AGN7 Audio Podcast July 2019

We’re back! This is the third installment of our podcast series. Lots of great music (both new and classic), some exclusive forthcoming material that will be dropping on the label very soon, and of course our usual banter. Enjoy!

Aaren’s mix:

Ivy Lab & Two Fingers – Orange (20/20)
TMSV – Replicant
Quartz & Gremlinz – Oblong Druid (Metalheadz)
Lyndon Jarr- Zellwigger (The Dreamers Recordings)
Kabuki – Alkaline (Halogen Music)
Neuroleptick – Ephemera (Regression Media)
Kit Curse – Gone (Conspired Within Music)
Amit – Naked Fuse (Metalheadz)
Arclight – Saskatchewan (Vandal Records)
Taelimb – Titan (The Chikara Project)
Ill Truth – So Addicted (CIA)
DJ Trax & Infest – State of Consciousness (Omni Music)
Hydro – Above The Waves (Utopia Music)
Wreckless & Necrobia – April (Dispatch Recordings)
Indidjinous & Code 906 – Tenebre (AGN7 Audio)
Seba – Island Dub (Inperspective Records)
Rainforest – Inner Breeze (Next Phase Records)
No Rules & Khords – Trojan (Regression Media)
Dubmonger – Dutty Barracudas
Flare – Arguments (AGN7 Audio)

Raphael’s mix:

Paragon – Iris (Tech Itch)
Outer Heaven – Trapline (UVB-76 Music)
Paradox – Hakai (Paradox Music)
Mirage – No Tomorrow (2019 Remaster) (Odysee Recordings)
Gremlinz & Jesta – Opium Den (Metalheadz)
Sam Binga & Danny Scrilla – Further Peaks (Cosmic Bridge)
Dom & Roland – Dred Sound (Dom & Roland Productions)
John Rolodex – Knife Drawer (Funback Records)
Flare – Arguments (Indidjinous Remix) (AGN7 Audio)
Centaspike – Homecoming Queen (Tech Itch)
Deft – Coil (20/20)
Cern – Premonition (Dispatch Recordings)
J Majik – Repertoire (2018 Remaster) (Metalheadz)
Dark Ops – Burgundy Breaks (Rebel Music)
Soul Intent – The Old Skool Is So Kool (Dope Plates)
Spirit – Interval (Dispatch Recordings)

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