Alibi Guest Mix – BBC Radio 1 Rene Lavice Show 11-12-18

Escute novamente / Listen back!
Alibi in the mix


Alibi – Said and Done feat. DRS [V Recordings]
Alibi – Scuffed [V Recordings]
Alibi – Musihertz feat. Sofi Mari [V Recordings]
Alibi – Smash through the City feat. Serum, L-Side & T.R.A.C. [V Recordings]
Alibi – Directions [Dub]
Alibi – Pull up feat. Takura [V Recordings]
Alibi – Inception VIP [V Recordings]
Vici – Glow (Alibi Remix) [Hyperactivity Music]
Alibi – No Lights feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C. [V Recordings]
L-Side – High Times feat. Fats [V Recordings]
Dj Andy, Alibi & L-Side – Retaliation feat. MC Carasel [V Recordings]
Alibi – Destiny [V Recordings]
Alibi – Catalyst [Dub]
Alibi – Debris [V Recordings]
Alibi – Make it Real feat. Riya [V Recordings]

TREI (ViperRecs) – YourEDM Guest Mix

Here’s a guest mix that i’ve done for the good folks at ‘YOUREDM’:

Foghorn – Insomniax [ VIPER RECORDINGS ]
Blueprint – Rido & Joe Ford [ EATBRAIN ]
Drop Bombs – Prolix [ BLACKOUT ]
If I Could (Loadstar RMX) – Mefjus [ VISION ]
Black Stone – Ekko & Sidetrack [ VIPER RECORDINGS ]
Musihertz – Alibi [ V RECORDINGS ]
Pulse – Vowel [ BAD TASTE ]
Lycaon – Dub Elements & Neonlight [ DEM ]
Shockwave – Crissy Criss x Malux x Erb’n’Dub [ BASSRUSH ]
Hee-Haw – Dub Elements & Levela [ DEM ]
Goes Like (The Prototypes RMX) – Skepsis [ CRUCAST ]
Species – The Prototypes & TC [ BASSRUSH ]
Headlock – Brooke Brothers [ BREAKBEAT KAOS ]

DnB Girls Podcast #15 – SISTYM

The DnB Girls Podcast is BACK and here is episode #15! Join us for the last podcast of the year as we head into the festive season, Happy Holidays to you, your families and local music communities. Another great year of music is in the works for us as the DnB Girls hit their 10 year anniversary in 2019. For December’s episode we are very pleased to feature an amazing guest mix from the one like SISTYM!


Sistym (Perth, Australia)

Ill Truth & SATL – In Your Soul (ft. Charli Brix) [Symmetry]
Skylark – Diffusion (ft. Ewol) [MethLab]
Mystic State & Philth – Lost My Way [Addictive Behaviour]
SKS – Thousand Lives (Foreign Concept remix) [Vandal LTD]
Arcatype – Levitate [CIA]
Tephra & Arkoze, Invadhertz – Deep In the Jungle [Addictive Behaviour]
Submarine – Xertz [1985]
Ewol – Forgotten [Flexout]
Grey Code – Atlas Rise (ft. Ewol & Skylark) [Dispatch]
Signal – Pixilate [Invisible]
QZB – Capsized (ft. Circuits) [Critical Music]
Grey Code & Mystic State – Paranoid Reflections [Dispatch]
Synergy – The Moment [Eatbrain]
Monty – Games (ft. Charli Brix) [Flexout]
Enei – Games [Critical]
Data 3, Koherent – Latitude [Shogun Audio]
Sustance – Dark Dreams [Dispatch]
Amoss, Bredren – Rotten (Amoss remix) [Proximity Recordings]
Bredren – Line Art [Flexout]
Quartz & Survey – Gloop [Warm Communications]
Creatures – Turbulence [Boey Audio]
Philth, Bredren – Ghost Palace [Blendits Audio]
Klinical, Objectiv – Blame (Objectiv remix) [Ominous Audio]
Kasra – From The Inside Out [Critical]
Glyph – The Megalodonist [Lifestyle]
Invadhertz – Pandemonium [Delta9 Recordings]
Revaux – Ibex [Shogun Audio]
Gran Calavera – Fin Absolue [Overview Music]
Arkaik – Timelapse [Dispatch]
Hebra & Maok Sevek – What Happen [T3K]
M-Soul, S27 & P.Fine – Illuminate (Mystic State remix) [Free Download]
Missing – Blue [Subplate Recordings]
Alix Perez & Monty – Caligo [1985]
Was A Be & QZB – Eastwood [Critical]
Kyrist – Outbreak [Dispatch]
Enei – Bag of Raw Meat [Critical]
Myth – Illusions [Lockdown Recordings]
Hewson & Nodus – Antisocial [Boey Audio]
Kid Drama, DLR, Ulterior Motive, Hydro – Dredger [CNVX]
Spectrasoul – Organiser (Circuits rewire) [Critical]
Ill Truth – Get Rollin’ [Shogun Audio]
Break & Total Science – Dog’s Dinner [Symmetry]

Hosted by Bvitae

DnB Girls Podcast #16 – DJ K8

Here is episode #16 of The DnB Girls Podcast! Join us for the 1st podcast of the year as we head into 2019. Another great year of music is in the works for us, as the DnB Girls hit their 10 year anniversary this year 🙂 For January’s episode we are very pleased to feature a lovely soulful guest mix from DJ K8!


DJ K8 (Orlando/FL & Detroit/MI)

DJ Limited – Love Is Blind
Jaybee Dave Owen – I Can’t Wait
SATL – Lovin’ You
Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb (Dave Owen Bootleg)
S.P.Y. – By You Side (2014 VIP)
Fluidity – Been A Long Time
Atlantic Connection – Choices
QZB feat. Charli Brix – Take It All
Thomas Oliver – Shine Like The Sun (Nu:Logic Remix)
SpectraSoul – Organiser (Circuits Rewire)
Hybrid Minds – Halcyon (DLR Remix)
Jaybee – Wide Open
Etherwood feat. Hybrid Minds – The Time Is Here At Last
DJ Marky, S.P.Y. – Last Night
Random Movement, Jaybee – Say
Lenzman – I Want You

Hosted by Bvitae

Renegade Riddims: Magnetude

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Renegade Riddims: Alpho

This mix has been done to promote the MC competition we have going on Facebook and the website! For more info and to enter go to:

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Soul Sessions #033 – Dreazz [Liquid DNB mix]

Soul Sessions Radio January episode hosted by Dreazz!

1 SD – How You Like It
2 Askel + Elere – Kupuola
3 Sikey & Speedwagon – Lonely Hunter
4 Brainwork & Mnnl – Embrace
5 RoyGreen, Protone Ft Payne – Side 2 Side
6 Cnof – Firebird
7 Random Movement –
8 Drumcatcher – Feelings
9 T:base – Save Me
10 Humanature + Arbiter –
11 Critical Event, Monika, Askel –
12 RoyGreen & Protone – Conclusion
13 ALB – Epoch
14 SD – All I Must Do
15 Surreal & Molecular –
16 Nelver & Fearbace – Low Sometime
17 Melinki & Low:r – Whats Real
18 Macca & Melinki – OK
19 Molecular – Move
20 Macca & Loz Contreras – Spy Remix
21 Molecular – Breath
22 Nostre – Stay With Me
23 Smote – The World
24 Macca – Switch
25 Sunchine Anderson – Madcap Remix
26 Molecular – Choose 1
27 RoyGreen & Protone – Don’t Lose
28 Molecular – TBA
29 The Vanguard Project – Flying Away
30 Alexvander – Love Hurts
31 Anthony Kasper & Satl – Mr funky
32 Sentic Cycle – Rens
33 Sentic Cycle – Y Tho
34 Blackboxx – Aquiver
35 Critcal Event & Scott Allen – Stay
36 Paul SG Remix
37 Brother & Matt – Mean
38 Madcap – Take Your Time
39 Kanyewest Remix – WEST 001
40 Need For Mirrors – Vantage
41 Cnof – Start Go Out
42 Humanature , Surreal – Lets Roll
43 ALB – Using Minds
44 Macca & Melinki – OK
45 Sentic Cycle – Nature Humaine
46 Cnof – Dancing Around
47 HumaNature x Induktiv – Paroxysm

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Terrence & Phillip + R3DX – Ghetto Bass [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Hello! Merry Christmas!
We just finished up some new music 🙂 This time we linked with jump up producer R3DX and created bit of wonky business.
‘Ghetto Bass’ is an infused jump up / roller track and is a great representation of both of our sounds.

The new age rolling jump up sound is massive within the industry at the moment and it was great to be able to link up with Evan to create this bit of music!

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Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Renegade Riddims: Euphonique

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Drum & Bass show with Physics December + Askel & Elere guestmix


first hour Physics:

1.Sikey & Speedwagon: Get Vile
2.Saxxon: Drop Funk
3.Dawn Wall: Blinded
4.Command Strange: TKO
5.Charles Bradley: World Is Going Up In Flames [Physics Remix]
6.Missing: Mistakes
7.A-sides: Edge
8.Physics & J7: Africa
9.DLR: Dafunk
10.S.P.Y: Rock Da House
11.Physics: From Above
12.LJHigh: Signal
13.L-Side: Here We Go
14. Zero T: Distant Futre
15. Shimon & Trimer: Killers
16. DJ Sofa: Number one dubplate

2nd hour Askel & Elere guestmix:

1. Silence Groove – Recondite [Soulvent]
2. Fearbace – Ethereal (Monika Remix) [dub]
3. chrizz0r – Open Your Eyes [Midnight Sun]
4. ID – ID [dub]
5. LQ – Keep Hiding [Soulvent]
6. Need For Mirrors & Phil Tangent – Polaroid [CIA Deepkut]
7. Askel x Monika – Reach [Atmomatix]
8. Low:r – Reorient [Terra Firma]
9. Drumcatcher – Be My Bae [Impact]
10. HumaNature x Askel x Critical Event – Xylophone [Fokuz dub]
11. SiLi – Thumped [Differential dub]
12. Former Hero – weclippedthrueachother (Arne Bootleg) [dub]
13. Askel & Elere – Last Leaves (Monika Remix) [Soulvent]
14. Collette Warren ft. Random Movement & Charli Brix – What You Do [Innerground]
15. Physics & J7 – Africa [dub]
16. Silence Groove – Slapper [Vibration]
17. ID – ID [dub]
18. Nymfo & Riya – Something Tells Me [CIA]
19. Dexcell ft. Becca Jane Grey – Finding You [Future Retro]
20. Askel & Elere ft. Crystal Alice – Skin [Soulvent dub]
21. Elere – ID [dub]
22. Kusp feat. MC Fats & SoulMotion – Mr Clean [Detail]
23. Askel & Elere ft. Leevi – Never [Celsius dub]
24. Severity – Broken Hearted (Whiney Remix) [Unchained]
25. Pola & Bryson – Floodgates [Shogun]
26. Alix Perez – Slink [1985]
27. Need For Mirrors – Cronenberg [Commercial Suicide]
28. Myth – Mackerel [Lockdown dub]
29. Askel & Elere ft. Leevi – Kupola [Celsius dub]
30. Elere – Closer, Closer [Midnight Sun]
31. Monika – Intentions [Shogun]
32. Teebee – Warehouse [Subtitles]
33. Phase 2 – Stranger Things [Innerground]


Hi all 🙂

Free download for 1k followers! Hope you enjoy!

Please like/share/comment if you like it <3 Mastering by - 🙂 PM for a WAV version 🙂

Cyberfunk presents – The Funk-cast: S1. E1. (Ft Simple Technique)

The Funk-Cast is a brand-new podcast style platform though of; created and produced by your hosts Xtrah & Avanti (The funk forum) with the intention of being an entertaining and informative podcast on all things music related from premiering new music from artists inside our exclusive production forum to interviewing artists and discussing production techniques. It is centred around music at its core but it is a living organism in the sense that each episode will be unique.

In this episode, find out more about ‘The Funk Forum’ and delve into what inspires Simple Technique’s music and beard production.

Thank you for joining us as we step into the (super) future with season 1 episode 1 of the Funk-cast.


Untek – Sonar Dive (CFNK:D)
Sublimit – Against the music
InsideInfo & Hybrid Minds – Beneath
Sensus – Untitled
Objectiv – Bad Karma
Kutlo – Reversed Reserve
Kusp – Ritual (Ft Rider Shafique)
Ntita – Paycheck (CFNK:D)
Objectiv – Gold Look
nCamargo – Antares
Melinki & Macca – OK
Joe Koshin – Deep Space
Koax – Shine
Fearend – Stepper
Euph – Useless

41 mins: Simple Technique interview

Simple Technique – Superfuture
Simple Technique – Steeze
Simple Technique – Entagled
Fracture – The Limit
Simple Technique – Feeling Tipsy

01:17 – Simple Technique – Guestmix (Live from Rye Wax Records, Peckham- ft Joe Raygun)


Renegade Riddims: Malaney Blaze

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Subwave – Data Series 01

We are proud to present the first episode of :data series, recorded by one of the main members of our team, brilliant producer and dj – Subwave.

You can catch him playing at the launch of :data on Fri December, 7th @ RNDM Bar / Moscow, Russia.

QBZ feat. Circuits – Capsized
Gerra & Stone – East Point
SubMarine – Clairon
Breakage – Rudeboy Stuff
Alex Perez & Monti – Caligo
Subwave – Minimal Love
Signal – Pixilate
Enei – Grave
QZB & Was a Be – Eastwood
Alix Perez – BXL

Bowlcut Mix 007 – Fox X Sam Binga X Foreign Concept

Bowlcut Mix 007 – Foreign Concept, Sam Binga & Fox on MC Duties. Jheez. This mix has been specially curated by the trio for us and it’s a straight up banger. Thanks to Critical Music HQ for arranging this mix.

Cop the Simmer Down EP here:

Tracklist: Dunno mate, some you’ll know, others you’ll have to ask in the comments.

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Foreign Concept:
MC Fox –
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