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Rotations Guestmix 009 – En:vy

Our first guest of 2021 is a name we’re quickly becoming familiar with. Riding the crest of a new wave of producers landing in Bristol, En:vy is perking ears with his signature brand of vibes-first D&B. The young Austrian debuted on Flexout Audio in 2020 with his ‘Push Through EP’…and push through he did, introducing many new listeners to his deep and finely polished sound. He’s the newcomer all your favourite producers are talking about, and we’re delighted to present this mix as an overview of what he’s about, featuring tracks from the vault and cuts forthcoming. Follow En:vy @envydnb Follow Rotations @rotationsbristol

Dismantled EP – Promo Mix

Hi guys, hope you all doing well! Wanted to let you know that I have started a new label called ‘Emphaseas Music’ and recorded a Promo-Mix to celebrate it’s first release! It’s not just an ‘ordinary’ label, music we release is from upcoming producers, who sent their tunes to our streams called ‘Dismantling’ where we in real time check their tunes and help them to improve it! This tunes was also picked by our subscribers. Almost for every participants this is the first ever release, so we believe it will give a little boost to their carriers. If you want to send your track to our stream, go ahead, send it to ours socials –,, If you speaks Russian please send it to VK - And maybe you will be on ours next release! Tracklist: 1. Tenzor & Xend – Espionage (Emphaseas Music) 2. Skylark – The Chase feat. LaMeduza 3. Whiney & Bop – Breadcrumbs 4. Madcap – Step To This 5. Phase – Ringer 6. Tyrone – Beg of U 7. Grim Hellhound – Difficult Conversation (Emphaseas Music) 8. Stimpy & My Case – Point To You 9. Rizzle & Subdue – With You […]

DBK 044 – Black Barrel

After what was a difficult year, we are delighted to present this guest mix from the Russian badman himself, Black Barrel. This NYE may feel different, but we hope this mix can help you get the most out of it! Shout outs to @blackbarreldnb for the vibes!

Teddy Killerz – 2020 Mix

Sign Up to our Patreon: Get Our Presets Pack: Get Our Sample Pack: Tracklist: 01. Teddy Killerz – Nerd Starter Pack 02. Annix & Simula – Darkness 03. SLANDER & Kompany – Broken (Mefjus Remix) 04. Audio – Elements 05. The Prototypes – Enter The Warrior (feat. B3NDU) 06. Audio – Ultrasonic 07. ID – ID 08. Mizo – Bad Dreams 09. Audio – Marauder 10. Gydra – Dungeon 11. Burr Oak – Red Cloud 12. MUZZ – The Warehouse (feat. PAV4N & Miss Trouble) 13. MIZO – Icy Wyrm 14. Pendulum – Driver 15. Dorian – Radiation 16. The Prototypes – Shadows (feat. Lily McKenzie) 17. Killbox – Nova 18. Razlom – Rambo 19. Murdock & Doctrine – Start A Rampage (feat. Modestep) 20. Posij – Runner 21. Phace & Subtension – Oh Dear 22. Gydra – Spirit Challenge 23. Teddy Killerz – New Drums (Nais Remix) 24. Teddy Killerz – Knock Knock 25. ID – ID 26. IMANU – Nonplus (SKANTIA Remix) 27. ID – ID 28. Sikdope x Duke & Jones – Coming Down (Dux n Bass Remix) 29. Upgrade – Base 30. Teddy Killerz – Interference 31. Turno & Annix – Active (feat. […]

MC Retrospective Mix 2020

Machinecode : Retrospective Mix 2020 Dean Rodell & Current Value : Requiem Machinecode & Nanotek : Nanomachine Machinecode : Solitude Machinecode : Confession Machinecode : Vessel Machincode : Miasm Machinecode : Drag Me Machinecode : Northern Lights Machinecode : Dance Of The Mech Machinecode & Allied : Abyss Machinecode & Lockjaw : Alpha Barrier Machinecode : Suspend Machinecode : Velocity Machinecode : Corridor Machinecode : Existence Machinecode : Flintlock Machinecode : Voltron Machinecode : Gatling Machinecode : Take Machinecode & Coppa : Submerged Machinecode X XXXX Machinecode : Fuzzy Logic Machinecode : Speaker Machinecode : A Thousand Tales New Album Coming Dec 2020

Rolodex Radio S01E06

Hadley – Inside My Head Break – Tubes Amoss & Fre4knc – Dragger Black barrel – Traffic Jam Creatures, Zound & Defex – Irreversible Dissident & Cyberworm – Entracte Endless (Electrosoul System Remix) Fokus & Test Switch – Water Tight DUB – NO INFO Visages – Memories DUB – NO INFO Konflict – Roadblock Kontrast & Cybin – Lasting Mystic (Myth Remix) Sureshock – Phantom Sound Friske – Control (remix) Response – One Nation Need For Mirrors – Tide Line Myth – Junkyard Friske -Untitled Piano The Green Man – Who’s Weird Alix Perez – Black Spirit Sublimit – Twelve Steps Break & Kyo – The Edge Of Time (Workforce Remix) Kemal + Rob Data – Test Tube Sublimit – Tunnel Vision (Philth Remix) War – Heat VIP NC-17 – King of New York Amoss & Fre4knc ft. Swift – Face Reality Friske – A Different Perspective Enjoy – Memoirs DJ Trax – Find A Way Goldie – Still Life (Photek Remix) (2020 Remaster) Friske -The Love We Had Soul Intent – What Did You See DUB – NO INFO Friske – Destination Dioptrics – Riven Fuj – Ripsaw Ulterior Motive – Muted (instrumental) John Rolodex – The Knife Drawer […]

RoughSoul Mixtape #5

Das RoughSoul Mixtape geht in die 5. Runde und damit auch in die letzte. Wie gewohnt liefert das Set eine Auswahl aktueller Liquid Drum&Bass Tracks aus dem Jahr 2020 und eine Auslese einiger älterer Songs, die in dieser Mixseries nicht fehlen sollten. Im Fokus stehen dabei soulful Vibes gepaart mit deepen Basslines und rolligen Drums. Die vollständige RoughSoul Mixreihe könnt ihr auf nachhören! Tracklist: 01 Calibre – Things Like This [Signature, 2020] 02 LSB – Here With Me [Footnotes, 2019] 03 Halogenix – Reminisce [Critical, 2020] 04 LSB – Destine [The North Quarter, 2020] 05 Hugh Hardie – Day 4:CNK [Hospital, 2020] 06 FD – This Is Not Science [The North Quarter, 2020] 07 Echo B – Living Things [Soulvent, 2019] 08 Submorphics – Albion Road (feat. Pola & Bryson) [The North Quarter, 2020] 09 Redeyes & Monty – Belong [The North Quarter, 2020] 10 Alix Perez – Concrete [1985 Music, 2020] 11 FD – Lie To You (Instrumental) [The North Quarter, 2020] 12 Alix Perez – Ain’t Nothing [1985 Music, 2020] 13 SubMarine – Pastell [1985 Music, 2019] 14 Alix Perez – Phantonym [1985 Music, 2019] 15 Akemi Fox – Fallin‘ (Lenzman Remix) [The North Quarter, 2020] 16 […]

First Timers: Marky & Friends @ SUNANDBASS 2011

Part three of the „first timer“ series takes us back to 2011, the first year Marky joined us in San Teodoro. We had been discussing this for many years – Marky even mentions himself on the recording, that Lowqui was telling him for 6 years to come (basically since Lowqui came the first time himself in 2006). He had to make up for all those years he missed and played an energy loaded 3 hour set! Back then it was the busiest night we had ever experienced in that outdoor area – and it re-shaped the meaning of dancing under the stars for us. That particular night inspired the redesign of that whole outdoor area at Ambra Night, adding a bigger rig and transforming it into a dance arena. Marky was supported by Stamina MC, MC Lowqui, Deeizm MC Fats and MC Tali, and everybody was on point! He scratched, drummed, upside-down scratched, danced, sang and took everybody on a fantastic journey through the various facets of Drum&Bass. Since then Marky took over the Wednesday night outdoor area at SUNANDBASS and he absolutely loves it! Every year he complains that he can only stay for 3 days as he has […]

Deviate Guest Mix 001 – Itti

Producer & DJ Tomoyuki Ichikawa from Japan, AKA Itti, was drawn to the drum & bass scene in 2011. Itti has been DJing since 2012, heating up the dancefloor for many big artists in EU and in Japan including dBridge, Dub Phizix, Om Unit and Skeptical. More recently Itti has dedicated his time to creating tracks and honing his skills to a professional level. In 2014 he contributed to a remix album for Kaizan Records and took 2nd place in the 2016 Outlook DJ Japan Competition. In 2017 Itti had his first major release for Japanese drum & bass label Subdued Records. Most recently in June 2018, he had his debut release on UK based Diffrent Music with the Djembe EP and he played his first UK set at NOISE TEST. In 2019, he had releases on Ronin Ordinance, Onset Audio, Mask Music and Conspired Within Music. He also collaborated with dBridge and Kabuki on “NEW FORMS” and played a deep dnb set at Membrain Festival in Croatia. Tracklist: Itti – Sense [Diffuse Reality Records] Itti – Sabie [Diffrent Music] Allied – Mumaration [MethLab Recordings] Mønic – Cut Through The Noise [Osiris Music] Auditive – ID Itti & Fuj – […]