Adelaide Massive Revamp

On February 10th 2003 Adelaide Massive came into being, aiming to provide the junglists and dnb heads of our fair city with a place where they could not only find out about the latest events but also somewhere they could shoot the breeze with like minded people.


Over the past 11 years Adelaide Massive has had a number of face lifts but the heart of the site has always been the forum – or should I say, the people who regularly visited and posted on the forum. Despite the occasional flame war or trouble maker I have to say that the AM crew have always been top notch and I have been able to meet some really friendly people and have some interesting conversations and fun times both on the forum and IRL (and on the dance floor).


As with almost everything in life, things change. Facebook happened. People started accessing the internet on their smart phones. As a result, the traffic on the forum began to decrease and the general chatter slowed down to only a few posts per week.  It is probably a little overdue, but the forum is now closed. You will still be able to view a locked version of the forum for the time being.


The death of the forum does not mean the end for Adelaide Massive. Despite the slow down on forum activity AM is still being accessed regularly for event information and mixes. This latest incarnation of Adelaide Massive has been created to provide up to date event information, while also delivering some of the biggest and best mixes available to download. (Radio show information will be added in the very near future, once each of the hosts have gotten back to me with updated details about their shows.)


If you are putting on an event, hosting a radio show or putting out any releases feel free to drop me a line so we can make sure that your represented.


And if you find a mix you enjoy on here, hit the share button and let your friends know about it!





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