T.R.A.C. Live at Sun and Bass 2016

T.R.A.C. w/ Paul SG Live on Ambra Day beach Sun and Bass 2016.

1. Sun and Bass summer intro
2. “New York State of Mine” produced by Raw Q (Intrigue Records)

3. “Strive” feat LaMeduza produced by Paul SG (Jazzsticks Recordings)
4. “All or Nothing” produced by Submorphics (SGN LTD)
5. “Let Me Show You” feat. LaMeduza produced by Paul SG (Liquid V)

6. “Higher Ground” produced by Submorphics (Liquid V)

7. “Stay Classy” produced by Paul SG (Liquid V)

8. “Count The Days” feat. Collette Warren produced by Lurch (Intrigue Records)

9. “Holding Pattern” feat. Ella Jones produced by Jaybee ( Intrigue Records)

!0. “Black & White” produced by Command Strange (V recordings)

11. “Killer Transmissions” produced by L Side ( Liquid V)

12. “The Partys Arrived” produced by Dave Owen ( Liquid V)

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