Solid Steel Radio Show 05/12/2018 Hour 2 – DJ Food

In Hour 2 It’s DJ Food with his Solid Steel 30 ‘A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream’ mix featuring Humanoid. Part of Solid Steel since the early 90’s and still producing incredible mixes, this time including a special exclusive mix within. He had this to say;
‘What to do to celebrate 30 years of Solid Steel? The original eclectic mix show with the broadest beats in London – how about try something a bit different? I wanted to take a bunch of motorik, minimal tracks and fuse them together into a steady pulse of polyrhythms and then add more layers. Almost treating sections of songs like samples, building layers over each other to create a bigger picture rather than two tracks end to end. Some appear for seconds, some repeatedly thread in and out of the mix, it twists and turns and wrong-foots you occasionally, switching the mood.
Also within the set is an Easter egg – an exclusive, newly recorded nest of tracks by Humanoid (aka Brian Dougans) who, when Solid Steel started out, was simultaneously launching his own career with the success of his acid classic, ‘Stakker Humanoid’, in the British pop charts 30 years ago. Originally a fan of Solid Steel radio himself and later forming the Future Sound of London with Gary Cobain, their incredible radio mixes would in turn be a huge inspiration to me in the 90s.
After 25 years as part of the Solid Steel team and after hundreds of hours of mixes, it’s great to still be inspired to push myself even further than before with this mix and be among such esteemed company as the show morphs once again into a new era.’

DJ Food Solid Steel 30 ‘A Dream Within A Dream Within A Dream’ mix featuring Humanoid

Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms (Kapp Records)
Brian Eno & David Byrne – The Carrier (Virgin)
Pink Floyd – On The Run (Harvest)
Kraftwerk – Autobahn (Vertigo)
Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois – Ascent (An Ending) (Virgin)
The Beach Boys – Our Prayer (Brother/Reprise)
Vapour Space – Gravitational Arch of 10 (Internal)
David Bowie – Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix) (Columbia)
Herbie Hancock – Rain Dance (Columbia)
Can – Messer, Scissors, Fork & Light (Spoon )
Steve Hillage – Rainbow Dome Musick (Virgin)
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Tardis Cymbals (Duophonic HF Discs)
Pat Metheny – Electric Counterpoint fast (Nonesuch)
Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians (ECM)
10cc – Wet Rubber Soup (Polydor)
Steve Hillage – Rainbow Dome Musick (Virgin)
David Sylvian – Answered Prayers (Virgin)
Manuel Gottsching – E2:E4 (MG-Art)
The KLF – Deep Shit (The Cult of Mu 7″ mix) (CDR)
Jon Brooks – A Mechanical Eye (Ghost Box)

Humanoid In Session 2-4th Nov 2018 – guest mix
– 1 Acid Ho
– 2 Spore
– 3 Point Cloud
– 4 Co-Pilot
– 5 Koma Flow (808 State)
– 6 Far-Point

– Recorded live at 9L West, Engineered by Yage for EbV. Fsoldigital Recordings.

Terry Riley vs Meat Beat Manifesto – In C (Version 4.2) (Electronic Sound)
Boards of Canada – Telepath (Warp)
Psychic Warriors of Gaia – Obsidian (Organically Decomposed) (KK Records)
This Mortal Coil – Waves Become Wings (4AD)
Steve Hillage – Rainbow Dome Musick (Virgin)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani – A New Day (RVNG INTL)
Vapour Space – Gravitational Arch of 10 (Internal)
Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms (Kapp Records)

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