Noisia Radio S04E37

Noisia Radio this week: Descending into the episode with Proxima, we trick you into listening to DLR & Hydro, and balance 8-bit with a bit of cheese by Skantia. More new music by Poztman, Bleep Bloop & Ethan Glass, Bop, Kangding Ray, Stoner & Dottor Poison, and OaT. Enjoy!

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Proxima – Descending [INVISIBLE]
DLR & Hydro – Trick [SOFA SOUND]
Stoner & Dottor Poison – Phenomenon [CRITICAL BINARY]
Sterfry, Chaca, Bonnema, and Jestic – Heavyw8 [JADU DULA]
Screamarts – Ambigious [COMPOUND AUDIO]
Skantia – Balance [LIFESTYLE]
Poztman – Lo-ki [FOREST BIZ]
David Carbone – Shadows (Royalston Remix) [BS1]
NC-17 – Replicant [VIPER]
Signs – Saturn [SATURATE]
Mefjus – The Sirens [VISION]
OaT – Epicurean Paradox [DUB]
Mindscape Ft. Coppa – Shut Down [EATBRAIN]
Bleep Bloop & Ethan Glass – Santoryu [ALPHA PUP]
Robbyt – Tessellations [SEMINAL]
Arcatype – Sentinel [VANDAL]
Bop – Untitled Pattern 65 [MED SCHOOL]
Eprom & ZEKE BEATS – Soundboy Funeral [DIVISION]
Kangding Ray – Onde Mantis [STROBOSCOPIC ARTIFACTS]
Nohidea – Into The Deep [ALPHA PUP]

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