Shambhala 2018 Official Mix Series 08: Z-Trip (Wolf Set)

In 2017 Shambhala was threatened by rapidly spreading forest fires. On the Forrest Stage, during my ELPHNT SET, I proclaimed it “a rain dance” in hopes to put the fires out. Many evacuated as word spread that the last day might not happen, but late into the night, after my set, it rained!

The mix you’re listening to is my WOLF SET from the Village Stage on that last day. At the end of my set, on my very last song “Feel the Love”, it started raining again! The timing was incredible. The mood was euphoric.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most magical experiences I’d ever had DJ’ing. There are a few clips online that really help paint the picture of what you hear.

Thanks to the Shambhala posse for always showing me so much love, shout out to Mother Nature and all the Wolves that got down with me that night!



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