ctoafn – Therapy Sessions Melbourne VII

This set as recorded as part of Therapy Sessions Melbourne VII – Right before Robyn Chaos & The Panacea played.

Its 2.5 hours long and I’m way to busy to do a full tracklist but I can tell you thats its a fast poaced and up front set of heavy rolling techy dnb set with tracks from Audio, The Sect, Tech Itch, Loki, Ed Rush, Outside Agency, Current Value, Cooh, Black Sun Empire, Counterstrike, Paul Blackout, Raiden and many, many, many more (probably 40-50 tracks in total).

Probably my favourite dnb set I’ve ever mixed – Its heavy but not stupidly heavy – so hopefully you jump on it and give it a listen.

About 2 hours 15 mins @ 256k mp3

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