DnB Girls Podcast #11 – Remedy & Nvrsoft

The DnB Girls Podcast is BACK and here is episode #11! We have a brand new look, a new name and new episodes coming your way each and every month. For starters, we will be pairing up members of both our Canadian and US chapters (two 30 minute exclusive mixes per session); as we continue on this journey via our iconic mix series. For August’s episode we feature two talented artists reppin’ the east sides of both countries – Remedy & Nvrsoft!


Remedy (Toronto, ON)


Dancing – Friction
Jungle Nights – Vital Link
Mercy – Ownglow and Dilemma
Everlasting Days – Nu: Logic and Lifford
Vision – GLXY
Wonder – Ownglow
The Cure – Sub Zero
Your Time Will Come – Break and Survival
Losin’ Sleep – S.P.Y
Pull Up – Afro B (Bladerunner Remix)
Soft Start – Monty
Grub – Skeptical
Get Up – The Function
Straight G – Hydro, Total Science, War
Absolute – Whiney
Dubby – Eastcolors
The Glow – Monty and Hyroglifics


Nvrsoft (Washington, DC)


100% Nvrsoft Originals

Hosted by Bvitae

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