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DNB Dojo Podcast #47 – Sep 2020

Another month, another podcast! Hex brings you the usual dose of D&B flavours including new music from Bold Theory, HLZ, Sinistarr, Drumcatcher, Spor, Break and many more, plus a host of unreleased dubs…check it! Total Science – Lightweight (Break Remix) [CIA] DRS & Dynamite – Back & Forth (feat. S.P.Y) [Hospital] Spor – Beam Cannon [Sotto Voce] Cutworx – Show Me [Fokuz] Askel & Elere – Glass [Soulvent] OaT – IntoTheSun [Silhouette Audio] Dice – Memories (rework) [Straight Up Breakbeat] Thread – Searching [Riddim Records] SR & Vinyl Junkie – Clockwise [Locked Up Music] Jolliffe – Marlow [Delta9] DOt. – Argus (Kyrist Remix) [Lost] aardonyx – Jupiter [Sublabel Recordings] Arcane – Temples [Rua Sound] Isotropik – Murky Waters [Demand] Alpha Rhythm – Wardenfell [Celsius] D Flect – Petrichor [Detached Audio] Break & MC GQ – Whisper In My Ear (Break Remix) [Symmetry] Ekwols – Runes [Shell Shock] Pixelord – Bonus Stage [Saturate] Neve & DNN – Flying Cats [The Dreamers] Terror Cell & Layer 3 – The Hydra [Krytika Productions] Boredome – Locoloco [Dub] Alhox – Breeze [Celsius] Drum Origins – Frumpet Stepper [Celsius] Hickupz – Zephyr [Subplate] Drumcatcher – Get Them [Impact] SVB – The Chain [Huski] Groves – […]

DNB Dojo Podcast #46 – Aug 2020

Hex returns with over 90 minutes of new music on the August edition of the Dojo podcast! Beats inside this time around from Duoscience, Survey, Wreckless, Joshua, Tuscan, Quentin Hiatus and many more… Emperor – Sunder [Vision] Levela – Eclipse [Critical] MNDSCP – Bad Batch [Eatbrain] Trace & Survey – Detroit [CNVX] Tycaine & Meecha – Reality Perception [Tytanium Armour] Duoscience – Ironic [Celsius] Soligen – Lord Please [Fokuz] Speedwagon – Quarantine [Vibez93] Mayforms – One Day [Bay 6] Leniz – Reverie [Goldfat] Tuscan – Crunchy [Inception Audio] Incandescent – Raveyard [Grease Coast] DOt. & cømpiler – Instance [Delta9] Soul Connection – Still [DNBB] Absent – Calling Out [Future Soul Audio] Mando – Night Lanterns [Dom & Roland] BALATRON & SURVEY – NIÐHÖGGUR [Yuku] Deleted Sound – Boring One [Deleted Sound] Droptek – Dropout [Korsakov] Fokus, DBR UK & Structured – Bloodwater VIP [Dispatch LTD] Kin:etic – Closer [Sine Audio] Fonetick Lee – In Passing [Omni Music] Quentin Hiatus – Tisno [Free Love Digi] Soul Defiance – Roller 123 [Addictive Behaviour] T95 & DRS – On Site [Overview Music] Joshua – Night Sky [Celsius] Wreckless – Optogenetics [Rebel Music] Grappa – Catchphrase [Stereocilia] Bass’Flo & Ziyal – Looking Back at […]

DNB Dojo Podcast #45 – Jul 2020

Hex returns with a bumper episode of the DNB Dojo podcast featuring nearly two hours of new music! Beats inside this month from Friske, Kelle, Hiraeth, Resomnia, Mark Dinimal, The Outsiders, Philip D Kick and many, many more. Amoss & Fre4knc – Question Answer [Dispatch] FarFlow – Low Tap [Fokuz] Reflektor – Osmosis [Data Transmission Free Download] Drumsik – Noise In My Mind [Bad Taste] RDG & DubApe – Decoy [Boka] Sentic Cycle – Bangz (feat. Flipz MC) [Turbine Music] DJ Madd – Gangsta Junglist [Unchained] Reburf – Losing My Mind [Celsius] DJ Ransome & SynthForce – Midsummer Boulevard [Default] K2T & Hex – Embers [DNB Dojo Free Download] Layton – Construct [Dub] Just Jungle – Shape Or Form [G Lab] Moa – Between the Lies [Anticlockwise] Temam & Vici – Wild West [Delta9] Loomis – Anamorphic [Architecture] Resomnia – Metropolis [DNBB Digital] Duoscience – Find a Place [Diskool] Hiraeth – Falling [Fokuz] Grim Hellhound – Synthetic Sunrise [Huski] Screamarts & Halflow – Memories [Fokuz] K Motionz – Hack It (feat. Duskee) [UKF] Bungle – Bad Math [Influence] Madusea – Qualm [Calibrate] Kemal – Re-Animation (Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Kemal & Rob Data] Creatures & Sense MC – Problem […]

CrissNSA w/ THE UNTOUCHABLES – Dungeon Beats Sessions on Sub.FM – 17.07.20

The Untouchables – Lifeforms EP – RUPLDN018 Forthcoming Rupture – 07.08.20 STREAM: PRE-ORDER: follow The Untouchables: ___________________________________________________ CrissNSA pres. Dungeon Beats Sessions on Sub.FM Fridays (once every 4 weeks), 10-12pm UK time

Guest Mix: Tellus

We’ve been watching Tellus for a while and we’re big fans of the projects he’s involved in, whether as a solo artist, co-founder of the Locked Concept imprint or one part of the recent 3VS project alongside Akuratyde and Monika. Naturally then we were really pleased when he agreed to record us a Dojo guest mix! The mix is packed full of deepness new and old, taking in Tellus’s own work alongside beats from Stray, Moresounds, DJrum, Sorse and lots more, plus some unreleased dubs. It’s a lush musical journey through many styles of 170, and a thoroughly enjoyable ride. Sorse – Voids Tellus – Subduction Sorse – Things Inside Red Army and Home Made Weapons – Hyperboles Tellus – Double Helix Goldie – Crystal Clear (Djrum Remix) Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Lost Control Tellus – Knocklofty Akuratyde – Wonder, Love & Loss (3VS Remix) Sorse – Pipe Dream Module Eight – Monotype Moresounds – Warriah Stray – Award Tour Commix – Freefall Stray – Professor Popper Mad Zach – Strangeloop Lockjaw – Transition Tellus – Black Swan Nauge & Bop – Be Myself Sorse – Photon ID – ??? Jaskin & Uneven – Lost Ends (Lewis James […]