Tiefklang Podcast 015 mixed by Silvahfonk (Blendits Audio)

∞ Tiefklang Podcast 015 mixed by Silvahfonk (Blendits Audio)

The world of drum and bass knows many good DJs or better say DJs who started producing and because they were booked they started DJing aswell, out of the necessarity. There is a small amount of another kind of DJs doing quite the same job in general, but with that tiny but huge difference of being a DJ in first position and getting on that producing aspect, perhaps as a logical consequence of mixing tunes of other artists for years.
Don’t get me wrong there are many really talented people out there who do it quite the opposite and were producer in first place but there are really a minority in a sea full of Drum and Bass DJs.
We proudly present the 15th temptation of our podcast, this time curated by nothin’ less than one of those DJs I mentioned above, the dutch mixing machine Mr. Silvahfonk himself.
This guy really counts to the Top 10 DJs in the world and you can try yourself by searching the web, you will rarely find mixes of him which makes this even more special to some of you, I know this.
So you have to enjoy this beauty while it’s hot!

▶ Tracklist:

• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Oxygen [CX Digital]
• Alibi – The Hornet [V Recordings]
• Fre4knc – The Source [Samurai Music]
• Roy Green & Protone Speak – The Truth [Demand Records]
• Clarity – Mallformation [Samurai Music]
• Thing – Soundbwoy Style [Dubthing Records]
• Homemade Weapons – KeelHaul [Weaponry]
• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Collapse [Soundium X]
• Overlook – All Of Them Witches [UVB76 Music]
• Talkre – Skynet [Dispatch LTD]
• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Compromised [Blendits Audio]
• Fre4knc & Silvahfonk – Rebus [Critical Systems]
• Delilah – Shades of Grey (Spectrasoul Remix) [Atlantic]
• Calibre – Gone Away [Signature Records]
• Technimatic – Music is Music [Shogun Audio]
• Homemade Weapons – CrewCut [Samurai Music]
• DubHead & MC Fokus – Template [Dispatch LTD]
• Lenzman – Old Song [Metalheadz]
• Slider & Expose – Mannequin [Dust Audio]
• Mani Festo – Next 2 U [Rupture LDN]
• Fre4knc – Anais [Vandal Records]
• Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Electronic Harrasment [Dispatch LTD]
• Black Barrel – Fallen [Dispatch Recordings]
• King of the Rollers – Zulu [Hospital Records]
• Villem feat Leo Wood – Gifted Lover [Fokuz Recordings]
• Nymfo – A.F.C [Dispatch Recordings]
• Ben Soundscape & Roy Green & Protone – Captivated ft Tali [Dispatch Recordings]
• Ricky Force – Forlorn [Pressing Hard]
• Xena – God [Hanzom Music]


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