Noisia Radio this week: We premiere “Berry Patch” by Machinedrum & Holly, out now on our Vision imprint, the full EP will be out on the 31st of this month. New music by Misanthrop, QZB & Rider Shafique, Aardvarck, Skylark, Anti.Negative and more..

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Machinedrum & Holly – Berry Patch [VISION]
Tek Genesis – Cryostasis [DIVISION]
Misanthrop – Space Station [NEOSIGNAL]
QZB – City On Lock (Feat. Rider Shafique) [CRITICAL]
Anti.Negative – Metamorph [RENRAKU]
Teddy Killerz – Magic 8 [EATBRAIN]
DLR – Banana Bread [THIRTYONE]
Kusp – Not Who You Are [DETAIL]
Aardvarck – Monkey See [DEEP MEDI]
Toyfon – Puppy [NEUROPUNK]
Skylark – Intervals [OVERVIEW]
Sinic – Heat [FLEXOUT]
Mofes – Juice [EKOU]
Tide – Ultrasuave [SOUNDCLOUD]
Tsuruda – Prologue [ALPHA PUP]
Current Value – MARS [METHLAB]
Creatures – Psychotic [SOUNDCLOUD]
L3mmy Dubz – Eldrich [LISTENER SUBMISSION]
Monuman – Awake [MONUMAN]
Philip D Kick – Bleach [ASTROPHONICA]
Lorn – Blink [BANDCAMP]