Just Greg Retrospective Mix #23 By vonAudio (Free Download)

– The reason I chose most of these songs, is that I’ve heard them in other Dj’s mixes, for a few months, and have been waiting for them to be released. I love all styles of Drum and Bass, but the “liquid” and melodic, musical style has always appealed to me far more than any other Sub-Genre. I feel the tracks work really well together and complement each other perfectly. The last two tracks don’t necessarily fit so well in the mix, but I had to play them, as they are really unique, and caught my attention from the second I heard them.

*About me: I’ve always loved music. It is my earliest memory of being alive. I grew up listening to groups such as Queen, Kool & The Gang, and other “Soft rock” and Funk acts, until I first heard heavy metal, at the age of 8. I threw myself into that head first, listening to the heaviest, and fastest metal I could find. Then I discovered Hardcore Metal, not the “emo-crap”, but proper New York hardcore. Aaaaand then nu-Metal happened.
I first heard Drum & Bass, as it was just being known from the jungle days. I was 16, and I fell in love! I didn’t know what it was, or is, about it that I love so much, but it is the best thing I have ever heard, and I’ll be listening to this until the day I die, AS WILL MY KIDS!
I Dj “professionally” for a living, and I play anything from 4-6 gigs a week. I play Golden Era (80’s & 90’s) Hip-Hop, Classic 70’s & 80’s Funk and Disco, and Jacking & Bassline house. I love my job, however, it is also the reason that I don’t get to come to as many DnB gigs as I’d like.

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01 HumaNature & Skeletone & Silence Groove – Sparkling Orb
02 Krakota & Lifford – In the Area
03 LSB – If You’re Here (Luke’s Tangerine Dreaming Vip)
04 Pola & Bryson – My Detention feat. Tayah Ettienne (Original Mix)
05 Unknown Artist – Back By Dope Demand (Al Pack Bootleg)
06 Netsky – Forget What You Look Like (Pola & Bryson Bootleg Remix) ft. Lowell
07 Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be
08 FD – Through (Original Mix)
09 Technimatic – Side Hustle
10 Bcee – Come and Join Us (Klute Remix)
11 Fred V & Grafix – Ultraviolet (Original Mix)
12 Technimatic – Remember You
13 Alix Perez & Ivy Lab – The Last Light
14 WATSN – Mallicks
15 Etherwood – We’re Nothing Without Love (feat. SPY)
16 Hugh Hardie – Light It Up (Original Mix)
17 Proxima – Loose Lights (The Future Sound of Holland)
18 Lynx – Ruffneck Sound (Original Mix)

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