Pressure X – Kool 94.5 FM – 5th December 1993


Inta Warriors – Dreams Of Heaven (The Silence Mix) [Dee Jay]
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Roasted Rollin’ Mix) [Moving Shadow]
M-Beat – Style (Cool Girl Mix) [Renk]
F.O.I. – Who Are The Privy Council EP – Bonus Beat [Kemet]
Potential Bad Boy – Fly Like A Butterfly [Ibiza]
Conquering Lion – Dub Plate Special (Ruff Cut) [X Project]
Chase-N-A-Dream Vol 1 E.P. – Untitled (B1) [Limited E Edition]
F.O.I. – Learning From My Brother [Kemet]
X-Amount Crew – The Victory [X-Amount]
Frighty – The 12 Major Scientist [Kemet]
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune (Fantasy #1) [Moving Shadow]
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Lovable [King Of The Jungle]

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