Lost In Ether | Podcast #109 | Overlook

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Lost In Ether | Podcast #109 | Overlook

Overlook, considered for a long time as one of Drum & Bass’ rising stars now sits at the genre’s top table having walked the path, earning recognition and veneration. A staple of the UVB-76 Music camp, his debut album ‘Smoke Signals’ confirmed his potential, widely acknowledged as one of the best releases of 2017.
Overlook’s music pays homage to great Drum & Bass tradition while viewing the genre through a futurist lens. Now making significant inroads into Techno & Ambient music, Overlook makes no secret of his influences from the world of film and art, drawing heavily on the suspense, tension and restraint of the medium. A consummate producer and highly credible remixer Overlook isn’t bound by the numbing limitation of genre.

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