UKF Podcast #122 – Sam Binga

We’ve invited Sam Binga to the UKF Podcast for an hour of the finest in bass music, featuring exclusive cuts from the likes of Fracture, Alix Perez and Hyroglifics along the man himself, plus a bit of hip-hop, a bit of reggae and everything in between… skrrt skrrt 🔥
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Sam Binga
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BnC Mix 045: Mystic State

The latest installment in the Booms and Claps mix series comes to us from a British duo who we’ve had our eyes on for a few years now: the collaborative project of Will Marquiss & Mike Holliday AKA Mystic State. It’s hard to put these two in a box, with influences ranging from drum and bass and jungle to hip-hop and R&B down to dubstep and garage, but with an impressive list of label affiliations including J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music and uptempo titans like Flexout Audio and Halogen Music, their unique and clean production style clearly rings true whatever the genre. We first took notice of Mystic State several years back with their vibey footwork-adjacent beat “808 Gravediggin'” on the aforementioned Halogen Music, and since then, we’ve seen them release everything from meditative 140bpm stompers to chunky hip-hop beats that you would probably catch on Noisia Radio. Although both members hail from the Bristol area, they’re now split internationally, with Will in Calgary, AB (We sure do love our neighbors to the North!) and Mike still in the UK, so expect to see more North American appearances from Mystic State soon! We’re very excited to welcome them to the mix series, and without further ado, we’re proud to present BnC Mix 045: Mystic State.


Geode – J:Kenzo RinseFM Guest Mix

Guest mix recorded for J:Kenzo’s RinseFM show.

Plankton Gravy LP:

01. Geode – Slipstream (Plankton Gravy LP)
02. A.Motion – Swerve
03. Rowl – Flipside (unreleased)
04. Joe – Rut
05. B9 – Bib Bap Bop (unreleased)
06. Trashbat – Mariachi
07. Kahn – Over Deh So
08. K-LONE – Untitled (unreleased)
09. Bardeya – Alien Music (unreleased)
10. Signus – Stiglitz (unreleased)
11. Gerwin – Trust Your Feelings (unreleased)
12. Craft – You Called (unreleased)
13. Geode ft. Earl T – Moments (Plankton Gravy LP)
14. Bardeya – Well Before Use (unreleased)
15. Matt U – Danger (Congi Remix)
16. War – Phantom Suns (unreleased)

Untitled_Party Dj-Set @ Aaja London [24.09.18]

Here is a recording of my dj-set at Untitled_Party @ Aaja in London last year. Dedicated to Untitled Patterns EP series.

“Patterns I Have Known And Loved” EP is available on split black & white vinyl / digital download / streaming:


00:00 Skee Mask – Routine
03:54 Cromie & Sage Caswell – Vines (Kyle Hall Remix)
05:56 Substance & Vainqueur – Reverberate
09:20 Grad_U – Holdback
11:39 Wax – 30003a
14:12 Wax – 20002a
15:44 Grad_U – Decay
18:02 Voiski – Ad Infinitum
21:50 Substance – Relish (Bonus)
22:54 WK7 – Higher Power
25:55 G-man – Quo Vadis
27:24 Quantec – Ray Of Hope (A Made Up Sound Remix)
30:17 Pangaea – Router
33:12 Martyn – Vancouver
35:46 Headhunter – Your Say

Untitled Patterns Mix:
37:30 Bop – Song About My Dog (Subwave Remix)
41:32 Bop – Untitled Pattern 63
44:10 Bop – Untitled Pattern 52
47:11 Bop – Untitled Pattern 64
49:26 Bop – Untitled Pattern 47
50:34 Marcus Intalex – Step Forward
53:13 Dissident – Pleuromeia
56:16 Bop – Zakoulki Soznaniya
58:53 Bop – Untitled Pattern 56
1:01:08 Eastcolors – Dubby
1:04:09 Nether – True Believer (Marcus Intalex Dancehall Remix)
1:06:02 Bop – Untitled Pattern 60
1:09:25 Bop – Untitled Pattern 55
1:10:55 Bop – Untitled Pattern 54
1:12:48 Bop – Untitled Pattern 51
1:13:57 Bop – Untitled Pattern 68
1:17:42 Martsman – Static
1:20:43 Bop – Untitled Pattern 65
1:24:28 Subwave – Deadhead
1:26:21 Abstract Elements & Subwave – Posthuman
1:29:00 Bop – Untitled Pattern 66
1:32:00 Bop – Untitled Pattern 62
1:34:16 Bop – Untitled Pattern 61
1:36:09 Chris Inperspective – Each Twin Unique
1:39:32 Bop – Untitled Pattern 48

Doc Scott Debut 140 Set – Recorded Live at HVYWGHT 1st Birthday

So here we have it. A very special moment in the history of Dubstep music & the history of Underground UK Music. Doc Scott’s DEBUT 140 set recorded live at the HVYWGHT 1st Birthday at Fire back in February.

It is no mystery that Doc Scott is a proper selector and has a uniquely eclectic taste in and passion for all styles of music – in his own words “it’s all music, fuck genres” – so when he agreed to take on the challenge and play a full set of Dubstep for the first time in his career we were over the moon as we knew we were about to witness something truly unique – occasions we strive to create at every HVYWGHT party.

It led to a very special moment in the room at around 2am. Following on from a set that would put most regular dubstep DJ’s to shame, a set in which Doc Scott had the room in the palm of his hand, there was a wonderful sense of things coming full circle as he handed over the decks to Mala & SGT Pokes, two artists that grew up listening to Doc Scott at parties like Metalheadz at the Blue Note.

As Doc Scott handed over the decks to Mala & SGT Pokes, after playing a set of music they both pioneered – it created a unique energy in the room and a moment we feel privileged to have seen happen at a HVYWGHT party.

So salute Doc Scott, salute SP:MC. This right here is history. We hope you enjoy.

Next up for us, the London debut for Innamind Recordings, July 5th in the Mirror Arch at Fire.

ctoafn dubstep set @ Therapy Sessions Melburn with Raiden May 2008

Put a gig on with Raiden on a Sunday @ Miss Libertines back in 2008 which happened to be Mothers Day of all days (got double booked). Don’t have a tracklist but its nice old deep dubstep to warm up, I quite enjoy listening to it now though, The tunes are deep, melodic but tough at the same time.

Raiden (who is genuinely one of the nicest guys in the scene) came in early for a producers workshop and then went on and dropped one of the best sets I’ve ever heard which was done live with Ableton. The set which was recorded and uploaded in 2 parts had over 20,000 DL’s. I’ve still got it and if there is enough interest, I’ll put it back up.

Distance & Darkside – Indepth Radio, Episode 06 with Samba

The tracklist on this episode is very serious! Be warned! Also we’ve got a banger in the bag from NType and man like Samba is on the phone!

Tracklist via our Instagram

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Distance →


Aired March 21st 2019 on @DashRadio #dashx

1. Moody Good – Anti- Acid (Never Say Die)
2. S.P.Y – See Your Face Again (Hospital)
3. Louis The Child – Space Jam (msft Remix) (?)
4. HIGHSOCIETY – Microburst (Ahee Remix) (Play Me)
5. Childish Gambino – This Is America (Measly Flip) (UNRELEASED ID)
6. Eliminate – Them feat. Virus Syndicate (Disciple)
7. Stickybuds – The Firestarter feat. Blackout (Hydraulix Remix) (Westwood Recordings)
8. Dr Apollo & Reid Speed feat. MC Chickaboo (Unreleased ID)
9. AEterna – Eclipse (Innercore)
10. Nutronic – Run Away (Simplify)
11. Dr. Meaker & Voltage – Baddest DJ (Jungle Cakes)
12. Ripple & Furious Freaks – Space Moth (Space Pirate Recordings)
13. Shyun & Cruk – See It Our Way (Critical)
14. Serum, T>I – Swington (Souped Up)
15. Psynchro & Imp Force – Goliath (Cyberpunk)
16. Jack Mirror – Utopia (Viper)
17. NC 17 & Replicant – City On Fire VIP (Viper)
18. NC – 17 – King of the Hill (Innerground)
19. Audiomission – Kick Da Flava (Nuusic)
20. Transforma – Dark Horse (Bad Taste Recordings)
21. GROUND – Swindle (Invisible)
22. Exept & Sulex – Python (Methlab/BNKR)
23. Rido & Jade – Maze (Eatbrain)
24. AEterna – Shoulder of Orion (Innercore)
25. Stickybuds – Take A Stand (Skope’s Album Goulash) (Westwood Recordings)
26. Ivy Lab – Hotel Motel (Critical)
27. Mefjus – If I Could (REBRTH Remix) (Vision)
28. Louis The Child – Save Me From Myself feat. NoMBe & Big Gigantic (Win and Woo Remix)
29. Pete Cannon – Ella (Hospital)
30. Deuce & Charger – Dancing With My Eyes Closed (Viper)
31. What So Not & Skrillex – Goh feat. KLP (Champagne Drip Remix)
32. Dr Apollo & Reid Speed feat. Evil Dom – Electrotherapy (Play Me)

with guests Ivy Lab (Electronic/Bass Music Production Duo)

This weeks podcast is with a production collective riding high with some of the most heaviest Rap driven Electronic music out there right now. Ivy Lab are the team amongst a new generation of forward thinking Bass Music Producers, taking heavy influence of Hip Hop, and marrying it with upfront electronic sounds. Here, we talk about classic production values merged with upfront creativity, where the boys draw inspiration from, and their work output.

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watch the episode here

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Ivy Lab
Twitter: @Ivylab

CBR Podcast 04 // TMSV

Cosmic Bridge Podcast series continues with a very special journey from TMSV

EARTHBASE01 – TMSV – Ego Death – OUT NOW on 12″ Vinyl / Stream / Download

Here’s TMSV with some info

“This studio mix is a combination of stuff I’d play in a DJ set at home in the past 10 years, major influences on my production, music by friends, all-time favourites and tunes I felt like including because they fit the vibe of the mix.

Most of these tunes are somewhere in between the music I play out and the stuff I listen to at home. I rarely take the time to go through all of those tunes that I really love, but that I only ever play in the context of a home or house party DJ set. Every track in this mix is special to me in one way or another. Some of them made me get into certain genres, some remind me of the house parties we used to throw years ago, others are just really fun to mix and one or two tracks are just personally important to me. All of them have some influence on the way I make, play and appreciate music.

It starts out with reggae, then goes into dubstep, that halftime stuff that doesn’t have a name, drum & bass, techno, house and UK Garage before going into some more dubstep, with some surprises thrown in here and there.

This was originally supposed to be a much bigger project, spanning all of my musical influences, but that would’ve taken a crazy amount of time (hip hop alone would’ve taken days if not weeks!). Things I would’ve included if I had unlimited time: 80s, 90s and 2000s dancehall, more roots reggae, jungle, lots of hip hop, more drum & bass, more ambient, more dubstep, more techno, more everything. Maybe someday. ”

01. Twinkle Brothers – World Dominion
02. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rat Race
03. Billy Boyo – One Spliff A Day
04. Richie Spice – Marijuana
05. Coki – Burnin’
06. Kahn – Dread (Gorgon Sound Version)
07. Commodo, Kahn, Gantz – AMK
08. Peverelist -Roll With The Punches
09. Mala / Digital Mystikz – Blue Notez
10. Mala / Digital Mystikz – I Wait
11. Kode 9 – 9 Samurai
12. Kromestar – Shake It
13. Loefah – Disko Rekah (TMSV 160 edit)
14. Danny Scrilla – Riddim
15. Hudson Mohawke – Cbat
16. Kromestar – Distant Father
17. Kromestar – 2012
18. Danny Scrilla – Thorium
19. Om Unit & Kromestar – Lightworker’s Call
20. Kromestar – The Progress
21. Danny Scrilla – VV Cephei
22. Kid Drama – Auto State of Mind
23. Boymerang – Soul Beat Runna
24. Konflict – Beckoning
25. Dillinja – Acid Roller
26. Konflict – Messiah
27. Dom & Roland – Can’t Punish Me
28. Teebee – Gravity Distortion
29. Burial – Forgive
30. Danny Scrilla – Push-Pull
31. Stimming – November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version)
32. Stimming – November Morning
33. Burial & Four Tet – Moth
34. Kahn & Neek – Backchat
35. Karmon – Wowshit
36. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve
37. Joy Orbison & Boddika – Mercy (Boddika VIP)
38. Makossa & Megablast – Soy Como Soy ft. Cleydys Villalon
39. Kingdom – Fogs
40. Martyn – Miniluv
41. RIP Productions – The Rub
42. El-B – Buck N Bury ft. Juice Man
43. Roska – Badman ft. Sweetie Irie
44. Horsepower Productions – Fat Larry’s Skank
45. Sully – Bullseye ft. Jamakabi
46. Roska – 480 BC
47. Pangaea – Router
48. Guido – Orchestral Lab
49. Guido – Mad Sax
50. Distance & Cyrus – Titan
51. Coki – Spongebob
52. Rusko – Jahova
53. Digital Mystikz – Thief In Da Night
54. Burial – In McDonald’s
55. Opeth – For Absent Friends

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