DJ Randall Live at Ruffneck Ting (22/12/1995)

Sending this one out to my man Olly G, who was there with me to witness Randall and MC GQ putting on an incredible show at Lakota. Christmas was just round the corner!
Don’t think this is my rip (I do have my own somewhere) so apologies if I’ve jacked your shiz!

Ill Figure ‘Run’ (Intalex)
Cybotron feat. Dillinja ‘Threshold’ (Prototype)
The X ‘New Dawn’ ST Files Remix (Intalex)
Top Buzz ‘Living in Darkness’ Ray Keith Remix (Basement Classics)
Deadly D ‘Listen Dis’ Remix (Flex)
Dope Skillz ‘6 Million Ways’ (Frontline)
Stakka & K-Tee ‘Rugged and Raw’ Splash Remix (Liftin’ Spirits)
Bonafide ‘Super Bad’ (Frontline)
Ill Figure ‘Jam Hot’ (Intalex)
Mask ‘One People’ (Dope Dragon)
Insync II – Phunk Not Funk (Dread)

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