Noisia Radio this week: We start things off with Posij’s ‘Dive’ and then go into ‘Lucid’ by Thys, his ‘Music From Sleeping Beauty Dreams’ EP is out now on our Division imprint. More new music by Misanthrop, Proxima, Bleep Bloop, Simula and more..

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Posij – Dive [VISION]
Thys – Lucid [DIVISION]
Misanthrop – Deus [NEOSIGNAL]
Proxima – Near Shimmer [ENTROPY]
Bleep Bloop – Lady Of War [EAT THE BOMB]
Stompz – Borehole [SOUPED UP]
Whiney – Breadcrumbs (Ft. Bop) [MED SCHOOL]
Sound Priest – Black Mirror [SIRIUS]
Nick The Lot & Warhead – Out To Lunch [GRID]
Nami & Rizzle – Elektron [OVERVIEW]
Kodin & Tide – Mouth [EATBRAIN]
Ampzer – Phere [SOUNDCLOUD]
Signal – Unsure [INVISIBLE]
Simula – Hydra [ELEVATE]
1137 – Robbery [FOR THE HEADS]
Sam Binga x ONHELL – A Mighty Quest [ASTROPHONICA]
Wingz – Grey Matter [CYBERFUNK]
Tracksuit Goth – Blacksmith [TERRORHYTHM]
Posij – A Car That Cranks [VISION] [NOISIA RADIO RELOAD]
Skylark – Sink [DISPATCH]
Bluescreen & See Jay – Soho [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Hybris – Insect Mating Dance [INVISIBLE]