Sully – Werk – Astrophonica
Martyn x Om Unit – Passenger
Fracture & Neptune – Chal Dub – Astrophonica
OX7GEN – Kodachrome Sky
Earl Grey – Fugitive Version (feat. Dead Man’s Chest) – Western Lore
Workforce – Two Words (Tim Reaper Remix) – Must Make
Special Request – Vortex 164 (Sully Remix) – Houndstooth
PAV4N x Hyroglifics – All On Black – 4NCY
Vin Dakoo – Black Matter
Frenquency ft. Redders – Good As Gold (Night Shift Remix) – 4NCY
D-Code & Psylence – Fading To Black
John Rolodex – The Rainmaker (ft. Khadija) – Metalheadz
Mikal – Metalwork – Metalheadz
Jolliffe ft. Espa – Blown – Guidance
Friske – Untitled Killa – Metalheadz
Andy C – Cool Down (Total Science Remix) – Ram
D-Code & Psylence – Show Me ft. Sheree Dubois
Killswsh – GIRL (Visages Remix) – 4NCY
Sustance & Charli Brix – Break the Habit – Shogun Audio
D-Code & Psylence – Just Might Fall ft. Meron T (D&B Mix) – ProgRAM
D-Code & Psylence – Nev3r – ProgRAM
Shimon & Andy C – Quest (Bladerunner Remix) – Ram
D-Code & Psylence – Breathe – 4NCY
D-Code & Psylence – Can’t Leave You Alone ft. Laville (D&B Mix) – ProgRAM
Workforce – Your Loss (Halogenix Remix) – Must Make

About D-Code & Psylence
D-Code & Psylence are brothers from out of East London. Since childhood, they were encouraged to musically pair with D-Code on breaks (tabla) and Psylence on keys (harmonium).

Fast forward to the mid-’90s and the two fell in love with Jungle/Drum & Bass. D-Code was the elder one with the SL1210’s and ever-growing vinyl collection. Psylence was the younger who used to rinse the records practising his double drops while D-Code was out raving.

Production was the next step with the two honing their skills in their home-built studio. Amid DJing at clubs and warehouse parties around East London, the brothers kicked off their discography with releases on East-London-man-about-town Nerm’s Shiva Soundsystem Recordings. They paired up on production duties for BAFTA-nominated music video game DJ Hero. D-Code also became a presenter on BBC Radio 1 for a few years alongside Nerm, and developed his live band Driving Lolita.

Come 2016, D-Code & Psylence decided to focus their vision on making music unbounded by pigeon holes or genre codices. Be it an RnB song or a bass-driven club slammer, the two have created their zone based on one condition – to make music which provokes real emotion. So far, they’ve released on Ram Records sister label ProgRAM, The Weird & The Wonderful, Proximity with remixes on Skint Records and support from Red Bull, 6AM, GQ Style and Clash.

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