Solid Steel Radio Show 30/11/2018 Hour 2 – Smith and Mighty

In Hour 2 celebrating 30 years since their first release, on November 16th foundation laying forefathers Smith & Mighty release ‘Ashley Road Sessions’. This special one-off double label partnership between Pinch’s Tectonic and Peverelist’s Punch Drunk is an endeavour in homage to their Bristol neighbours, whom they both hold in high regard.
“Smith & Mighty are true pioneers in music whom I’ve found deeply inspirational on many levels. Tracks like ‘Closer’, ‘U Dub’ and ‘Same’ are some of my all-time favourites. To be putting out these unreleased gems is such an exciting project for both me and Tom. We both took a great deal of influence from Smith & Mighty – especially from ‘Bass Is Maternal’ – the album and era from which most of this compilation’s source material originates.” Pinch
It’s irrefutable and well documented that Smith & Mighty are integral to the story of Bristol music, but the duo (and occasional trio) are accountable not only as key proponents of that local sound, but also for propagating the wider array of much urban and electronic music, to this day. Rob Smith told us;
“After much deliberation, I decided to make a mix of some of the remix works I’ve been invollved with over the years. hope you enjoy!”

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Hour 2 – Smith and Mighty

01. Big Muff – Feel What You Know (Smith & Mighty Mix) 1998 (Sm:)e Communications)
02. Receiver – What Da Fuk (Blue and Red Remix) 1998 (Cup of Tea Records)
03. Mondo Grosso – Life (Smith & Mighty Remix) 2001 ( Real Eyes Records)
04. Fermin Muguruza – Armagideon Tenoreko Aztarnak (Rob Smith Armacordian Mix) 2002 (Metak ‎/ Kontrakalea Ekoizpenak)
05. RNT – Bad Boy / C Fax- Hell No (Blue & Red mixes) 1995 (FFRR)
06. Sirenes – Sun Don’t Shine (Smith & Mighty Steppas Mix) 1997 (Higher Ground)
07. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Theme Of Lupin The Third (Smith & Mighty 2 Step Mix) 2000 (Justa Record)
08. Yabby You – Conquering Lion (Smith & Mighty Remix) 2000 (Select Cuts)
09. Madala -Ubombo (Smith & Mighty Remix) 1996 (B&W Music)
10. Towa Tei – Technova (Smith & Mighty Remix) 1995 (Elektra)
11. Nigo – Too Much (Smith & Mighty Mix) 2001 (Ape Sounds)
12. Bally Sagoo – Chura Liya (Rob Smith mix ft Robin Merrill Breaks) 1994 (Higher Ground)
13. Statik Sound system – Revolutionary Pilot (Rob Smith Mix) 1995 (Cup of Tea Records)
14. Alpha – Hazeldub ( Rob’s More Rockers Peace And Love Mix) 1998 (Melankolic)
15. Ruts – Babylon’s Burning (Rob Smith Night Vision mix) 2005 (Dude Records)
16. 60 Channels – Ride With The Flow (Rob’s More Rockers Feel The Flow Remix) 1998 (World Domination recordings)
17. Smith & Mighty – Maybe it´s Me (Blue + Red Mix) 2002 (Studio !K7)
18. Joanna Laws – First Time (Rob’s More Rockers mix) 1995 (More Rockers)

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