Producer & DJ Tomoyuki Ichikawa from Japan, AKA Itti, was drawn to the drum & bass scene in 2011.

Itti has been DJing since 2012, heating up the dancefloor for many big artists in EU and in Japan including dBridge, Dub Phizix, Om Unit and Skeptical.

More recently Itti has dedicated his time to creating tracks and honing his skills to a professional level. In 2014 he contributed to a remix album for Kaizan Records and took 2nd place in the 2016 Outlook DJ Japan Competition. In 2017 Itti had his first major release for Japanese drum & bass label Subdued Records. Most recently in June 2018, he had his debut release on UK based Diffrent Music with the Djembe EP and he played his first UK set at NOISE TEST. In 2019, he had releases on Ronin Ordinance, Onset Audio, Mask Music and Conspired Within Music. He also collaborated with dBridge and Kabuki on “NEW FORMS” and played a deep dnb set at Membrain Festival in Croatia.

Itti – Sense [Diffuse Reality Records]
Itti – Sabie [Diffrent Music]
Allied – Mumaration [MethLab Recordings]
Mønic – Cut Through The Noise [Osiris Music]
Auditive – ID
Itti & Fuj – ID
DJ AKi, Yellock – Isolated Humanism (Itti Remix)
Itti – ID
Itti – ID
Itti, Heatwave – ID
personnage – Bad ambitions [Sigrún Music Recordings]
Overlook – Down the Rabbit Hole [Osiris Music]
Antagonist – Enchant [Samurai Music]
Ilu-Nam-Ru – House of Akitu [Kurnugû]
Auditive – ID
Heatwave – ID
Last Life – Stalefish [LL SERIES]
Lynch Kingsley & Resound – Antiquity [Inperspective Records]

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