Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1

Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (Hugh Hardie Guest Mix) (18.06.2019)
Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (Breakage Guest Mix) (25.06.2019)
Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (Nymfo Guest Mix) (02.07.2019)
Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (FD Guest Mix) (09.07.2019)
Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (Bensley Guest Mix) (16.07.2019)
Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (Prolix Guest Mix) (23.07.2019)
Rene LaVice – BBC Radio 1 (High Contrast Guest Mix) (30.07.2019)

#010 The Ones and Twos on Fresh927 – ctoafn – 251018

ctoafn flying solo, deep as f&#k from front to back………..really diggin this mix, was a lot of fun to hear these all nice and loud. Hope you all enjoy it 😉

1. The Ones and Two’s Intro
2. Alix Perez BXL 1985 Music
3. Gerra & Stone Blue Noise Shogun Audio
4. M-Soul & S27 Disruption Vandal Records
5. Submarine Dive Alarm 1985 Music
6. Picota & Kumbh Nebulosa Fokuz Recordings
7. Soul Defiance We Run It Deep In The Jungle Records
8. Unglued w/ Nelson Navarro Deep Dark and Dirty Hospital Records
9. A.Fruit & D.E. Gonman RUA Sound
10. Break Keepin It Raw Symmetry Recordings
11. Hydro, War & DLR Not Too Late Sofa Sound
12. Trail & Visages Shifted Flexout Audio
13. Breakage Tape Bubbler Spesh Index
14. Tyrone & Jubei Hoppers Theme Metalheadz
15. M-Soul, S27, Subtle Element By All Means Vandal Records
16. Drumcatcher Syndrom Impact Music
17. Monty & Alix Perez Caligo 1985 Music
18. Zeal Release Program
19. Tephra & Arkoze, Invadhertz Deep in the Jungle Addictive Behaviour Records
20. Unglued Original Selector Hospital Records
21. Bungle Illuminate ThirtyOne Recordings
22. Malaky Requiem Shogun Audio
23. Zeal & Cigz Opal Program
24. Dub Motion Feeling U Shogun Audio
25. Bungle Countdown ThirtyOne Recordings
26. Hydro & DLR Trick Sofa Sound
27. Krakota Hot Rain & Dynamite MC Hospital Records
28. Document One & Kyrist Move This Way Dispatch Recordings
29. Kiril & Was A Be This! Critical Music
30. Breakage Rudeboy Stuff Index
31. Philth & Wreckless Surge Wave Dispatch Recordings
32. M-Soul & S27 Anomaly Vandal Records
33. Submarine Luna 1985 Music
34. Document One Aiight Shogun Audio
35. Breakage Portland Rockers Index
36. Soul Defiance Spread My Wings Deep In The Jungle Records
37. Veak Let me talk now Phantom Dub Digital
38. Tyrone & Jubei The Saboteur Metalheadz
39. Kiril Reload Critical Music
40. Philth & Wreckless Heimlich Savage Dispatch Recordings
41. Macca & Loz Contreras Moving On Shogun Audio
42. Zeal & Killups Yesterday Lanes Program

Breakage – BBC Radio 1Xtra – 2017/02/05

Calyx & Teebee – Ruffian
Sam Binga – Mind & Spirit (Breakage Remix)
Total Science – Turn Around
Ulterior Motive – Inta National VIP
Ruffhouse & Clarity – Aphasia (Sam Binga Remix)
Breakage – Voyage
Marcus Intalex – Mixed Bag
Skeptical & Alix Perez – Killa
Breakage – Kill Dem
Dimension – UK
Breakage – Roller
MA2 – Hearing Is Beliving
Breakage – Elmhurst Dub
Breakage – Version
Breakage – Anymore
SpectraSoul – Fade Away


Breakage – GetDarkerTV 082

Breakage joins us live, with a whole heap of freshness.

Watch this set:

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• Snapchat: getdarker
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SUNANDBASS Podcast #38 – FD & ArpXP

SUNANDBASS Podcast #38 – @f-d & @i_am_arpxp

Welcome to a special edition of the SUNANDBASS Podcast!

As of September, SUNANDBASS will be bringing it’s own label to the table once again. With some of the artists closely affiliated to the festival making some great music, SUNANDBASS wanted to release it to the community and share their sound to further represent what the festival stands for.

FD and ArpXP are these artists, and their first EP for SUNANDBASS will be released in early September to coincide with this year’s edition of the festival.

Featuring two tracks from each artist, the EP covers a range of moods and feelings, and each forthcoming release will do the same. Just as with the festival, the releases will not be restricted in style and will showcase the amazing width drum and bass has to offer.

ArpXP and FD have kindly put together this months Podcast to gives us a great insight into what they stand for musically. Flowing smoothly between a wide range of flavours, they have a trained ear for digging out both the freshest new music and the essential classics, and seamlessly weave them together here.

Keep an eye out for the release, coming soon on SUNANDBASS!



Alibi – Stars (Dub)
Halogenix – All Blue (Metalheadz)
ArpXP – Winter In Sardinia (Calibre Remix) (SUNANDBASS)
Phil Tangent – Matriarch (Spearhead Dub)
Breakage – Future (Calibre Remix) (Digital Soundboy)
Hlz – Broken Lights (Dub)
ArpXP – On Your Skin (SUNANDBASS)
Cybass – It’s A New Life (Rubik)
Machinedrum – rise N Fall (dbridge Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Halogenix – Beyond The Bounds (Metalheadz)
ArpXP & Level 2 – You (Liquid V)
Alibi – Aftermath (Dub)
Redeyes – Circles (Generic Remix)(Vandal)
Calibre – Strumpet (Exit)
Pennygiles – Lie Through Me (Tempo)
Digital – Rejection (Funktion)
ArpXP & Hlz – Good Old Days (Metalheadz)
Martyn – Get Down (Soul:R)’


Shed – Hex Pad (FD Edit) (Ostgut Ton)
James Zabiela – Perseverance (SPY Rmx) (Hospital)
Stray – Queen (Exit)
Calibre – Another (CIA)
Digital & Spirit – Cool Out (Phantom Audio)
Lenzman – My Tearz (Ulterior Motive Rmx) (Metalheadz)
ArpXP – Since That Afternoon (SUNANDBASS)
FD – Work It Out ft. Collette Warren (Soul:R)
Calibre – Believe (CIA)
Lenzman – Just Can’t Take ft. DRS (DBridge Rmx) (Metalheadz)
Calibre – Smother (Soul:R)

Darkside – Forward Thinking 007 [GetDarker]

The 7th session of Darkside’s Forward Thinking podcast with a selection of underground tracks, including a new remix from Mala plus new beats from EshOne, Breakage, 207 & Nomine plus a classic from D1 plus more.

EshOne – Scrap Night
Richard Spaven – Side II Side (Mala Remix)
Nomine – Blind Man
207 – Criminal Record
Breakage (ft. Liam Bailey) – Revelation
Cyrus – Looking Back
Distance – Malice
Shack D – Ryda
LX One – Hunted
D1 – Mind & Soul


Breakage – BBC 1Xtra (MistaJam, Cameo) – 2015/04/09


Breakage – Vellocet
Breakage ft Madi Lane – Future
Django Django – First Light (Mickey Pearce remix)
Dismantle – Over the Edge
Doctor Jeep – Angel
Redlight – Gold Teeth
Addison Groove – Space Apples
Nocturnal Sunshine – Take Me there
Breakage – Higher
Toddla T – Alive (Dismantle VIP)
Breakage ft Detour City – Treading Water
Jungle – Busy Earnin (Special Request remix)
Breakage – Dedication
Mella Dee – Talkin
Benton – The Callin
Breakage – Come With It
Breakage – Natty
Mark System – Pursuit
Skeptical – Playground Chat Back
Beat 2 – The Edge
Breakage ft Madi Lane – Future (Calibre remix)
Breakage ft Liam Bailey – Revelation


Breakage-BBC_1Xtra-20150409.mp3 @ dnbshare (320k mp3)
Breakage-BBC_1Xtra-20150409.m4a @ mediafire (320k aac)

i-DJ: Breakage

James Boyle aka Breakage is one of the most respected DJs and producers in the game. Having been releasing music for almost 15 years now, he’s a master when it comes to production; crafting weighty yet refined music that crosses the realms of techno, dubstep, jungle and drum & bass in equally impressive measures. Currently putting the finishing touches to his album, forthcoming on the legendary imprint, we are honoured to have Breakage step in for this weeks i-DJ and be the first to take part in our definitive i-DJ questionnaire.

Total Fitness – Eden At night
Breakage & Burial – Vial
Kinzy – Elevation
Die & Dismantle – Over the Edge
Hodge & Facta – Visions
Corticyte – Modulate
Mella Dee – Talkin
Breakage – ???
Breakage – Treading Water (Jakwob Remix)
Rude Kid – Saturday
Clare Maguire – Ain’t Nobody (Breakage’s Suck It Up Mix VIP)
Breakage & Dismantle – Ass Up!
Fixate – Alive
Breakage – Natty
Lynx – Bees Knees
Taelimb & Conscience – Public Eye
Breakage – Come With It
Threshold – Combo 4 (Disarae Remix)
Skeptical – Playground Chat Back
Sam Binga – Steppin

Head to to read Breakage’s i-DJ interview.

Photography Stephanie Sian Smith

Connect to i-D’s world!

Exclusive DJ Mag Mix: Breakage

Working with the likes of Skream, Burial, Roots Manuva, David Rodigan and Newham Generals on his last ‘Foundation’ album for Digital Soundboy, Breakage’s handle on the roots of UK bass music has enabled him to cross sounds and scenes, turning his keen ear to various strands over his career.

Now combining his underground credentials with a more mainstream friendly twist, the man also known as James Boyle has recently remixed the likes of Florence & The Machine, Massive Attack, Underworld and Plan B, all of which has laid the groundwork for his latest ‘The Promise’ EP – available free now – which mixes up brooding technoid funk, posh trance and classic rave tropes.

He dropped us this exclusive mix, which includes his own tracks and remixes next to fellow UK talents including Duke Dumont, Dismantle and George Fitzgerald.

1. Loadstar – Black & White (Breakage’s Red All Over Mix)
2. Dismantle – Dots
3. Skream – Rollin Kicks
4. Kutz – Shape Shifter
5. Breakage Ass Up! (Feat Dismantle)
6. Duke Dumont – The Giver
7. Bare Skin – Eyes
8. Breakage – The Promise
9. George FitzGerald – Needs You
10. Benga – Icon (Breakage Loves A Trance Synth Mix)
11. Kutz – Born Free
12. Breakage – Telepathy
13. Starkey & Mikix The Cat – Crawl
14. Stinkahbell – Film Noir (VIP)
15. Clare Maguire – Ain’t Nobody (Breakage’s Suck It Up Mix)
16. Breakage – Express