Launch) Promo

Tokyo + Fukuoka! The Grim Reaper is coming! We’re sending Loxy to Japan to man the flag for our festival and Loxy’s Cylon Recordings label! So proud to have the King represent us, and that real underground sound we all love so much. Shouts to all involved! Hangover & Bassrain -Big Bud Bass Soundz- crews!!!

Japan Events;
Fukuoka : https://ift.tt/2Y0ljra
Tokyo : https://ift.tt/2YNyzwz

More festival info at: https://ift.tt/28IRsJE

DNB Dojo Podcast #32 – Jun 2019

With June coming to a close it’s time once again for Hex to step up to the Dojo decks with a bumper selection for the monthly podcast! This time around there are new beats inside from Mefjus, Paradox, Sum, InsideInfo, Trex, Amit and tons more…get to know!

Phace – Basic Memory (Mefjus Remix) [Neosignal]
Kove – Bearclaw [DNB Arena]
Outcrier – Demon God [Sinuous]
InsideInfo & Rhymestar – Airwaves [InsideInfo]
Seba – Curved Boundaries [Commercial Suicide]
Dead Conscious – Casia [Subplate]
GY96 – Let You Walk Away [Dub]
Dreazz, Emery & Silence Groove – Better Place [Fokuz]
Paradox – Decagon [Paradox Music]
In:Most – Bonsai [Soulvent]
Samurai Breaks – Listen Up [Halogen]
Sinistarr & Agzilla – Emo [Defrostatica]
Noised – Ancients [The Tech Collective]
[[-CRBRL-CTS-]] – BREDBV5170
Noised – The Journey [Onset Audio]
Hybert Phillips – Persian Empire [Kos Mos Music]
Sum – Riddem Track [Destroy Oh Boy]
Minor Rain – Deflection [Bad Taste]
Data 3 – Cellular (feat. Hijak) [Flexout]
QZB – Tech Priest [Critical]
Transparent – Only One [The Chikara Project]
Rafa – T.E.Q.L.L [Confucious]
Clyde Avery – Gunman [Samsara Beats]
Omnist – Canadian Sock Monster [Wonk#ay]
Samurai Breaks – Disorderly [Aufect Platinum]
Beth State – Fuzzbox
DRANQ – F That [Saturate]
Freqax & Brusten – High Dynamic Rage [Pulsatil]
DJ Ransome & SynthForce – Glacier [Celsius]
Conrad Subs – Paper Chains [DLT9]
Optimystic & Relapse – Herald [Eastern Promise]
Visages & Sustance – Acid Heart [Flexout]
Uphonix – Twilight Ghosts [Divided Audio]
Seibel – Curare [Drum Army]
Double Helix – Endurance [T3K]
MidKnighT MøøN – Flex (Amoss Remix) [Subsine]
Acid Lab – Retrograde [AGN7]
Levrige – That Thing [Aufect]
Halogenix – Would You [Critical]
Nelver – Obsession [Celsius]
Tyrone – Warriors [Metalheadz]
Rockwell & The Upbeats – Level [Obsolete Medium]
Montesco – Lodge Causeway [Tesseract]
Johnathan Thomas – Melting Point [Onset Audio]
A.Fruit – Deep Insight [Cosmic Bridge]
JayVee – Blazing Waves [Caus4Concern LTD]
Reptile – Runnin’ [Impact Music]
Henry – Outnumbered [Default]
K2T & Echo Motion – Arctotis [Detached Audio]
Trex – Rolling Dub [Dispatch]
Amit – Knuckle Duster [Metalheadz]
SL8R – Coordinates [Ronin Ordinance]
Fracture – Brothers and Sisters [1985 Music]
Kit Curse – Gone [Conspired Within]
Surgence – Nocturne [Voyage Music]
Wreckless – The Gambler [Peer Pressure]
Fortitude – Discipline
Sedo – Evolution [Modular Carnage]
Alexvnder – What Do I Love [Terra Firma]
Benny L – Low Blow VIP [Metalheadz]
Teddy Killerz – Push The Dubs [Eatbrain]
Disprove – Stratos [Methlab]
Accelerated – Limitless [Warm Ears]
Linear – Watch This
K3Bee – Clouds [Omni Music]
LMotive – Day Dreams [Bare Necessity]
Relapse – Multilingual Talk Channel [Minor]
Tyler Frost – Point of View [Addictive Behaviour]
Ogonek & Angie – Breathless [Estetica Cibernetica]
dreadmaul – Monkey Sound [Paradise Lost]
Fluidity – Pulsar [Plasma Audio]
Baboon – CTFO [Subplate]
Savage & Submerged – Cell [Ohm Resistance]
MVRK – Possible Planets [Fraktal]
Madikma – Pyramids [Onset Audio]

The Untouchables – Membrain Festival 2019 Promo

Proudly Presenting Promo Mix from The Untouchables, headlining this year Membrain Festival! Filled to the brim with deepest of vibes, get ready for the summer!

‘A collective that started at the dawn of the new Millenium. A collaboration of : Kay & Nitrox based in Belgium. The Untouchables signatures and style is: Heavy, Black , Percussive energy , Old Skool Influence…’

More info on festival at: https://ift.tt/28IRsJE

UKF Podcast #119 – Vorso

Fresh from his Metamaterial mission on Inspected, Professor Vorso steps up with a musical voyage of mind-bending proportions. Comprised completely with his own productions; no one is doing bass music like this man right now. Buckle up!

● Download/Stream Vorso’s Metamaterial EP, out now on Inspected: https://insp.ec/Metamaterial_Vorso

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DNB Dojo Podcast #31 – May 2019

Once again the Dojo inbox is bursting with new 170 flavours which can only mean one thing; Hex is back with another podcast. This month’s selections include liquid rollers from Leniz and Nostre, dark tech from Amoss and Taelimb, jungle from Holsten and The Invaderz, halftime from Ruse and ÆTERNA and plenty more besides. Check it out, and enjoy the ride…

Evol Intent – The Ladies (Des McMahon Remix) [Evol Intent]
Amoss – Speed Shades [Flexout]
Trace – Opaque [CNVX]
Wintermute – Homewards [DDNBC]
Electrosoul System – Blinded Justice [Kos.Mos.Music]
Askel & Elere – Esper [Delta9]
Lockjaw – Without You (Grey Code Remix) [Locked Concept]
Digital & Response – Plastic Dreams [Function]
Gremlinz & Jesta – Black Lotus [Metalheadz]
Naiive – Left Behind [Occupy Sound]
Flatliner – Don’t Stop the Music [Omni Music]
Super Rush – Breakdown [Boey Audio]
Adred & Robert Manos – Captivate (Marcus Intalex Remix) [Metalheadz]
Pasha Solecci – Coke and Tea [Deconstructed]
Macca & Melinki – Dark Soul [Fokuz]
I Wannabe – Wrong [Omni Music]
Blu Mar Ten – Sandstorm [De:tuned]
Dissident – Graviton [re:st]
Holsten – Carrier Wave [DROOGS]
Zetta Paranoid – Sonic Crusher [Zetta Paranoid]
Alexandre – Brrrrrah [Sound Museum]
Ruse – The Rules [Saturate]
Konka x Strange Thing – Killah [NCTLX / Sublimate]
Litothekid – Come On [The Dreamers]
ÆTERNA – Shoulder Of Orion [Methlab]
Nymfo – Memory Lane [Dispatch]
MISSIN – Flux Quantity [Vandal]
Feuture – Sleep State [Dub]
Confusious – Swag [Lost]
The Invaderz – The Future [Commercial Suicide]
Taelimb – Grot Bag [The Chikara Project]
MAE917 – Dragonfly [Detached Audio Dub]
Fearbace – Ethereal (Monika Remix) [Bay 6]
Surgence & Noir – Dreamer [Subplate]
Nostre – Stay With Me [Celsius]
Kometa – Loneliness [Kos.Mos.Music]
DeeZ x KLIINE – Planet X [VALE]
MidKnighT MøøN – Deeper Love [Beat Spectrum]
Monument Banks – Troubles (Leniz Remix) [Liquid Lounge]
Primate – Cosmos [VALE]
Brusten – Davos [Modular Carnage]
Spinnet – Projective Time [Black Crane]
Highpro – Voodoo [Paperfunk]
RQ – Shadow Of [Blu Mar Ten]
Conspired Within – Summon Spirits [Onset Audio]
Polarity – Trick of the Mind [Ronin Ordinance]
Matt View & Marvel Cinema – Cidious [Grid]
Kit Curse & Fuj – Ghost Train [Onset Audio]
Magari’s Kid – Darkness Is Older Than Light [Cosmic Bridge]
Alix Perez – Deep Six [1985]

DNB Dojo Podcast #30 – Apr 2019

The Dojo podcast reaches it’s thirtieth instalment! 95 minutes of fresh music with Hex at the controls as always; this month we’ve got rolling tech from the likes of Wreckless and Signal, a bumper halftime section with new material from Greazus, Blockdata and K2T, liquid from Basic Biology and Dan Guidance, and tons more besides! There are also unheard dubs from Spokesmen and Jayrola so keep your ears peeled for those…

Jaise – Depth [Subplate]
S.P.Y – Runaway Dub [Hospital]
Kolectiv & Incognito – Circle Of Sound (Fearful Remix) [Nurtured Beatz]
Screamarts – Tribes [Delta9]
dreadmaul – Sabretooth Dub [Ronin Ordinance]
Whychek – Pangea [Peer Pressure]
Basic Biology – Dust (feat. Megan McKay) [Free Love Digi]
Spokesmen – Science [Dub]
Absent – Equinox [Liquid Lounge]
Nausika – Dominion VIP [Blu Mar Ten]
Mastermind – Creatives [G Lab]
Freqax – We’re On [Pulsatil]
Confusious – Need You [Rebel Music]
Spectron – Leave A Sign [Krytika Productions]
Wreckless – Earthquakes and Whispers [Dispatch]
Abstract Drumz & Pageant – Question Everything [Omni Music]
Heatwave & Akinsa – False Awakenings [AGN7 Audio]
Elementz Of Noize – Electric Arcs Through Air [M-Ocean]
Other Spectrum – Spotless [Tesseract]
Jevy – Was [Confucian]
W2W.B – Geometry [Subplate]
Deleted Sound – Drones [Parallel Depth]
One87 – Bad Brain [Flexout]
Root For The Villain – Hidden From View [Onset Audio]
Genotype – Hydrated Perception [G Lab]
Jayrola – Genetic Cell [Dub]
K2T – Elder Spirit (K2T Reflex) [Detached Audio]
Greazus & Shield – Roadtrip Riddim [Aufect]
Solace – Maxfield [Halogen Music]
HØST – Watch It [Aufect Platinum]
SD – Scissors [Commercial Suicide]
Blockdata – Subdivide [Sonic Terror]
VCTRE – Intolerable Acts [VALE]
David Louis – Bloodcloth [Deviant Audio]
Paige Julia – Kōpiko [Samsara Beats]
Rohaan – Swarm Behaviour (feat. yunis) [Saturate]
Ting – Lita [Aufect]
Æther State – Regress [Sound Museum]
Synergy & Signal – Exile [DIVIDID]
Martyn Nytram – Hostile [Peer Pressure]
Physics – Antarctic Winds [Midnight Sun]
Sotus – Gloom [re:st]
Hydro ft. War – Tribal Times [Utopia Music]
Wetman – Observing Time [Omni Music]
Homemade Weapons – Crewcut [Samurai Music]
Dilemma – Gone Too Soon (feat. Robert Manos) [Soulvent]
D-Mental – Recursion [MIB Crew]
Dan Guidance – Along For The Ride [Exiled]
Foureye – Be Free VIP [Default]
Skeptical – Mechanism [Exit]
Atyk – Nerve Damage [Riddim]
Droptek – Symbiosis [Korsakov]
Akov & Multiplex – U Want It (feat. Urso) [Eatbrain]
Insomniax – One More Time [Viper]
Jonathan Thomas & Legal – Frozen [Fragmented]
PRTCL x Xenon – Berlin Techno at 170 [DSCI4]
Commix & Adred – Valley Groove [Metalheadz]
Cannon – We Are Lost [RSTLSSNSS]
Ivoree – Durga Mata [Hyperactivity]
Shodan & Cosmology feat. Ella Sopp – Real Love [Addictive Behaviour]
RIOT – The Swarm [Counterpoint]
Macca – Rise N Grind [Innerground]
Snik – Microm [Absys]
Bop – Untitled Pattern 52 [Med School]
Fracture – Percussion Sweet [Astrophonica]
Provoke – Shapeless [Aufect]
Dakin – The Walker [Reform]

DNB Dojo Mix Series 83: Calculon

US experimental beatsmith Calculon is in our mix series hotseat today, serving up a wicked selection of raved up halftime, footwork infused bangers and jungle-tinged melters. Dancefloor flavours and all sorts of wickedness, plus watch out for beats from the man himself including his new single with Dave Owen & Jaybee which is out now on None60.

Lewis James – response
Touchy Subject feat I-Mandala – Turnt Up
Moresounds – Shut Up
Sam Binga & Rider Shafique – Organic
Sinistarr – Unfair
Kromestar – X files
Calculon & 6Blocc & Jaybee – Live By The Streets
Calibre – Temple Step
Amit – MK Ultra
BANZULU – Islands
Om Unit x Kid Drama – Untitled 4
Special Request feat Nina Kravitz – Looking Glass
Jaskin & Uneven – Closed Circuit
Root For The Villain, Calculon, Austin Speed, Jimmy Hoffa – Destroy Babylon
Agzilla – Reneri (Kid Drama Remix)
Silent Dust – Another Sunlight (Dead Man’s Chest’s Dappled Dub Version)
Root For The Villain – Meazels
Dave Owen & Calculon & Jaybee – Comfort Zone
PaulSG – Swosha (ReDraft & Calculon Remix)
Clap! Clap! – To Open A Feeling By Closing It With An Embrace

DNB Dojo Podcast #29 – Mar 2019

Hex is back on the Dojo decks for the 29th Dojo podcast! Beats inside this month from Kabuki, Jubei, OaT, HLZ, Cnof, Syk2ne and many more, plus Hex’s bootleg of Altern8 – Frequency (give him a follow on Soundcloud if you’re keen for a free download of that…)

Kray – Dawnlight [Mettasonic]
Roominsky – 1996 [Beat Spectrum]
Sublimit – Blind Eye [Sinuous]
K-Chaos – Boss Fight [Onset Audio]
Jubei – Cold Heart [Exit]
Bredren – Swayed [1985]
Circuits – Chord Memory [Critical]
ALB – Over You [Fokuz]
OaT – Bittersweet [Addictive Behaviour]
Subminimal – Disrupt [Ortem]
TMSV – Nobody Asks [Earthbase / Cosmic Bridge]
Colossus & DnBethh – Siren (Remix) [DNBB Digital]
Kabuki – Stush [Halogen Music]
Touchy Subject – Shudder [Rua Sound]
Groves – Uselef [Unchained]
Tahabdra – Zadyma [Lostin Sound]
Samurai Breaks – Retroflex [Samsara Beats]
Nomad – Lost in the Sauce [Fuck About]
Schematic – The Hermit [Flight Pattern]
Buunshin – Clueless [DIVIDID]
Int Company – Fire Spot [Close 2 Death]
Reflektor & Dave Owen – Undertow [Technique]
Calculon, Neve & Jaybee – Leads [None60]
Lockjaw – Enamour [Locked Concept]
Henry – Drifting Away [DNBB Digital]
Altern8 – Frequency (Hex’s Rarewave Remix) [Dub]
Malk x Starjam x Faib – Sweet (Retronics Remix) [Kos Mos Music]
Agents Of Rush – Reflect [Agents of Rush]
In:Most & Walk:r – Uh! [Soulvent]
DC Breaks – Halo VIP [Viper]
HLZ – Luther [Dispatch]
Sicknote – Heat [InReach Records]
Petroll & Arch Origin – Floating [Differential]
Wingz – Detractor [Overview]
Smeerlapp & BorkerBrothers – Testament [Hanzom]
J Plates – The Relic [Skalator]
Joakuim – Spaceship [Sable Noir]
Sinic – Left Turn [Flexout]
Henry – Restless [Detached Audio]
Cnof – Dancing Around [Fokuz]
Brain – Indignant (Wreckless Remix) [Re.Set Audio]
Method One – Sightlines [Commercial Suicide]
Corporate & Pedestrian Tactics – Rooftop Anthem [Pedestrian Tactics]
Hathor – The Moss Beneath [Literature]
Syk2ne – Walk On Thorns [Syk2ne]
HEFT – Non-Return (Madikma Remix) [Black Crane]
Jolliffe – Profundis [Soulvent]
Fortune – Gram Negative (Fortune’s 130 Redux) [Ronin Ordinance]

CBR Podcast 04 // TMSV

Cosmic Bridge Podcast series continues with a very special journey from TMSV

EARTHBASE01 – TMSV – Ego Death – OUT NOW on 12″ Vinyl / Stream / Download https://ift.tt/2ELR9ML

Here’s TMSV with some info

“This studio mix is a combination of stuff I’d play in a DJ set at home in the past 10 years, major influences on my production, music by friends, all-time favourites and tunes I felt like including because they fit the vibe of the mix.

Most of these tunes are somewhere in between the music I play out and the stuff I listen to at home. I rarely take the time to go through all of those tunes that I really love, but that I only ever play in the context of a home or house party DJ set. Every track in this mix is special to me in one way or another. Some of them made me get into certain genres, some remind me of the house parties we used to throw years ago, others are just really fun to mix and one or two tracks are just personally important to me. All of them have some influence on the way I make, play and appreciate music.

It starts out with reggae, then goes into dubstep, that halftime stuff that doesn’t have a name, drum & bass, techno, house and UK Garage before going into some more dubstep, with some surprises thrown in here and there.

This was originally supposed to be a much bigger project, spanning all of my musical influences, but that would’ve taken a crazy amount of time (hip hop alone would’ve taken days if not weeks!). Things I would’ve included if I had unlimited time: 80s, 90s and 2000s dancehall, more roots reggae, jungle, lots of hip hop, more drum & bass, more ambient, more dubstep, more techno, more everything. Maybe someday. ”

01. Twinkle Brothers – World Dominion
02. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rat Race
03. Billy Boyo – One Spliff A Day
04. Richie Spice – Marijuana
05. Coki – Burnin’
06. Kahn – Dread (Gorgon Sound Version)
07. Commodo, Kahn, Gantz – AMK
08. Peverelist -Roll With The Punches
09. Mala / Digital Mystikz – Blue Notez
10. Mala / Digital Mystikz – I Wait
11. Kode 9 – 9 Samurai
12. Kromestar – Shake It
13. Loefah – Disko Rekah (TMSV 160 edit)
14. Danny Scrilla – Riddim
15. Hudson Mohawke – Cbat
16. Kromestar – Distant Father
17. Kromestar – 2012
18. Danny Scrilla – Thorium
19. Om Unit & Kromestar – Lightworker’s Call
20. Kromestar – The Progress
21. Danny Scrilla – VV Cephei
22. Kid Drama – Auto State of Mind
23. Boymerang – Soul Beat Runna
24. Konflict – Beckoning
25. Dillinja – Acid Roller
26. Konflict – Messiah
27. Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me
28. Teebee – Gravity Distortion
29. Burial – Forgive
30. Danny Scrilla – Push-Pull
31. Stimming – November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version)
32. Stimming – November Morning
33. Burial & Four Tet – Moth
34. Kahn & Neek – Backchat
35. Karmon – Wowshit
36. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve
37. Joy Orbison & Boddika – Mercy (Boddika VIP)
38. Makossa & Megablast – Soy Como Soy ft. Cleydys Villalon
39. Kingdom – Fogs
40. Martyn – Miniluv
41. RIP Productions – The Rub
42. El-B – Buck N Bury ft. Juice Man
43. Roska – Badman ft. Sweetie Irie
44. Horsepower Productions – Fat Larry’s Skank
45. Sully – Bullseye ft. Jamakabi
46. Roska – 480 BC
47. Pangaea – Router
48. Guido – Orchestral Lab
49. Guido – Mad Sax
50. Distance & Cyrus – Titan
51. Coki – Spongebob
52. Rusko – Jahova
53. Digital Mystikz – Thief In Da Night
54. Burial – In McDonald’s
55. Opeth – For Absent Friends

DNB Dojo Mix Series 81: BadJah

Forest Biz bossman BadJah steps up for our latest exclusive mix with a massive hour long selection of D&B! Kicking off with heavy neurofunk before moving through halftime, rollers and liquid, this one hits all the styles and takes in a selection of unreleased dubs to boot. Dope!

Gydra – Bass Must Go On [C4C Recordings]
Signal & Synergy – Duster [Invisible]
Circuits – Euphoria Part 1 [Critical]
Benny L – Monsters (Sub Zero Remix) [AudioPorn]
MISSIN & Abis – Hurt [DIVIDID]
Nesium – Subvert [Free Download]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Emperor – Sosij Thing [Critical]
Ntechnique & Mayel ft. Paraskeva – I See A Dream [Ignescent Recordings]
Exept & Sinic – Kernal Panic [MethLab Recordings]
>> QZB & Was A Be – Eastwood [Critical]
Conrad Subs – Critical Bass [Nuusic]
Fixate – Deep Inside ReFIX (Inside Dub) [Free Download]
OAKK ft. Rider Shafique – Growing [Unchained Recordings]
Nesium – Graviteren [Forest Biz]
Culprate – Helter [Inspected]
Dystopik – Squat Juice [Wonk#ay Records]
Aeph & Kung – Unformed [MethLab Recordings]
Kings Of The Rollers – Rave Alarm (Korpse Bootleg) [Dub]
>> Des McMahon – Bad Habits [Santoku Records]
Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Qua Rush REFIX) [The Dreamers Recordings]
>> Horge – Let Me Think [Free Download]
Severity – Fakeworld (Royalston Remix) [Unchained Recordings]
>> SpectraSoul – Untitled Horn [Ish Chat]
Krome & Time – The License (Break Remix) [Streetlife]
>> Euphonique & DJ Hybrid – Oi [Deep In The Jungle Records]
UFO! – Ygmfu [Evol Intent Records]
Dillinja – Hard Noize [Valve Digital]
>> Kyrist – Hoodlum [Dispatch Recordings]
Break & DLR – City Slickers [Symmetry Recordings]
MISSIN – Directions [Delta9 Recordings]
ID – ID (ID Remix) [Forest Biz]
Stakka & Skynet ft. Konflict – BiosFear [Underfire]
Total Science & Jubei – Reality Check [Metalheadz]
Shyun & Cruk – Wreckage [Critical]
Mefjus – Together (Signal Remix) [Vision]
Grey Code – Ethics [Metalheadz]
>> Changing Faces – Monochrome [Hoofbeats Music]
Urbandawn – Sleeping Awake [Hospital]
>> Dawn Wall – Emblem Of The Sun [Integral Records]
Uprising – Dracc (Leon Ross Remix) [VALE]
Collette Warren ft. Quadrant & Iris – Betrayal [Innerground Records]
>> OaT – Bittersweet [forth. Addictive Behaviour]
Bop & Subwave – City Lights [Hospital]

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