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Heavyweight Boxers – 004: Kenny Ken

We are truly honoured and blessed to share that the next in our exclusive Heavyweights mix series on comes from none other than a 30+ year veteran and all round legend that needs no introduction – Kenny Ken! 🔊 Kenny Ken delivers his exclusive 30 minute mix to provide us with Heavyweight Boxers – 004. In the words of @Missrepresent “If you don’t know what authenticity means, it’s a meaning to something being “real” or “legitimate” and in our Heavyweight Boxers series, we abide by only selecting the best artists. The series, encompasses a selection of legends that have paved the way for the rest of us to follow, and continue to follow, who we hold in high regard.”. Kenny Ken – SC: FB: IG: JDNB FB: JDNB Website:

EXE – M040 – Antagonist(2020)

EXE – M040 – Antagonist(2020) Rude, Rhythmic and unmistakably Mancunian, Antagonist brings us an hour of cold and moody clatterings from the world of Drum and bass. Our 40th guest for the EXE mix series is both a DJ, Producer and Promoter with work signed to imprints such as: Renegade Hardware and Samurai Music and is also the last boss at Discipline Records. As a promoter he brought some of the biggest names in drum and bass to Manchester for his event ‘Pandemik’ between 2009 and 2016. Antagonist is a key player within the Manchester Drum and Bass scene and has been invited to play sets at some of Manchester’s most Iconic drum and bass events, including Relapse, Soul:ution, Formless and Sector 8. Kick back, Zone out and enjoy this slab of rhythmic audiology! Antagonist Links: Presented Without Tracklisting. (White Label Ting!)

AudioDevice 4 Contrast At <>< Grelle Forelle Quarantine May What I Would Have Played

01. Mozey Ft. Shady Novelle – I Can Be Your Future 9club mix explicit) [bingo bass] 02. The Skeptics – Hide & Seek 03. 02 Nausika – Obey 04. Wingz – Calling 05. Bassdubbers – With The Flow (Wingz Remix FINAL) 06. 10 Alix Perez – Black Spirit 07. 03 Waeys – Mapper 08. 01 Askel – Portmanteau (Original Mix) 09. WINGZ Time Frame – Sine Sound Mastered 24 44 10. 01 Askel Elere – Distance VIP (Original Mix) 11. Henry – Blunt Instrument 12. 01 Waeys – Objection 13. Cyber Posix and Valiant Emcee featuring Anastasia – Jasmine 14. Wingz – With You (Creatures Remix) 15. 05 Waeys Hadley Creatures – Fearless 16. AC13 – Atlas 17. 11 Bredren – Only One 18. Chris Harmonics & Impish – Girl 19. Henry – Paradigm 20. Cyber Posix and Valiant Emcee featuring TRAC – Never Too Late 21. Henry – The Future Is Broken 22. Zar and Physics – Only One 23. FX909 – Glitch 24. 11 Zar – Summer Heat (Original Mix) 25. Madcap – Original Strut [Mac 2 Digital] 26. Entita – Anubis 27. Mountain – Kyoto 28. Benny Page & Mc Spyda – Battlefield (Sublow Hz Remix) [Dub […]

Creatures – Dispatch Label Mix – June 2020

Creatures presents this months Dispatch Recordings Label mix. An hour of drum and bass from Creatures own productions and his current favourite selections, including a host of upfront exclusives and new beats. @creaturesdnb Be sure to check out the incredible Irreversible EP • Dispatch Store – • Bandcamp – • All other stores –