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Celsius Podcast #57 Nelver & Telomic

Russian drum & bass producer and Celsius Recordings veteran @Nelver and UK producer @telomicuk head up the August 2020 installment 57-th part of the Celsius Recordings podcast”. Tracklist: Mixed by Nelver (RU) 01. Duoscience – Contraception (Fokuz Dub) 02. Alpha Rhythm – Orichalcum (Celsius Dub) 03. Sub:liminal & HumaNature – Around The World (Fokuz) 04. Alhox – Breeze (Celsius Dub) 05. Nuvertal – My Shell Erases [feat. Avenax] (Celsius Dub) 06. Kursiva – Show Me (Influenza Dub) 07. Shodan – Slow Down (Celsius) 08. Motiv – Fading Pictures (Fokuz Dub) 09. Mystific & Henry – A Womans Strength (Celsius Dub) 10. Nuvertal – The Earth Forgives (Celsius Dub) 11. Hocseat – Weather (Fokuz) 12. Joshua – I’m Trying (Celsius) Special guest mix by Telomic (UK) Tracklist: 01. Klax – Become [feat. Charli Brix] (Critical) 02. Subtension – Unity (Flexout) 03. Rizzle – Ether (Vandal) 04. Monrroe – ID 05. Telomic – Window Light [feat. Anastasia] (Liquicity Dub) 06. Hyroglifics – Day by Day 07. Telomic – Falling (Liquicity) 08. Monrroe – Never Too Old (Shogun Audio) 09. Commix – Be True (Metalheadz) 10. Dimension & Sub Focus – Desire [Aperio Bootleg] 11. Noisia – Motion Blur (Vision) 12. Spectrasoul – […]

Dummy Mix 589 | Breaka

TRACKLIST –– During a pandemic, the concept of a DJ mix takes on a different meaning. Firstly, you know the listener is probably going to be sat at home, rather than at a pre-drinks or afterparty with a group of mates, and most likely on their own. On the other hand, music is one thing helping many through what is an anxiety-inducing time for all of us, and you could say that mixes are needed more than ever. London-based producer @breakaleeds knows what he’s doing when it comes to putting together a mix. A Reprezent Radio resident, the DJ and producer is – as his name might suggest – all about the breaks. As well as dropping releases on Scuffed Recordings, Mad Decent and Instinct, while recently featuring on R&S’s ‘In Order To Care’ compilation raising money for the NHS, Breaka recently started his own label, a destination for self-releases. The three-track ‘Breaka002’ is dropping tomorrow (listen to ‘Steeze Flex’ which we premiered recently), which finds Breaka sampling samba and Afro-Cuban beats among a shedload of breaks. “It’s interesting thinking what a DJ mix really means these days, haha,” Breaka says of his Dummy Mix, “but with home/park listening […]

UNCLE DUGS, BILLY DANIEL BUNTER & DJ SLIPMATT – B2B2B – Live @ #RCFF Meets Music Monday – 2012

***Previous Description*** I sent Uncle Dugs a quick message asking to upload a mix….He said yeah no worries upload what you like. This guy has done so much for the scene it is unreal. Anyway check this all vinyl mix of pure and utter nostalgia! Become a fan of Uncle Dugs on Facebook:�…9669746?fref=ts Follow him on Twitter: Soundcloud: @uncledugs Check out Rinse FM: Uncle Dugs, Billy Daniel Bunter & DJ Slipmatt B2B2B live at the #RCFF meets Music Monday all dayer at the Brixton Jamm 05-08-2012 Check us out on the links below! There is loads going on! Our facebook page 😉!/dnbexpress Our You Tube: (Loaded to the teeth with FREE downloads)

Liquid Drum and Bass Sessions #26 : Dreazz [July 2020]

Liquid Drum & Bass Sessions Vol 26 : Featuring tracks fromCnof, Hiraeth, Humanature, Drum Origins, Brainwork, DuoScience, Askel & Elere, Critical Event, Soligen & More : Mixed by Dreazz – [Fokuz Recordings] 0:00 Heft – Breath 4:30 Drum Origins – Frumpet 6:45 Hocseat – Only You 8:25 Duoscience – Ironic 10:55 Hiraeth – Around You 13:10 HumaNature & Royalty – Stand on your Own 15:00 Cnof – Never Know VIP 17:10 Unknown Artist – One (Vibez93 006) 19:20 N-monic – Self Image 21:53 Cnof – Banner 24:26 Brainwork – Scattered 29:10 Cyber Posix & Valiant Emcee – Never Too Late f. TRAC 33:55 Heft – Fallen 35:23 Cnof – Stars Go Out (Grinder Remix) 39:30 Critical Event, Askel & Elere – Inveigle 41:55 Joshua & Echomotion – Deeper Than Me 43:45 Soligen – Honor 47:45 Kaii Concept – Super Spreader 49:05 The Skeptics – Foundations 51:37 Mytsific – I Was Wrong 55:15 Cyber Posix & Valiant Emcee – Sepia (Feat. Josia Scribes ) 58:52 Sub:liminal – Glass Fields 0:00 Heft – Breath 4:30 Drum Origins – Frumpet 6:45 Hocseat – Only You 8:25 Duoscience – Ironic 10:55 Hiraeth – Around You 13:10 HumaNature & Royalty – Stand on your Own […]

EVN- Inbound 22nd Anniversary Mix

EVN Facebook live mix (May 30 2020) Today’s 22 years since Fiction (Simon Ingles) & Filter (Curt Jenkins) started the best underground Jungle/ DnB night, also Adelaide’s longest running DnB Promoters. I have decided to throw down a 2019/2020 Jungle/ DnB Vinyl mix out of respect to the Inbound Boys. I was so priviledged to be involved in roots of their movement and this mix is out of respect to all Inbound Squadron & Crew who have been involved in some of the best nights of my life. Big Up Selectas Mixed by EVN (Adelaide/ Inbound Squadron) Streaming from SAJungleHQ in Melbourne, Australia

EVN- 23rd May 2020 Twitch Stream

0:00:00 Bambaata- Shy FX – Ebony 0:03:13 Escape- Digital- Mamasan 0:05:43 Travelogue Remix- John B- Formation Records 0:08:18 Solar Jive- Danny Breaks- Droppin’ Science 0:11: 15 Cryogenix- Dj Friction & Nu Balance- Trouble on Vinyl 0:13:28 Clear Skies- DJ Die- Full Cycle 0:16:08 Chapter 2- The Spirit- Timeless Recordings 0:17:53 Cutslo (Lokuste Mix)- Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce- Prototype 0:23:48 Scanners- Andy C, Ant Miles & Shimon- RAM Records 0:26:10 Betrayal- The Advocate- Criminal Communications 0:30:02 Frozen (Dom & Roland remix)- Il’s & Solo- Timeless Recordings 0:32:00 Touch Me, Tease Me- Teebone- Manga Beats 0:35:52 The End Part II- Optical, Ed Rush & Fierce- 31 Records 0:39:32 20 Degrees (Doc Scott Remix)- Jonny L- XL Recordings 0:44:15 Weekend World (Calyx Remix)- EZ Rollers- Moving Shadow 0:47:38 Photon- DJ Friction- Trouble on Vinyl 0:51:01 Moving Target- EZ Rollers- Moving Shadow 0:54:24 Hang On (EZ Rollers Remix)- EZ Rollers- Moving Shadow 0:57:48 Hard Noize- Dillinja- Test Recordings 1:01:11 Eventual Remix- Distorted Minds- New Identity Recordings 1:04:34 The Medicine- Ed Rush/ Optical- Virus Recordings 1:07:57 System (Optical/ Fierce Remix)- DJ Kane feat Nemesis- Renegade Hardware 1:11:21 Friday- Capone- Hardleaders 1:14:44 The Year 2000- Interrogator & Tek- Sudden Def Recordings 1:18:00 So Damn Tuff- […]