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Day: 19 November 2019

Randall – Kiss 100 FM – 6th December 1995

Tracklist Dillinja – All Means Necessary (Mix 1) [Unreleased] DJ Krust – Angles (Original Dubplate Mix without Angles vocal) [Unreleased] Maximum Style – One 4 Da MC’s [Tom & Jerry] Goldie – Jah (Peshay VIP Rollers Mix) [Razors Edge] Ill Figure – Jam Hot [Intalex Productions] The Interrorogator – Break War [Liftin’ Spirit] Pascal – Movin’ On [Suburban Base] Mental Power – Deep Soul (remix) [Formation] Stakka & K.Tee – Rugged And Raw (Splash remix) [Liftin’ Spirit] Immortal Minds – Me ‘N’ To You [Reinforced] Cybotron featuring Dillinja – Got To [Prototype] Fokus – On Line (Original Mix) [Dee Jay] Ill Figure – Run [Intalex Productions] Ed Rush – What’s Up [No U-Turn] D.N.A. – D.N.A. [Full Cycle] De-Elite – Check Dis [A-KO] Undercover Agent – Bass Kick [Juice] Solution To Sound – Essence [Hardleaders] Thanks to Gary C for the tape rip

Randall – Kiss 100 FM – 27th September 1995

Dillinja – Promise [FFRR – Metalheadz presents Platinum Breakz Volume II] Just Jungle – Jungle Funk [Trouble On Vinyl] Bonafide – Super Bad [Frontline] Capone – Soldier [Hardleaders] The Sentinel – Genesis [Basement] P Funk – Skinz [G-Line – Still Smokin LP] ?? The X – “The Head Nod” [Unreleased] ?? Doc Scott – Drumz ’95 (Nasty Habits remix) [Metalheadz] Prophets Of Soul – Smoke ‘N’ Snares [Reinforced] Adam F – Circles [Section 5] Swift featuring MC Navigator- From The T.O.P. [Unreleased] L Double – Rok Dat Shit (Big Baggy Shorts Mix) [Flex] The Outlaw – O.G. Call (The Outlaws Mad Head Remix) [Intalex] Randall & Flex – Shall Follow [Unreleased] Goldie – Kemistry (Doc Scott remix) [FFRR] Eskobar – International (Unreleased Mix) [Unreleased] The Runninz Kru – High Chaparral [Runninz] Shy FX – Funkindemup [Ebony] The X – New Dawn (ST-Files Rmx) [Jump Up] Dillinja – Mutha*ucka [Philly Blunt]

LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM – 2nd August 1995

Thanks to Oldtree for the tape rip Tracklisting The Chameleon – Links [Good Looking] DJ Pulse – Let You In (Wax Doctor Remix) [Moving Shadow] DJ Trace – By Any Means Necessary (Speed Mix) [Dee Jay] Unit 1 – Atlantic Drama [Creative Wax] Ils & Solo – Sweet Sunshine [Looking Good] Photek – Unknown Title “The Past” [Unreleased] DJ Pulse – True Romance [Moving Shadow – The Revolutionary Generation] PFM – One & Only [Looking Good] DJ Fokus – On Line (Original Mix) [Dee Jay] Ils & Solo – In The Area (Original Mix) [Unreleased] Oblivion – Sands Of Time (Original Mix) [Unreleased] Future Bound – Sorrow (Original Mix) [Unreleased] Intense – Streams Of Thought [Creative Source] JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk (PFM Remix) [Moving Shadow] Aquasky – Images (Aqua Sky Remix) [Moving Shadow]

LTJ Bukem – Kiss 100 FM – 26th July 1995

Tracklist: [00:00] PFM – The Rough With The Smooth [Freezone 3: Horizontal Dancing LP] [01:28] Aquasky – Kauna [Moving Shadow] [08:35] Source Direct – A Made Up Sound [Metalheadz] [13:41] DJ Fokus – On Line (Original Mix) [Dee Jay] [19:28] Ils & Solo – Sweet Sunshine [Looking Good] [24:41] PFM – The Mystics [Good Looking] [33:20] Funky Technicians – No Mystery [Legend] [40:32] Q Project – The Instrumental [Looking Good] [47:37] Funky Technicians – Airtight [Legend] [56:07] Wax Doctor – Finer Things [R & S] [01:03:13] Icons – Third Eye Visions [Modern Urban Jazz – Emotions With Intellect LP] [01:08:59] The Architex – Blueprint [Basement] [01:15:33] Code Of Practice – Can We Change The Future (Sounds Of Life remix) [Certificate 18]

Kenny Ken – Kiss 100 FM – 18th October 1995 (Version 1)

Thanks to Manipulator for ripping this tape Tracklist The Terrorist – The Chopper [Dread] Higher Sense – Lock Up [Moving Shadow] Adam F – Lighter Style (DJ Harmony remix) [Section 5] DJ Peshay – On The War Path [Street Beats] DJ Nut Nut – Back In The Days [Deep Jungle / 8205] A-Sides & MC Fats – Moment In Time [Eastside] L Double – The Rider [Flex] Potential Bad Boy – Last Dance Vibes (Remix) [Avex Trax – Potential Bad Boy – Forward CD] Potential Bad Boy – Let’s Go (’96 Shy FX remix) [Third Eye] Potential Bad Boy – Bass Rumble [Avex Trax – Potential Bad Boy – Forward CD] Potential Bad Boy – Ruff Neck Runnin’ Round [Avex Trax – Potential Bad Boy – Forward CD] Ray Keith & Nookie meets S. Gurley – Express ’95 (Ray Keith & Nookie remix) [Labello Blanco] Liccle D / L Double – Hail Him [Flex] Shy FX – Who Run Tings (T Power Steppers Mix) [Ebony] ?? The London Sound Collective – ?? The London Sound Collective – Hold On [Ammo] A-Sides & MC Fats – Action [Eastside – Follow The Groove CD Only] ?? Hot Steppers – Volume 2B [Hot […]

Kemistry & Storm – Kiss 100 FM – 11th April 1996

Guest mix from Kemistry & Storm on the Paul Thomas Chill Out Zone show on Kiss 100 FM. Thanks to Oldtree for the tape rip Tracklist J Majik – Silicon Valley [Infrared] Black Grape – Fat Neck (Goldie Beat The F Down Mix – dubplate version) [Unreleased) Machine Code – Blue Tile Lounge [Protocol] Intensity – Generations [Basement] Adam F – Metropolis [Metalheadz] Capone – Mysteries Of The Deep [Hardleaders] Goldie – Kemistry (Unreleased Grooverider remix) [Unreleased] Goldie – This Is A Baad Rmx [Razors Edge] Rufige Kru – T3 [Metalheadz] Lemon D – In My Life [FFRR – Platinum Breakz LP] Doc Scott – Machines [Emotif – Tech Steppin LP] Dillinja – Vicious [Test] Rufige Kru – Dark Metal [Metalheadz] Ed Rush – Density [Metalheadz] Photek – K.J.Z. [Science] Rufige Kru – Manslaughter (Return To The Scene Of The Crime Mix) [Unreleased]

Jumping Jack Frost – Kiss 100 FM – 14th August 2000

Tracklist Pressure Rise – Blue [Aspect] Calibre – Mystic [Creative Source] Krust – Jazz Note III (Total Science Remix) [V] J Majik & Danny Jay – The Lizard [Infrared] Roni Size / Reprazent – Ghetto Celebrity [Talkin’ Loud – In The Mode LP] John B – Up All Night [Metalheadz] Roni Size / Reprazent – Killer Noise [Unreleased] J Majik – Solarize [Infrared] Doc Scott – Drumz 2000 (Alt. Mix) [31R-013 TP] John B – The Gate [Beta] Roni Size / Reprazent – Out Of The Game [Talkin’ Loud] Roni Size / Reprazent – Lucky Pressure (Roni Size Hit Mix) [Talkin’ Loud] Bad Company & Trace – Flashback (Tumpa) [BC] Cybotron – I Wanna Know [FFRR] John B – Eternity [5HQ] Dillinja – Thunderous [Unreleased]

Jumping Jack Frost – Kiss 100 FM – 10th January 1996

Tracklist Crazy Loops – Lost Our Minds [Dope Dragon] B-Jam – Funkula (DJ Hype Remix) [No Smoking] The Terrorist – The Chopper [Dread] Lemon D – I Can’t Stop [V] DJ Die – Play It For Me [V] De – Elite – Check Dis [A-Ko] Shy FX – Funkindemup (DJ Krust Mix) [Ebony] Tek 9 – The Beast Within [SSR – Tek 9 ‘It’s Not What You Think It Is’ LP] Ed Rush – Killamanjaro [Prototype] The Basic Influence – Still Waters [Hardleaders] Rufige Kru – T3 [Metalheadz] Gang Related \ Mask – Ready Or Not [Dope Dragon] DJ Krust – Memories [Full Cycle] DJ Krust – Jazz Note II [V] Alex Reece – Jazz Master (DJ Krust Remix) [4th & Broadway] Adam F – F Jam (Vocal Mix) [F-Jams] Tribe Zero 2 – Death By Sax [Bang-In Tunes] DJ Die & DJ Suv – Out Of Sight [V] Flynn + Flora – Bizniz [Independent Dealers] ?? Innervisions – In The Shadow (Unreleased Mix) Cybotron featuring Dillinja – Got To [Prototype] Lunar Funk – Spacewalk [Mo Wax – Headz 2A LP] Gang Related \ Mask – Suckers [Dope Dragon]

Jumping Jack Frost – Kiss 100 FM – 12th April 1995

Tracklist: Cloud 9 – Jazzmin [Moving Shadow] Fast Floor – Trippin’ On Sunshine [Smooth] DJ Krust – Picture [Unreleased] Dillinja – Genius / First Klass (Unreleased Mix) [Unreleased] Droppin’ Science – Firin’ Line (Origin Unknown Sound FX Mix) [Droppin’ Science] Mental Power – Red Hot Ghetto [Formation] DJ Krust – Set Speed [V] Aquarius – Drift To The Centre [Looking Good] Dillinja – Heavenly Bass [Logic Productions] Roni Size – Daylight [Full Cycle] Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh! (Droppin’ Science Remix) [Juice] Firefox – Bonanza Kid [Philly Blunt] Urban Shakedown – Some Justice ’95 (VIP Mix for JJ Frost) [Unreleased] Poison Chang – Love The Woman (DJ Rap Remix) [Jungle Fashion] London’s Most Wanted – Girls Dem Want It (Re-Lick Mix) [Philly Blunt] Roni Size – Fashion (Remix) [V] Sound Of The Future – The Lighter (Rollers Mix) [Formation] Shimon – Predator (L Double Remix) [Ram] Roni Size – Fresh (Mask Remix) [V]

Jumping Jack Frost – Kiss 100 FM – 3rd August 1994

PFM – Wash Over Me [Good Looking] DJ Krust – Jazz Note [V] DJ Trace – Coffee (Bonus Beat Mix) [Lucky Spin] Roni Size – It’s A Jazz Thing (Electric Boogie Mix) [V] Skanna – The Greatest Thing (Summertime Mix) [Skanna] Q Project – Guitar Thing [Modern Urban Jazz – MJAZZUN001] Foul Play – Music Is The Key (Omni Trio remix) [Moving Shadow] Krome & Time – The Licence [Tearin Vinyl] Northern Connexion – Think [Back 2 Basics] Aquarius – Dolphin Tune [Good Looking] Remarc – Ricky (Ray Keith & Nookie remix) [Dollar] New Blood – Worries In The Dance (remix) [London Some’ting] Blackstar – Get Wild (VIP Mix for JJ Frost) [Unreleased] Family Of Intelligence – Bonus (Dud Plate Mix) [Kemet – KM11] Firefox & 4 Tree – Warning (Powder Mix) [Philly Blunt] The Dubster – Retreat [Flex] Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah (Back 2 Basics remix) [IQ] DJ Krome & Mr Time – Ruffneck Scouts [Tearin Vinyl] Leviticus – Burial (Madamoselle Mix) [Philly Blunt]