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Dossa & Locuzzed – The Friday Funk Show S04E05

This months daily dose of funk is full of surprises: Shag remixed by A.M.C. & Turno, Blinded remixed by Millbrook, new Tracks by Andromedik, Mofes, Rohaan and more! Also listen close to hear an upcoming remixed we did for Mountain. More infos and tracklist:

DLPC #046 – Electrosoul System

DLPC #046 – Electrosoul System (ru) “dōmo arigatō, mr. roboto” tracklist: 1. Electrosoul System – Temper 2. CRBRL – CTS – – ATDBDUV4170 (dreadmaul Remix) 3. Ah Cama Sotz – Ereshkigal 4. Eirwud Mudwasser – Shivers (DJ Normal 4 ft 4 Boom Hombre Lobo Mix) 5. Alec Empire – Many Bars And No Money 6. lesbianhorse – Pure Unbounded Joy 7. K-Chaos – Everything is Possible 8. Pitch Black x Uncle Fester on Acid – Invisibly Shattered 9. Jaskin & Uneven – The Calling 10. Dissident – Immortality Is A Curse 11. Rainforest – Mayan Titans 12. Jaskin & Uneven – The Grid 13. Adred x Danny Rhodes – Albiorix 14. Dissident – Escapism 15. Hybert Phillips – Illusion 16. Method Of Defiance – Humanoid 17. Ju Ju Space Jazz – Virago 18. Marvin Wilson – H.H. Speaks 19, MidKnight Moon – Pure Wonder (Wanted ID Remix) 20. Cantstopkillingtime (CSKT) – Consciousness 21. Electrosoul System – Blinded Justice 22. Darkgray Heart – Shut In 23. Hybert Phillips – Ghost Opera

Nowadays stream mix – 12th April 2020

A 2.5 hour lockdown mix for Nowadays in Brooklyn in light of my recent US Tour cancellation. Tracklist: Hidden Operator – Cloudy Dub Sub Basics – Nomad Nicholas – Message From The East Luke Vibert – I Love acid Soho – Hot Music Moodyman – Misled Actress – Lost Innerzone Orchestra – Bug In The Bassbin Bedouin Ascent – Transitiion R The Disciples – Law Of Tones pt.1 Jabu – ORAN VIP Deadbeat – Organ In The Attic That Sings The Blues Rhythm And Sound – Aerial Versa – Snowfox E Davd – Zero G (Extended Mix) Bluetrain – Invisible Guest DJ Madd – Detroit Riddim Al Wooton – Operator Breaka – The Ambush Dead Man’s Chest x Sonic – Sneaker Rhythm Instra:Mental – Forbidden Pugilist – Mutual Understanding Pinch – Qawwali Appleblim + Peverelist – Over Here Martyn – Vancouver Babe Roots – Rawness Fiend – Emeralds Phossa – Settle K.Leimer – Entre’act Smith And Mighty – Brain Scan The Sabres Of Paradise – Return Of Carter Gabrielle Rizzo – Tetro Luz1e – Exploration Of The Mind SDEM – Zygons DJ KARAWAI – Ghettout Gadder – Come in I’ll See You Shortly Somejerk – .)M822017 Dexta – S30 LEVL […]

Ashanti Selah – Live at Outlook 2019

Adding to the arenas positive vibrations, young UK dub producer and performer Ashanti Selah, eldest son of the world-renowned soundman, Aba Shanti, showed festival goers how new generation sound system music remains influenced by the enduring power of traditional sound system culture – keeping the fire burning bright! Recorded live at SUBDUB 21 in SUBDUB Arena, Saturday 7th September 2019

Channel One – Live at Outlook 2019

With 2019 marking their fourth decade of trailblazing sound system culture to the UK and international audiences, who better to join the Subdub arena than their close friends, Channel One. Bringing a tight selection of old and new roots music, Channel One were key players in flying the sound system flag high for the final edition at the fort.  Recorded live at SUBDUB 21 in SUBDUB Arena, Saturday 7th September 2019

Sinai Sound – Live at Outlook 2019

Undoubtedly one of the best sound systems the UK has to offer, Sinai have been regulars at Outlook over the years. In 2019 they brought their custom built sound and a stack of killer dubs for one final time s to Punta Christo and made sure it was a celebration we’ll never forget. Recorded live at SUBDUB 21 in SUBDUB Arena, Saturday 7th September 2019

The Friday Funk Show S04E04

Back to “audio-only” due we all have to sit at home – but that doesn’t keep us from bringing the freshest sounds to your ears. The menue covers everything from well known legends to yet unknown names, so get ready to deiscover some madness! More infos and tracklist:

Calibre – Cologne Mix

Tracklist: Steve Jesse Bernstein more noise please sub pop Terry Fox cat purrs ending. song cycle records Johnny Nash/ Lindsay Todd. a series of small frogs. island of the gods recordings Bohren and the club of gore. darkstalker. pias Ekin Fil. dogs. possible motive Alabaster DePlume. if you’re sure you want to. international anthem recordings Robert Turman. flux spectrum spools Michael Moser antiphon stein. edition rz Felix Krone the castle of the pyrenees museum Calibre Sheven signature Birds of Venezuela rancho grande sub rosa.