ctoafn ‘Apex Tribute Set’ Live on Viper Tour Adelaide 141017

I toured Apex/Rob back in 2008 a few weeks after the Spor & Ewun show. He spent about a week staying with me at my place pre-post the Melbourne show and got to know each other. He was a great blokewho was honest with his situation at the time personally and musically. We kept in touch for a few years but then faded away with busy lives. I was always a fan of his music, Hench is one of my favourite D&B songs ever, bt his other tracks had funk, emotion, attitude which I still include in sets nearly 10 years later.

Admittedly there are probably hundreds of people who were closer to Rob than I was but after learning of his passing (October 2017) and having a show on that next weekend, I wanted to do a Tribue set of sorts showcasing his music which I loved as some sort of homage to him because my time with him I knew him as just a solid bloke who wrote wicked music.

So this is it, supporting the Viper Tour for The Collective @ Downtown 14/10/2017.

There are a couple of big tunes missing like Hench and Dirge but I was warming up for the main acts so couldn’t go dropping that filth before they jumped on.

Hearing The Yearning VIP close it out had me very emotional but found it very cathartic. Hopefully this can be enjoyed by fans of his – and perhaps discovered by those who didn’t up until now.

RIP mate and condolences to all his close family and friends, D&B has not had a good year with tragedies like this……………..

1. Apex – Falling (Horizons Music)
2. Apex – Breathe (Cyanide Recordings)
3. Apex – Disconnected (Fall Out)
4. Apex – Emo Funk (Cyanide Recordings)
5. Apex – Energy Lines (Subtitles)
6. Apex – Gonzo (Lifted Music)
7. Apex – Space Between feat. Ayah (Hospital)
8. Apex – String Theory (Katakis Recordings)
9. Apex – By The Way (Horizons Music)
10. Apex – Weeping Willow (Horizons Music)
11. Bachelors Of Science – Strings Track_Apex Remix (Horizons Music)
12. London Elektricity – Just One Second_Apex VIP Mix (Hospital)
13. Apex – In Motion (Lifted Music)
14. Apex – Nowhere To Run (Lifted Music)
15. Apex – Entrapment (Lifted Music)
16. Apex – Same Old Blues (Lifted Music)
17. Apex – Inner Space (Subtitles)
18. Apex – The Yearning VIP (Horizons Music)

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