15th September 2019

Vice Versa back onto the decks in a big way and getting the re-inspired from all the awesome drum & bass (& non dnb) music out over the years. While they haven’t had the time to produce of late they have the time to vibe.

More mixes incoming from the VV… 🙂

dbridge – Knew you were the 1
Genotype – Mystical Mentality
Calibre – Rooftops
Alix Perez, Ivy Lab – No One Else
Digital, Villem – Lost Civilisation
Alix Perez – Dark Star
Total Science, FD – Found A Reason Why (Anile Remix)
Villem, McLeod – Zephyr
Madcap – Right On
Hydro, Total Science, War – Straight G
Ivy Lab – Gomeisa
FD – Deadly Styles
Alix Perez – Synergy
Ed:it – Heaven Sent You
ASC – The Touch
Lenzman – Waves
Need for Mirrors, Phil Tangent – Shifting Tones
Hydro, War, Mateba – Clair Obscur
Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y. – Celestial Navigation