The Sirens (Theme) [Free Download]

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Taken from ‘Manifest Remixed’, out March 1 on VISION.

Manifest (Album):
My Manifest (Album Commentary):


DiffmasCast 2017

Moooooey Diffmas Everybody!!!

Yes.. We’re back… Dexta, Leano & Sense bring you the 2017 edition of the annual Diffmascast – featuring a whole load of guests from the Giraffe camp new and old… Becca Jane Grey, Chris Inperspective, Chris Conduct, Cuelock, Fearful, Kez & Simon Kolectiv, Lakeway, Mauoq & Sexual Rice. There’s plenty of mulled wine, eggnog and minced pies floating around the room, too many ‘Dickmas Tree’ pictures and festive cards made by all the crew… Join us to see who wants to sit on Sense’s lap throughout the festive season, and if anyone’s up for a cheeky mulled wine enema? (Don’t ask!) Anyway, here’s our review on the year, and a glimpse into what’s to come! Try to enjoy!

Dexta & EHT – Amethyst (Dexta’s Malfunction Mix)
Lakeway – Shelled
Still – Northern Lights
Sense MC x Lynx – Disconnected
Ditate & Slekk – Stunt
D’tch – Want
Ethos & D-Los – Tempting Fate
Mauoq – Humble Warrior
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Underground
Fybe:one & Hyroglifics – With You
Crypticz – Give U All (ft. Flunky)
Dexta & Crypticz – Together
Lakeway – Storm
Fearful & Pheekz – Hostile Transmission
Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Just Because

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
PS: No actual elephants were hurt during the making of this podcast.

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Signal & Disprove ‘Mantura’ Guestmix

Stream / Download the ‘Mantura’ EP:

Signal & Disprove – Delirium [INVISIBLE]
Enta – No Kidding [DUB]
Kiril – Minimal Instinkt [CRITICAL]
Signal & Disprove – Links [INVISIBLE]
Phace & Rockwell – Rat Race [SHOGUN]
Hybris – Extraction [INVISIBLE]
Dimension – UK [MTA]
Malux – Shylock [INVISIBLE]
Emperor – Defect [NEOSIGNAL]
Noisia – Motion Blur (DLR remix) [VISION]
Noisia & Phace – Floating Zero [INVISIBLE]
Signal & Disprove – System Leak [INVISIBLE]
Mefjus & Kasra – Decypher [CRITICAL]
Calyx & Teebee – A Day That Never Comes (Break remix) [RAM]
Halogenix – Jump Suit [1985]
Disprove – The Damned feat. Hijak [METHLAB]
Alix Perez & Halogenix – Broken [1985]
Signal & Disprove feat. Annix – Choirs [INVISIBLE]
Halogenix & Monty – Old Town [CRITICAL]
Mean Teeth – Jet Black [NFG]
Donny – Symptomless Coma (Current Value remix) [BARCODE]
Camo & Crooked – Black & White feat. Tasha Baxter (Signal Remix) [RAM]

Follow the Signs #002 – Redeyes

Here comes the 2nd episode of the Follow the Signs mixtapes serie
with special guest Redeyes from Vandal record at the control this time.
As usual, many different ingredients and flavors to the menu… from beats, jungle to deeper side of things !!!
Have fun !!!

Tracklist to follow

The Inperspective Show On Hoxton FM – 24.01.2017

dgoHn – Ralph [Love Love]
Nic TVG – No Write Answers [Pinecone Moonshine]
Roppongi Sky – Tallebudgera Creek [Heresy]
Aroma Nice – Just as Blind [Heresy]
Earl Grey – Corridor Of Uncertainty [Inperspective]
Earl Grey – Corridor Of Uncertainty (Phuture-T Remix) [Inperspective]
Earl Grey – Inner Conflict [Inperspective]
Earl Grey – Inner Conflict (Nic TVG Remix) [Inperspective]
Earl Grey – Dega & Papi [Inperspective]
Earl Grey – Dega & Papi (dgoHn remix) [Inperspective]
Infamy – Erased [INP:Digital]
Roppongi Sky – Melted Time
Aroma Nice – Just as Blind (Venison Remix) [Heresy]
Andy Skopes – Laterality [Inperspective]
Andy Skopes – Who Are You [Inperspective]
Nic TVG – My Brother’s Records [Pinecone Moonshine]
DAAT – 010005 (XPRESSOR-500-L1)
Aroma Nice – Fabricator [Heresy]
Infamy – Rebbeca [INP:Digital]
Earl Grey – Rain (CINP Edit) [Inperspective]
Phuture-T – Cold Sweat
Infamy – Battles [INP:Digital]
Earl Grey – Rain [Inperspective]
dgoHn – Drumk [Love Love]
Infamy – The Meter Man [INP:Digital]
Chris Inperspective – Do Dah

Kid Drama “CNVX Mix” December 2016



Kid Drama December studio mix 2 for CNVX.

Big thanks to Mr. Penfold for his amazing art and Sarah Morris for her photography skills.

Mr. Penfold:
Sarah Morris Photography:

Forthcoming CNVX:

CNVX008 – Alia Fresco – Alia Fresco EP

Guest Mix & Interview (Friction BBC Radio 1 – 08.23.2016)

Bundle, Premium Vinyl Box, CD, Digital and Merch available at:
Google Play:

Noisia – Mantra [VISION]
Noisia – Straight Hook [VISION]
Noisia – Vigilantes [VISION]
Noisia – Anomaly [VISION]
TI & Upgrade – Lobster Pot [CO-LAB]
Neonlight – The towering Inferno [BLACKOUT]
Aggressor Bunx – Time Shift [PROGRAM]
Noisia – Into Dust [VISION]
Annix – Contraband [PLAYAZ]
Current Value – Impact [INVISIBLE]
The Upbeats – Joyrider [VISION]
Posij – Hunger [MTA]
Hybris – Mission Creep [INVISIBLE]
Richie Brains – Tantrum [EXIT]
Noisia & ivy Lab – Possession [DIVISION]
The Upbeats Ft. Mara TK – Say Go [VISION]
Noisia – Sinkhole [VISION]
Noisia – Exavolt [VISION]
Noisia – Tentacles [VISION]
Noisia – Get Deaded [VISION]

‘Outer Edges’ info and dates:

10/21 – ADE @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11/05 – De Oosterpoort, Groningen, The Netherlands
11/05 – De Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
12/09 – TBC, London, United Kingdom
More ‘Outer Edges’ dates to be announced. Check for our DJ schedule.

One Ten Elements Mini Mix

This is a mini-mix of tracks taken from Phat Knacka “One Ten”, originally recorded between 2003 and 2006. The track listing is Phat 10, Phat 2, Phat 4, Phat 3, Phat 8, Phat 9 Pt B, Phat 1, Phat 5
Phat 7.

The album is available to download for free at

Mystic StateCast 006 – War Guest Mix

It’s been a minute, but us boys are back for another podcast filled with some lovely new music and the usual nonsensical shit-chatting, joined by the ever-illusive Elias Traynor and his puppy Archie. This month we’ve been provided with a cracking guest mix from War, a producer who’s contributed to roughly 98 percent of our favourite Drum & Bass tunes over the past 5 years.

Enjoy, and see you next month for more of the same!

Will & Mike x

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Tracklist –
Mystic State ina di mix:

Salami Rose Joe Louis – I Miss You So
Emune & Sensi – Finesse
?? – ??
Mystic State – My Own, Private Island
Thomas Koner – Nuuk (Air)
dBridge – My Night Sky
?? – Limb By Limb (Ilk Remix)
Perverse – Desolate

War ina di mix: No tracklist provided.
Podcast artwork by James Cobbett.

Mystic StateCast 004 – Auxx Guest Mix

Hi there guys!
It’s that time again, so we’re back with another hour of fresh music and super sexy banter for you, joined this week by Elias and with an exclusive guest mix from BBC Music’s Auxx!

Follow Auxx –

Mystic State ina di mix –

Intro: Jesse James Solomon – We Do | Shakk – Nothing Is

Seba & Paradox – Move On
Zero T – Piano Clap
Random Movement – I Stayed Around (Lenzman Remix)
Kasper – Suggestions
D.Side – Subtext
Survey – Light Source
AU – Fear Dem
DRS – Concrete Blocks (feat. Die & Addison Groove)
Crypticz – Echo Sound
Mystic State x MTWN – ??

Auxx ina di mix –

Intro : Tribes | Kai Whiston | BossFYTE – Lit Dog Toes

Jasper Staal – Transit
Kidkanevil – Level Up
Arp 101 – Flush
Maxsta – No Retreat
DZA & Kidkanevil – Temple
Sam Gellaitry – Long Distance
Epic – The End
Mike Gao – Gangsta Gangsta
RABIT Ft. Flowdan – Black Rabit
Virtual Boy Mass (Young Montana Remix)
Zora Jones – Moonstar
DZA & KidKanevil – Scarecrow
Auxx – Untitled
Mono/Poly – Forest Dark

Microfunk Podcast Episode 8 Hosted by Bop, Nuage and Dissident

Ho-ho-ho, a little bit delayed Christmas episode of Microfunk Podcast is right under your nose! Mixes by Bop (@iambop), Nuage (@nuagesounds) and Dissident (@kontext) with tight 170bpm selection of new music. Check it out:


Bop micromix (start – 28 min):
1. Bop x Synkro – Telescope [Microfunk Music]
2. Stray – Movements (Machinedrum remix) [Exit Records]
3. The Levels & dBridge – We Could Be [The Levels]
4. Om Unit – Wagonist Riddim (Sully’s YM Steppers Mix) [Cosmic Bridge Records]
5. Lenzman – Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix) [Metalheadz]
6. Nuage – Overseas (Bop Remix) [Translation dub]
7. Oak – Untitled 09 [-]
>>> Erised – Take Me [Med School Music]
8. Naibu – Replaced [Paradox Music]
9. Microfunk Crew – Loopmasters Patchbank Demo (VIP) [-]
10. Akuratyde – Sway [Blu Mar Ten Music]
11. Bl4ck Owlz – Fake [Invisible dub]
12. Electrosoul System – Morning Forest (Bop Remix) [Kos.Mos.Music]
13. Fracture x Kid Drama – Tell Me How [Pleasure District]
14. Oak – Imbecile VIP [Microfunk]

Nuage mix (28 min – 45 min):

Dissident mix (45 min – end):
1. Dissident ft. Liza Gotfrik – Ketaminechick [Opposide dub]
2. Dissident – Bricolage [Alpha Cutauri dub]
3. Dissident x Cyberworm – Mental Hospice [Opposide dub]
4. Dissident – Orbital Debris [Microfunk dub]
5. Dissident – Pseudo II [Kos.Mos.Music]

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