Dieselboy: Heart Of Darkness

Dieselboy – An Infinity Of Wonders (Intro)
Dead Can Dance – Dawn Of The Iconoclast [4AD]
Mizo – Black Mirror [C4C]
Mefjus – Divergence (Misanthrop Remix) [Vision]
Synergy – Vector [Blackout]
Ntechnique & Mayel feat. Paraskeva – I See A Dream [Ignescent]
Mr Frenkie – Bass Symptom [Blackout]
Enei – Vertigo (Current Value Remix) [Critical]
Jam Thieves – Hackers [Playaz]
Icicle feat. Metropolis – The Edge (Black Sun Empire Remix) [Shogun]
Hamilton – Hopelessly Addicted VIP [Ram]
Prolix feat. DC Breaks – Beat Down [Blackout]
Levela – Orbit [ProGRAM]
Black Sun Empire & Nymfo – Mud [Blackout]
Kiril – The Universe [Critical]
Kiril – Reload [Critical]
BTK – 40 Channels Of Funk [Virus]
Phace – Das Techno [Neosignal]
Cryteria – Death Camp 13 [Four Corners]
Jam Thieves & Fre4knc – 3rd DAL Universe [Playaz]
Krakota feat. Dynamite MC – Hot Rain [Hospital]
Cyantific feat. BMotion – Cyborg VIP [Viper]
TC – Countdown VIP [Don’t Play]
Metrik – Hackers [Hospital]
Dimension – Whip Slap II [MTA]
Twisted Anger – Dread Come 2 Conquer [Dread]
Knife Party – L-Rad (Prototypes Bootleg) [Unreleased]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Control [Technique]
Gridlok – Opera [Bad Taste]
Kiril – Minimal Instinkt [Critical]
Klax & Enei – Scraps [Critical]
Mayhem & Logam – Centuria (Amoss Remix) [Santoku]
Macca – What [Fokuz]
The Prophecy feat. Synthaix – Program One [Bad Taste]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Signal – Rain Dance [Invisible]
Break – Keepin It Raw [Symmetry]
Break & DLR – City Slickers [Symmetry]
S.P.Y feat. Inja – Mind Over Matter VIP [Hospital]
Synergy – Spiral [Blackout]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Jungle All The Way [Technique]
DJ Limited – Buss It [Biological Beats]
Inward & Hanzo & Randie – Smoking Mirror (Subtension Remix) [C4C]
The Upbeats – Grasshopper [Critical]
Jam Thieves – Minimal Funk (TC Remix) [Playaz]
Signal – Unsure [Invisible]
Benny L – Low Blow [Metalheadz]
Rockwell – Waiting 4 [Obsolete Medium]
Was A Be & Synth Ethics – Cloudbreak [Critical]
Nuvertal feat. Maureen – Things We Shared [Ignescent]
Synergy & Audio – Dungeon [Blackout]
Mob Tactics – Floodgate [Unreleased]
DJ Andy – Sanctuary [V]
Funtcase & Teddy Killerz – Boom! [Get Hype]
S.P.Y – Rock Da House [Hospital]
Sustance – Recognise [SGN:Ltd]
Bungle – Cocooned VIP [31]
Particle – The Arrival [Critical]
Spirit – Siren (Hive Remix) [Inneractive]
Ed Rush & Optical – Rock Tha House [Virus]
TI feat Serum – Swington Villa [Souped Up]
Simple Technique – Cold Steppin (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Cyberfunk]
Phentix – Afterlife [Cyberfunk]
Konz – Breathe (Version Remix) [Dutty Bass]
Shimon & Benny L – Yeti [Bassrush]
Paul T & Edward Oberon – Stomp [V]
Mizo – Unreal [Eatbrain]
Dub Elements – Like That [Shogun]
North Base – Snout [Mainframe]
Dossa & Locuzzed – Cargo VIP [Mayan]
Dossa & Locuzzed – Shag VIP [Viper]
Kiril – Strike [Critical]
Mob Tactics – Dreamworld [Ram]
Kiril – MKD [Critical]
1991 – VHS [1991]
Enei feat. Charlie Brix – Faded [Critical]
Mob Tactics feat. Elephant Man – Crazy Hype (Annix Remix) [Playaz]
Phace feat. Subtension – 2051 [Neosignal]
Signs – The Curse [Nëu]
Mefjus – Together (Signal Remix) [Vision]
Cruk & Signal – Illusion [Invisible]
Current Value – Influx [Invisible]
Gamma – Redland Kru [CIA]
Eric Prydz – Generate (Dimension Remix) [Virgin]
Break & Mikal – Status Low [Metalheadz]
State Of Mind – Lockdown [Blackout]
Frankee – Instinct [Ram]
State Of Mind feat. MC Codebreaker – Run Out [Blackout]
Simula – Warthog [Simula]
Current Value – That Smile [Invisible]
Enei – Modulate [Critical]
Original Sin – Inertia [Ram]
AJ Mutated – Catch 22 [ProGRAM]
Prodigy – Need Some 1 (Audio Remix) [BMG]
Annix – Maintain [Playaz]
Circuits – Euphoria Pt 1 [Critical]
Mean Teeth – Nine Lives [Red Light]
Hydro & War – NDE [Utopia]
Sub Focus – X-Ray (Metrik Remix) [Ram]
Origin Unknown – Valley Of the Shadows (Chase & Status Remix) [Ram]
Buunshin – Thoughts [DIVIDID]
Nazca Lines – Acid Fashion [V]
Dimension – Techno [MTA]
Tobax – Many Digital Faces [Abducted LTD]
Culture Shock – Get Physical [Ram]
Synergy – Turn It Out [Trendkill]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Outlaw Renegade VIP [Technique]
Hamilton – Shutup [Ram]
Mob Tactics – LDN Bass [Ram]
Doctor P – Yim Yam (Teddy Killerz Remix) [Circus]
A.M.C. – Mind The Gap [Titan]
Abstr4ct – Know [Chronic]
Au/Ra – Panic Room (Culture Shock Remix) [Sony]
Mefjus – If I Could (Loadstar Remix) [Vision]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – I Want Your Love [Technique]
Pillbox feat. Loletta Holloway – Nitty Gritty [Ram]
DC Breaks & Loadstar – Opposition [Ram]
Raiser – The Weapon [Ram]
Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Prolix – Welcome To The Machine [Technique]
DC Breaks – Halo VIP [Ram]
Dimension – UK (Skrillex Edit) [MTA]
Dimension – UK [MTA]
DC Breaks – Shaman VIP [Ram]
Dieselboy – Everything Has Changed (Outro)

EATBRAIN Podcast 082 by Rido & Counterstrike

/ artists


/ label

/ tracklist
Rido – Stranger
S.P.Y. – Rock Da House
Synthakt – Alnilam
Sinister Souls – Involuntary Suicide
Misanthrop & Synergy – Slap The Ghost
Qo & Computerartist – Down(Rido Rmx)
Task Horizon – Taserface
Synthakt & Counterstrike – Particle Radiation
Noisia & Upbeats – Shibuya Pet Store
Synthakt & Counterstrike – Draj
Sinister Souls ft Gein & Bratkilla – Parasite Bandit VIP
Neonlight – Bitcoin
Ekko & Sidetrack – Black Stone
Limewax, Thrasher, Switch Technique & Dieselboy – Spicy Boiz
Counterstrike – Demon Core
Rido & Joe Ford – Blueprint
Malux & Crissy Criss & Erb n Dub – Shockwave
3RDKND – Panger
Counterstrike – On Fire
Rido & Counterstrike – Da F_k
Redpill – Get on it
Sinister Souls – Kick Snare
Counterstrike – Mindfuck (Donny remix)
Rido – Unity
Misanthrop – Blured
Hallucinator & Gridlok – No Escape
Synthakt – Dusty Planets
Rido & Counterstrike – Let It Roll(special Edit)
Current value – Impact
Task Horizon – Interlinked
Counterstrike – AI
Exept & Missin – Something You Are
Rido – Agony
Rido & Jade – Maze

Technical Itch b2b Dieselboy – Live @ Urban Space, Washington D.C. – 1999/03/08


? – ?
Ray Keith – Solar Systems [UFO]
The Playboy Revolutionary – Difference Engine (Usual Suspects Remix) [Eruption]
? – ?
Secret Methods – Animation [Tech Itch]
Technical Itch – LED [Moving Shadow]
DJ Tek – The Year 2000 [Sudden Def]
Dom & Roland – Parasite [Moving Shadow]
Krust – Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix) [V]
Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Cutslo (Lokuste Mix) [Prototype]
Technical Itch – Roswell [Moving Shadow]
? – ?
Technical Itch – 1730 [Moving Shadow]
Usual Suspects – Spawn [Renegade Hardware]
Usual Suspects – Killa Bees [Renegade Hardware]
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (Stakka & Skynet Remix) [Underfire]
Technical Itch – Focused [Moving Shadow]
The Vagrant – Orbiter (Technical Itch Remix) [Fuze]
Biostacis – Gamma Ray [Tech Itch]
DJ Trace & Pete Parsons – Sniper [DSCI4]
Facs – Dekweef [Droppin’ Science]
Dieselboy & Technical Itch – Atlantic State [Tech Itch]
Mocean Worker – Heaven @ 12:07 (Technical Itch Remix) [Palm Pictures]
Technical Itch – Reborn [Moving Shadow]
? – ?



Gridlock has put up the Project 51 back catalogue for free



P51-01: Gridlok & Origin – Mirror / Parasites
P51-02: Gridlok & Controlled Substance – Witchhunt | Gridlok – Badluk
P51-03: Gridlok – Malfunction | THINKTANK – Space Robot Man
P51-04: Gridlok – Shallow | Gridlok & Silver – Pacemaker
P51UK-05: THINKTANK – Run & Shove | Gridlok – Malfunction (Skynet Remix)
P51UK-06: Gridlok & Optiv – Panache | Gridlok & Hive – Awakening
P51UK-07: Gridlok & Keaton – Move On | Gridlok – Get Away
P51UK-08EP: Gridlok & Dom – Hooked | Gridlok & Ryme Tyme – Don’t Hold Back | Gridlok & Silver – Black Notes | Gridlok & Echo – Ether
P51UK-09: The Upbeats & Teknik – Ghobi Ghost | The Upbeats – Stick Together
P51UK-10: Gridlok & Dom – Hooked (Technical Itch & Dieselboy Remix) | Gridlok & Controlled Substance – Witchhunt (CTRL-S Remix)
P51UK-11: The Upbeats – Take Away Soul | The Upbeats & Teknik – Poison
P51UK-12: Bulletproof – Bunkerbuster | Bulletproof & Teknik – Smash Palace
P51UK-13: Gridlok & Concord Dawn – Out Your Head | Gridlok & Hive – Last Stand
P51UK-14: Skitty – Victim | Skitty – NLP

Dieselboy’s live at BLOOD, SWEAT & BASS tour party (Feat. Downlink + Ajapai)

Dieselboy – Blood Sweat & Bass intro
Camo & Krooked – Armageddon
Spor – Kingdom
>>>Sub Focus – Rock It
some Original Sin’s stuff
Taxman – Judgement
>>>Rregula & Disphonia & Dementia – Doom Loop (Mefjus remix)
Knife Party – LRAD (The Prototypes remix)
Fresh & Jay Fay – Dibby Dibby Sound (Sigma remix)
Hive – Neo (Audio remix)
>>>State Of Mind & Nymfo – Put It On
State Of Mind – Fast Life
DC Breaks – Swag
some Delta Heavy’s remix or original
some Skrillex’s remix
Mind Vortex – Gravity
Gridlok & Prolix – Riot
>>>Jaydan – Holy Shit
??? old stuff
??? old stuff
Sigma & Doctor – Rudeboy VIP
Wilkinson – Heartbeat (Feat. Arlissa & P Money)(Mind Vortex remix)
Misanthrop – Deadlock
>>> can’t remember
>>>BTK – Vigilante
??? old stuff
Noisia – Diplodocus (The Upbeats remix)
Faces Of Def & Counterstrike – Blvck Selebration
Gridlok & Prolix – Metalbrane
DC Breaks – Gambino
State Of Mind – No-Operative
>>>The Prototypes – Abyss
Fresh – Skyhighatrist
Fresh & Sigma – Cylon
Calyx & TeeBee – Strung Out VIP
TC – Tap Ho
Taxman – Rebirth (Feat. Diane Charlemagn)
>>> old stuff
>>> can’t remember
some Skrillex 175bpm stuff
The Upbeats – Big Skeleton
Funtcase – Out For Da Milli (Annix remix)
TC – Into The Jungle
Distorted Minds & DJ Hazard – Mr Happy (175bpm hybrid remix)
Zomboy – Terror Squad VIP
Schoolboy – Project No-Autotune
some Camo & Krooked’s remix
Dieselboy & Bare – Beyond Thunderdome (Original Sin remix)
The Hard Way – Sodomizer
Technical Itch – Aura
The Hard Way – Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers
>>>can’t remember
Mind Vortex – Catapult
The Hard Way – Meatstick



SixEleven DJ MixSeries Volume 1

SixEleven DJ MixSeries Volume 1 was my 3rd mix CD. At the time I had just relocated from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and was living in an apartment with my friend Nigel Richards, a fellow dj and owner of the record store and label 611 Records. I was working at the shop during the week and playing shows on the weekends. Nigel decided that he wanted to get into the mix CD market and we conceptualized the idea of a “mixed series” of music that highlighted good DJs that were also personal friends. For me, this was an opportunity to really start learning the ropes of licensing music, doing better graphic design (I designed the artwork for all of the CDs…and yes that’s a picture of my turntable) and putting a more personalized stamp on the music I was pushing on these compilations. I had little to no input on the track selections of my first two mix CDs, so this project was my first real foray into total artistic freedom. To be honest, I don’t completely remember how I was able to lock down all of the music for this tracklist! I just remember that it was a pain in the ass dealing with the various labels and artists and artist egos and budget restrictions. Most of the tracks on the compilation were unreleased when it was made, so I had to cut acetates / dubplates of all of the tunes. Sidenote – every time you play a dubplate you degrade its sound quality. I had to make doubles of every tune, practice with one set, and then try and nail a perfect mix with the unplayed set. Talk about stressful! I mixed this thing sitting on the floor of my living room, turntables in front of me and fingers crossed. It was my first time doing a mix on a mixer that actually had EQ and FX (the Pioneer DJM-500). I used the tight flange FX quite a bit in here for a metallic sound. Also, my turntables were modified and pitched up to play faster. That’s why this mix sounds like it is around 190BPM. I always liked my drum and bass extra fast for some reason! Besides “Messiah” from the 6ixth Session, the track “Tough At The Top” is the one I get the most comments about from people that are familiar with my music. Overall, DJ MixSeries Volume 1 represented a very specific touchstone in my musical career. It was a transition point that really helped jumpstart later projects with crazy intros (this one had none), better graphics, more esoteric and unique track selections, etc. A belated super thank you to Nigel for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. This was definitely a fun art project and a big dip into the deep end of music development.


Hoax – The More I See You (Urban Flavour Remix)
DT – Serious
EZ-Rollers – Tough At The Top (Origin Unknown Remix)
Concept 2 – Unlock The Secrets
Dom + Matrix – Foot Steps
Facs – Rupture
Technical Itch – Hidden Sound (Dom + Roland Remix)
Solar Nine – Audio Distortion
Embee – The Power
Secret Methods – Animation
Swift – Mission
Decoder – EKO
Decoder – DHR
Vagrant – Space Boogie
Sharp Scientific – Stratocruiser

Bro Safari x UFO! x Beauty Brain – No Control (Dieselboy x Mark The Beast Remix)

The original version of NO CONTROL by Bro Safari, UFO! and Beauty Brain is a HUGE peak hour trap influenced dance floor banger. Me and Mark paid homage to the energy of the original but put our own unique twist on it. Drum and bass in both tempo and spirit, we added a lot of unique elements to make it little bit tribal and a little bit metal. We wanted to really push the boundaries and make this remix heavy and unique as fuck. I have personally tested this thing all over the place and it absolutely smashes. Enjoy!

Live At Beta (Remastered)

On April 13th 2012 history was made. Dieselboy touched down at Beta Nightclub in Denver Colorado for the first time…and proceeded to bring the fucking house down. The event was streamed live on the internet via Ustream, but the raw audio was not recorded. This set has been meticulously re-created here for your listening pleasure.

No “playlist”. No computer assistance. No smoke and mirrors. No SYNC button.

ONE man.

THREE decks.

Presenting a 90 minute bass ass-kicking straight from the man himself.

Remastered by Mike at Darkart, August 2014


Dieselboy – DJ’ing 101
State Of Mind + Black Sun Empire + Bulletproof – Roulette (Gridlok Remix) // STATE OF MIND
Athys + Duster – Barfight // TITAN
Camo + Krooked – Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex Remix) // HOSPITAL
Loadstar – Bomber // RAM
Gridlok – Blender // PROJECT 51
Dieselboy + Bare – Beyond Thunderdome // HUMAN IMPRINT
Camo + Krooked – Hot Pursuit (Funtcase Remix) // HOSPITAL
Cookie Monsta – Time To Get Crunk // CIRCUS
Sub Focus – Swamp Thing (Zardonic Edit) // DUB
Rednek – They Call Me (Zen Remix) // ROGUE INDUSTRIES
Noisia – Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix) // MAU5TRAP
Noisia – Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix) // MAU5TRAP
Gridlok + Prolix – Poisonous // PROJECT 51
The Upbeats + Noisia – Creep Out // NON VOGUE
Dom And Roland – Strobe // D&R PRODUCTIONS
Jaydan – The Death Dealer // SMOKIN RIDDIMS
Photek – Age Of Empires // METALHEADZ
Zen – Rhubarb N Custard (Taxman Remix) // FLIP AUDIO
Funtcase – 50 Calibre (Sub Zero Remix) // CIRCUS
Adam F + Horx – Shut The Lights Off feat Redman (Sigma DNB Remix) // BREAKBEAT KAOS
Noisia + The Upbeats – Dustup // VISION
Sub Focus – Stomp // RAM
Zardonic + Playma – Kick Ass // BIG RIDDIM
Camo + Krooked – Run Riot (Sub Zero Remix) // HOSPITAL
DC Breaks – Move Closer feat Belle Humble // RAM
Sub Zero – Run N Hide // PLAYAZ
Dope Ammo + Tone Def – Rolling (Sub Zero Remix) // DOPE AMMO RECORDS
Gridlok – Enemies Of The State // COMMERICAL SUICIDE
Dub Phizix + Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka // EXIT
TC – New Style // DON’T PLAY
Terravita – Bach Off // DIM MAK
Dieselboy + Bare – W.M.F.D. // HUMAN IMPRINT
Zardonic + Mark Instinct – Numbernin6 + Run DMT – Real Steel // BIG RIDDIM
Terravita + Obsidian – Pirate Bass // DIM MAK
Serum + Northern Lights – Rush // ZOMBIE
Gridlok – Insecticide // PROJECT 51
Gridlok – Warrior Code // PLAYAZ
Gein + Counterstrike – Pentagram VIP // BAD CHEMISTRY
Numbernin6 – The Final Five // SUBHUMAN
Zen – Bass Invader VIP // FLIP AUDIO
Ed Rush + Optical – Chubrub // VIRUS
Kontrol – Forcefield (Optiv + BTK Remix) // RENEGADE HARDWARE
Inside Info – Honey Bee // VIPER
Sigma – Hi Top (Ed Rush + Optical Remix) // VIPER
Hive + Keaton + Gridlok + Echo – Violent Sound feat Armanni // VIOLENCE
Original Sin – Detonate // PLAYAZ
Chuckie – Who Is Ready To Jump (Dillon Francis Remix vs Loc’d Out Refix) // DUB
Camo + Krooked feat TC – Get Dirty (Smooth Remix) // HOSPITAL
Taxman – Thr33 // PLAYAZ
Aeph – Nightrider // BAD TASTE
Sub Focus – Vapourise // RAM
Nero – Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) // MTA
Nero – Crush On You (Killsonik Remix) // MTA
Bong – Hostile Enforcement // ATOM
Bong – Nemesis // DUB
SPKTRM – Planet Human (Mark Instinct + Nerd Rage Remix) // HUMAN IMPRINT
Skeptiks – All Hail // NEVER SAY DIE
Killbot – Wrecked // DIM MAK
Pixel Fist – Let Yourself Go // BENGABEATS
Krome And Time – The License (Doctor P Remix) // STREETLIFE

JADE @ MR2 Petofi Radio [10-December-2014] Vol. 009

QO – Killcode feat MC Nuklear (Mindscape remix) (Eatbrain012)
Mefjus & Phace – Impuls
BTK & Maztek – SMMF feat Kryptomedic
Fourward – Exile
Gridlok feat Dieselboy – MDMX
Dose – Sanctuary
Insideinfo & Smooth – Hear Me Roar VIP
Maztek – Sprocket
Dub Elements – Yesterday & Always
Must Die! – Hellcat (Annix remix)
Mind Vortex – Underworld
The Prototypes – Moscow
Rene LaVice – Perfect World
Enei – Count to 10 feat DRS
Ulterior Motive – Open Up
Icicle & Prolix – Duality
Chris.SU – U-R-A-R
Mindscape – Critters feat Coppa (Dose & Teknik remix)
Joe Ford & Fourward – Katanna
QO feat Rymetyme – The Fuse
Katharsys – Life’s A Bitch (Counterstrike remix)
Jade – The Prey
State Of Mind, Black Sun Empire & Bulletproof – Roulette (Gridlok remix)
Disprove & Insom – All You Desire
Mediks & Benny L – Speakers Vibrate feat Coppa
Lockjaw – Demon Core
Robustus – Burn Out
Kemal & Rob Data – Gene Sequence
DLR & Xtrah – Direct Approach
>>Bad Company – The Nine
Nickbee – Raindrops
Alix Perez & Foreign Beggars – Modus (Calyx & Teebee remix)
Disprove – Mongoose
Mefjus – Surrounded
Trei – Empires
Maztek & BTK – Wraith
Spor – Aztec (Calyx & Teebee remix)