Miss Ledz – Sun&Bass 2017 DJ Comp Entry

My entry for the 2017 Sun and Bass DJ Competition πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy <3 Tracklist 1 The Quest (Break Remix) by Calyx & Teebee 2 Control VIP by Emperor 3 Short Attack by Ewol 4 Red Six by Gridlok & Mindscape 5 Black Fog by Dub Elements 6 The Flux by Break 7 Set Theory (Ulterior Motive Remix) by Ed:it & Pennygiles 8 Coincidence by Soligen & Type 2 9 Centuria (Amoss Remix) by Mayhem & Logan 10 Stare into the Sun by Kije 11 Second Encounter by S.P.Y 12 Reverse Nirvana by Dauntless 13 Wolfpack by Enei 14 Distance by Tarz 15 Go (S.P.Y Remix) by Delilah 16 Amorous (Euph Remix) by Transparent 17 Le' Wonk by Fearful & Hyroglifics 18 Crunchy by Enei 19 Made of Light (Klax Remix) by Emperor

Inbound podcast-Kiddo-Feb-2012

Inbound Podcast #007 February 2012

featuring guest Kiddo in the mix

j robinson and shima – come correct (ft grimm)
june miller – walls of Jericho
physical illusion – thunder
phobia – clean break
octane, dlr and survival – the others
zero method – rarp
war – rafale
technical itch – kymera
dabs and amoss – still there
mindscape – flashback
cause 4 concern – luca (silent witness rmx)
data – overflow
meth (ft digital ) – brutal
jubei – the path
monica – don’t take it personal (synx rmx)
vilen – snakebite
incident – slight
blu mar ten – damage
pessimist – syncopation
data – passive aggressive
fiction – bleak times (kiddo rmx)
wreckless – jumanji
kiddo – bleeding eyes (octane and dlr competition non-entry)
dabs and june miller – ditch
jubei and cern – black hole
phobia – voyager (ft baron von alias)
seba – painted skies (kiddo rmx)

TROUb9L – DNB Everybody – 15mins

My set from DNB Everybody – 15 minute sets (This one is 16 mins – I tried my best!)

Thanks to The Collective for having me on board!

This is a re-run of my set I worked out for Everybody done on 2 x XDJ’s (same as I did in the club – I am a vinyl girl at heart – this was a challenge for me) I feel it’s a bit wobbly in places and minus a slap of the deck from the night when I got too excited mixing.

Steve – Arkaik
40 Hurts – Break and Die
Alien Girl – Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce
>>>>The Puppeteer – DRS and Jubei
Tape Pack – Ulterior Motive
The Tube VIP – Spectrasoul
I am a creator – Dub Phizix and Skittles
Deadline – Digital (Dub Phizix Remix)
Go – Deliliah (S.P.Y. Remix)

Fiction – All Fiction Mix 1

Here is a mix I recorded a while back featuring all of my own productions (one also features my good buddy Kiddo). These date back to around 10 years ago. (yes time flies). Most of these are unreleased, although a few have come out on digital labels in the past. If you would like me to send you any music or wanna chat tunes please hit me up. I hope you enjoy the mix!

Tracklist :
Fiction – Into The Light
Fiction – Mars
Fiction – So Would I?
Fiction – Soul Train
Fiction – On The Ride
Fiction – Runnin’
Fiction – Break
Fiction – Delta Box
Fiction – Sandtrap
Fiction – Progression
Fiction – The Paradox
Fiction and Kiddo – Dogtown
Fiction – Crisis Control

EVN- Live June 4th DnB Jungle Part 2

Live 4th June 2017 Part 2.
1. 0:00:00
2. 0:02:18 (2000) Whiplash (Lemon D Remix)- Future Cut- Renegade Hardware
3. 0:04:30 (2003) Ignition of Sequence- Axis of Evil- Cell Recordings
4. 0:06:25 (1996) Hit Me- Aphrodite
5. 0:08:55 (2005) Choir of Dawn- Ben Sage- Invader
6. 0:11:09 (2000) Dub Era- Dylan & BKey- Invader
7. 0:13:09 (1996) After Hours- DJ Trace- Dee Jay Recordings
8. 0:16:29 (1995) **I Selassie I (Artificial Mix)- Trinity- Philly Blunt
9. 0:18:56 (1995) Bizarre (Desired State Remix)- Higher Sense – Moving Shadow
10. 0:24:13 (1994) Drum n Bass Wise- Remarc- White House
11. 0:26:10 (1995) Bells of Dawn- Ratty- Formation Records
12. 0:29:20 (1999) Drop Bear- Die- Full Cycle
13. 0:31:51 (1995) Da Bass II Dark- Asylum- Metalheadz
14. 0:34:31 (2016) Out of Vogue- Rockwell- Shogun Audio
15. 0:41:15 (2005) Violent Sound- Hive, Keaton, Echo & Gridlok- Violence
16. 0:44:10 (1999) Don’t Try this- Decode- Shure
17. 0:45:45 (2001) Love- Jill Scott (Falcon & Dreazz remix) – Not on Label
18. 0:50:00 (2016) The Curse- Agressor Bunx- Ignescent
19. 0:53:40 (2004) Toxic- Britany Spears Remix- Camoflague
20. 0:56:36 (2016) A Break from Suspension- Mako- Dispatch
21. 0:59:30 (1996) Style from the Darkside- Aphrodite

EVN- Live June 4th DnB Jungle Part 1

EVNAdelaide- Live 4th June (Part 1. Mp3 Version)
Forgot to record first 30 or so minutes. Archive of Live stream available http://ift.tt/2keQqes **Rugged

1. (1993) 0:00:00 Black – DJ SS- Formation
2. (1996) 0:05:18 Searching All Around – Aphrodite
3. (2016) 0:08:00 The Mercenary- Mako & Andy Skopes- Dispatch Recordings
4. (2005) 0:10:00 Time To Fire- Defcon 1- Mac II
5. (1996) 0:14:40 Splice- Aphrodite
6. (2016) 0:16:55 De Ja Vu- Agressor Bunx- Ignescent
7. (2006) 0:18:45 Sex Machine- G-Squad- Invader
8. (1995) 0:21:00 Oh Gosh- Undercover Agent- Juice Records
9. (2016) 0:23:15 Hoez to the floor- Rockwell- Shogun Audio
10. (2000) 0:25:30 First Contact (Dylan Remix)- DJ Damage- Invader
11. (1997) 0:28:10 Streetwalking Cheetah- Third Wave- Criminal Comms
12. (2016) 0:31:31 Clusterfunk- Noisia, Mefjus, Hybris- Vision
13. (2000) **0:33:28 Syphon- Cybin – Emcee ()
14. (2000) 0:35:54 Bloodline feat DJ Kontrol- Future Cut- Renegade Hardware

Miss Ledz – Liquid Mix <3

This is a liquid mix I did for a friend to help brighten their day!



DRS ft. Tyler Daley & LSB – The View (Calibre Remix)
S.P.Y ft. Total Science – Double Trouble
Soligen & Type 2 – Coincidence
Massive Attack – Teardrop (Contra Remix)
DJ Marky & XRS – LK
Ulterior Motive – Radian
S.P.Y – Second Encounter
Dub Phizix – The Clock Ticks
Gerra & Stone – These Words
Apex ft. Ayah – Space Between Us
S.P.Y – Perth Sunset
Seba – Nightrider (Survival Remix)
Arkaik – My Love
Dawn Wall – Angel Field
D-Bridge & Vegas – True Romance
Loadstar – Stepped Outside
LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Rework)
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Tephra – Addiction
Nu:Tone – System (Matrix and Futurebound Remix)
Nu:Tone – Say That You’ll
Commix – Be True

Fiction @ Subalicious March 5 2016

Here’s a live set of myself in the mix from Subalicious at Sugar in Adelaide from March 2016. This one features resident mc’s Pab and G-swift on the mic who do a wicked job as always. Subalicious at Sugar is always a great place to play, it’s unique and super fun as I can go on a bit of a journey with my selections each and every time! I feel like this is a great representation of the vibes at Subalicious. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Tracklist :
Commix “Be True”
SKC & Bratwa “Prophecy”
Fierce and Zero T “Lowball”
Special Forces “What I Need”
Enei “Just One Look”
Need For Mirrors feat DRS “D.F.T.F”
Zinc “Show Me” Calibre remix
Need For Mirrors “Sharp Teeth”
DJ Die “Drop Bear”
Subwave “I Need You”
Nymfo “Brain Feeder”
Enei “Homeworld”
Ed Rush and Optical “Goodfoot”
Break “Moving On”
Konsta “What I Need”
Skittles “In For Me” Jubei Remix
Ivy Lab “Afterthought”

DJ Phink – Liquid drum’n’bass Origins – March 2017

A selection of smooth, melodic drum’n’bass cuts, from the formative years of what was then widely known as “Intelligent Drum’n’bass”, but more widely recognised these days as “Liquid” or “Liquid Funk” drum&bass.
Not the tidiest mix I’ve ever done, but the tracks are quality all the way through. Please excuse some rather crackly, worn vinyl πŸ™‚
1) Mulu – Pussycat (PFM Mix)
2) Carlito – Spirit
3) Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love. (T-Power mix)
4) Souljah – The Chase (Lemon D mix)
5) Section 5 – White Label
6) Guardians Of D’alliance – Blue green
7) DJ Pulse ft. Professor Stretch
– Let You In
8) Intense – Only You
9) Kudos – Soul Searchin’
10) Second Vision – The Italian Job
11) Carlito – Diffusion Room
12) Alphabet Series (Formation Records) – A
13) ILS & Solo – In The Area

TunaCast #032: Recluse Guest Mix #2 [FREE DL]

Back in business baby! TunaCast returns for another thumping guest mix from the man like RECLUSE! Recluse was first featured on the TC way back in June 2015 and currently holds the title for most played episode but almost 2 years on, episode 32 lays down some equally hard cheddar to back it up! Big up all the neuro fans out there, and big up all the crew supporting our locals! Keep it locked!

*Want to be the next guest DJ? Let’s talk πŸ˜‰

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to like/share/comment etc!

– Oh Q

[FREE DL] http://ift.tt/1Hpx24C

Specimen A – Rockstar Feat. Suffice (Bluescreens Remix)
Disphonia – Energy
Nevroz – Lost Cells (Inward Phase Remix)
RRegula & Dementia – Payback Feat. Triage
Optiv – Run it Red Feat. Ryme Tyme (Neonlight Remix)
Nocturnal & Prolix – Crater
Myselor – Luminous Thread (Rregula Remix)
Myselor – Alive (Insom Remix)
Inward Phase & Mastif – Exhale
Inward Phase – Nanovision
Zombie Cats – Shakaree
Disphonia & Kryptomedic – Back to the Old School
Sustance – Hesitate Feat. Side Projekt
Human Error – On the Floor
Rregula – Timeline
Block Dodger – Clock
Sustance – Terminal Feat. Script MC
Semantics – Too Close
L33 – Oscillation
Zombie Cats – Perpertrator
Disphonia – Tread Lightly
Axi – Spiderweb
Rregula – Dugong Rollout
Rregula & Mastermynd – Theme for war

Inbound Podcast 0015 – LP

Welcome to edition 15 of the Inbound Podcasts series. Here we have a very talented dj and producer – LP- in the mix for this latest installment. LP delivers a wicked set featuring plenty of fresh beats for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy.

Alix Perez – Numbers Feat. Benabu
Lenzman – Waves
Calibre – Mr Right On
DRS – I Will Feat. Patife & Vangeliez
FD – Serious
Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Dreaming (Calibre Remix)
Goldie & Ulterior Motive – I Adore You
Spectrasoul – On & On
Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club
dBridge Vs Alix Perez – Through My Eyes
LSB – Missing You Feat. DRS & Tyler Daley
Ulterior Motive – I Remember
Arcatype – Ascension
Spectrasoul – Second Chance
Fluidity – Deeper Vibe
Skeptical & Alix Perez – Killa
Ivy Lab – Thirsty 18.) Breakage – Elmhurst Dub
Calibre – Echoes
The XX – Shelter (Alix Perez x Khanage Remix)
Lenzman – Park Hill Feat. Jubei
Xtrah – The Embarkment
Foreign Concept – Escape Orbit

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