DnB Girls Podcast #15 – SISTYM

The DnB Girls Podcast is BACK and here is episode #15! Join us for the last podcast of the year as we head into the festive season, Happy Holidays to you, your families and local music communities. Another great year of music is in the works for us as the DnB Girls hit their 10 year anniversary in 2019. For December’s episode we are very pleased to feature an amazing guest mix from the one like SISTYM!


Sistym (Perth, Australia)

Ill Truth & SATL – In Your Soul (ft. Charli Brix) [Symmetry]
Skylark – Diffusion (ft. Ewol) [MethLab]
Mystic State & Philth – Lost My Way [Addictive Behaviour]
SKS – Thousand Lives (Foreign Concept remix) [Vandal LTD]
Arcatype – Levitate [CIA]
Tephra & Arkoze, Invadhertz – Deep In the Jungle [Addictive Behaviour]
Submarine – Xertz [1985]
Ewol – Forgotten [Flexout]
Grey Code – Atlas Rise (ft. Ewol & Skylark) [Dispatch]
Signal – Pixilate [Invisible]
QZB – Capsized (ft. Circuits) [Critical Music]
Grey Code & Mystic State – Paranoid Reflections [Dispatch]
Synergy – The Moment [Eatbrain]
Monty – Games (ft. Charli Brix) [Flexout]
Enei – Games [Critical]
Data 3, Koherent – Latitude [Shogun Audio]
Sustance – Dark Dreams [Dispatch]
Amoss, Bredren – Rotten (Amoss remix) [Proximity Recordings]
Bredren – Line Art [Flexout]
Quartz & Survey – Gloop [Warm Communications]
Creatures – Turbulence [Boey Audio]
Philth, Bredren – Ghost Palace [Blendits Audio]
Klinical, Objectiv – Blame (Objectiv remix) [Ominous Audio]
Kasra – From The Inside Out [Critical]
Glyph – The Megalodonist [Lifestyle]
Invadhertz – Pandemonium [Delta9 Recordings]
Revaux – Ibex [Shogun Audio]
Gran Calavera – Fin Absolue [Overview Music]
Arkaik – Timelapse [Dispatch]
Hebra & Maok Sevek – What Happen [T3K]
M-Soul, S27 & P.Fine – Illuminate (Mystic State remix) [Free Download]
Missing – Blue [Subplate Recordings]
Alix Perez & Monty – Caligo [1985]
Was A Be & QZB – Eastwood [Critical]
Kyrist – Outbreak [Dispatch]
Enei – Bag of Raw Meat [Critical]
Myth – Illusions [Lockdown Recordings]
Hewson & Nodus – Antisocial [Boey Audio]
Kid Drama, DLR, Ulterior Motive, Hydro – Dredger [CNVX]
Spectrasoul – Organiser (Circuits rewire) [Critical]
Ill Truth – Get Rollin’ [Shogun Audio]
Break & Total Science – Dog’s Dinner [Symmetry]

Hosted by Bvitae

Onset 17 Promo Mix By Homemade Weapons

Promo mix by Homemade Weapons for the Onset 17 Year Anniversary show Jan 25th 2019 @ Substation, Seattle WA.


DNB Dojo Podcast #26 – Dec 2018

Just in time for Christmas, Hex is back with the last podcast of 2018, and it’s a bit of a belter! 90 minutes of brand new music including tech smashers from Invadhertz & MISSIN, liquid rollers from Cnof & Skydata, weighty steppers from Ground & Spook and halftime melters from Fractale & Monty.

There’s also new music from Hex himself in the form of his remix of K2T – Reckoning, and K2T & Manu return the favour on a new remix of Hex’s This Snare. Last but by no means least, there are dubs inside from Dialectical and Shudder…what more could you want over the holiday season?

MISSIN – Give Me A Feeling [Delta9]
Invadhertz – Hardwired (feat. Hijak MC) [Addictive Behaviour]
Dub Phizix – Buffalo Charge (Data 3 Remix) [Free Download]
Ziz – Cruise Control [Default]
Electrosoul System & Etherwood – Coming Back [Kos.Mos]
Arp XP x Kabuki – Andiamo [Kabuki]
Conspired Within – Bad Intentions [Ronin Ordinance]
Low:r – Chop Shop [Future Retro]
Emperor – Legion [Critical]
Humanon & Victim – Liquid Glass [Red Light]
Muffler – Heavy Heart [Muffler Music]
Moresounds – Shut Up [Astrophonica]
Quentin Hiatus – Star 4788 [Free Love Digi]
Nookie – Love Me [Innerground]
M-Set – Come Nah [AutomAte]
St.Iff – Behold The Villain [Blackhill Production]
Cnof – Choices [Celsius]
Jaskin & Uneven – Closed Circuit [Kos.Mos]
Dialectical – Regulators [Dub]
Victim – Cold Touch [Kill Tomorrow]
Ground – Sleep Talking [Chikara Project]
Fractale – Frei [Unchained]
Monty – I Know [1985 Music]
Subp Yao – Bubbles [Methlab]
ColtCuts – Bug Bite [Sound Museum]
Konka x Strange Thing – Strap Up [Aufect]
Noisia & Phace – Deep Down [Vision]
Hex – This Snare (Khnum Remix) [Detached Audio]
Mage – Edge of the Earth [Celsius]
Covert Garden – Fugitive [Fokuz]
Shudder – Might Not Be Love [Dub]
SiLi – Looove [Differential]
Submanifold – Contact [Omni Music]
Defraction – Erra [Lost]
K2T – Reckoning (Hex Remix) [Detached Audio]
Spook – On & On [Free Download]
ReDraft – Hold Up [Shoot]
MidKnighT MøøN – Onism [iM Dance]
Mako – Come Down (Pusher Me) [Soul:R]
Karma Kingdom – I’ll Be Waiting [Bay 6]
Lockjaw & Missin – Save Me [Overview]
Bereneces – Nommo [DLT9]
Trex – Manic Culture [The Dreamers]
Skydata – Starcrush [Beat Spectrum]
M.E.D. – Too Fly [Fokuz]
Shodan – I Don’t Need You [Celsius]
Ground – Garden Peak [Flexout]
Synged – O2 [IN:Deep]
Chris.SU & Fedora – Without You (Liquid Mix) [FATE]
Fracture – Makes Me Wonder [Exit]
Naibu – Red Hand [Horizons]
Handra & Mystic State – Side Effects (Fre4knc Remix) [Absys]
Visionobi & Melinki – Searching for the Answer [Dispatch LTD]
Akov – Symbiosis [Cause4Concern]
LN4 & Simple Souls – Won’t You [Soul Deep]
Esym – System Shock [Protocode]
Hybris – False Positive [Pseudoscience]
Elementz Of Noize – In Aether [Elementz of Noize]
Thing & InZtance – Keep On Running (ft. Frank Carter lll) [Warm Comms]
A.Fruit – Be Careful With The Clouds [Microfunk Music]

Madam X – Live Series 2018

There are few that move as effortlessly between selections as Madam X – recorded live during the dankest of takeovers from the Swamp 81 family – explore everything from techno and dubstep to jungle and beyond.


Version [Orson & Hops] – Live Series 2018

Explorers of the entire spectrum of dub-influenced dance music.

If you’ve been to a Version night you’ll know the direction often moves through dubstep, jungle, UKG, drum & bass and more – and at Outlook 2018, the story was the same. (If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!) This set was recorded live within Subdub Arena during the Swamp 81 takeover on the first night with mr Chunky on mic duties, keeping the vibe – LIVE.


John B Podcast 155: Official Sun & Bass Podcast #31

Originally released via the official Sun & Bass Podcast back in November here’s the John B Sun & Bass Podcast – an honour to be invited to contribute & certainly a lot of fun to record – enjoy!

“Podcast #31 – and we’re all in need of some serious sunshine and light therapy! Thanks John B for stepping up and bringing us just that.

John’s been coming back to SUNANDBASS time and again to grace us with his great party vibes and serious selection – whether it’s drawing for his native drum or bass, or taking us through his epic 80’s collection, we always know that we’re in for treat. If you witnessed his San Teodoro 80’s party set this year, you’ll know just what we mean – the whole town was popping off!

And this mix is no different. An eclectic mix of light and dark, rolling and heavy, he’s dropped us a real quality set here, encompassing both future masterpieces and stone cold classics.

Sit back and bask in the rays of John B, you’re going to feel the heat…”

DIM152 – Skeptical (Live 2018)

It was a family affair during Saturday night in Subdub Arena as https://ift.tt/1lLcafo hosted all-night-long.

This recording, taken from https://ift.tt/2Pa4uSh first set of the night, is 60 minutes of dub-leaning selections that powered through the mighty Sinai sound system with SP:MC on mic duties.


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