KMag Guest Mix ~ Dexta & Sense MC

This mix is taken from the 2010 introduction to Diffrent Music, K Mag were the first publication to pick up on the label, and for that we are truly grateful! ~ R.I.P Knowledge Magazine aka. KMag

Joe Syntax – Libra [Diffrent]
>> Seb Bruen & Cohere – True Reason [DigiLab]
Cuelock – Departed [Diffrent]
K Dan – Abstraction [Hustle Dub]
Dakosa – Blood Moon [Diffrent]
Instra:Mental – Hunter [Soul:R]
Chills – Everyones Mad [Diffrent]
Amoss – We All Grow [Dub]
Arkaik – Second Base [Diffrent]
>> Rockwell Full Circles [Shogun Audio]
Hunchbak & Dexta – Advisory [Diffrent Dub]
>> Code 3 Living Proof [Exit]
Cuelock – Depths [Diffrent Free]
dBridge, Instra:mental & Skream – Acacia Avenue [Autonomic]
Dakosa – Hustlers [DigiLab]
Lynx – Bangin Arcs [Detail]
Tightrope – Peace [Diffrent]
DP3 – Epidemic [Cyclone]
Arkaik – Stress Relief [Diffrent]
Data & Keza – Surveillance [Inside Dub]
Dakosa – So Long [Diffrent Dub]
Aphonic – Grip Funk [Sublife Dub]
Whu – Packrat [Diffrent Dub]
Hunchbak & Dexta – War Gear [Diffrent Dub]
Mr Sizef & Unquote – Hours Have No Reverse Motion [Hospital]
Joe Syntax – White Light [Diffrent]
Clarity – Close Break [PhunkFiction Dub]
>> Linden – Sabotage [Broken Audio]
Jekyll – Insect Flex [Diffrent]
Hunchbak – Come Home [Diffrent Dub]
dBridge & Spectrasoul – Glimpse [Shogun Audio]
Shaded – Gone [Diffrent Dub]
Hunchbak & Jekyll – End of the World [Diffrent]

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