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056 – The Ones And Twos On Fresh927 – ctoafn X missledz X Lilac 010421

On this weeks shows I enlisted the help of some very talented ladies of DnB, fomer TOATs host, no resident UK producer/DJ missledz and her mate Lilac. We’ve got all style and flavours of DnB on show – brand new unreleased tunes and some old school bizness. missledz 1. Acid Lab – Funk Tune 2. Maykors & Paul AF – Artengo 3. The Caracal Project – Intoxicated 4. Framer – ID 5. Intercept – Black Lotus 6. Dopplershift x Stokka – Don’t Look Back ft. Grafta MC 7. Fred V – Away feat. Vonné (Kyrist Remix) 8. missledz – Disengage 9. Amoss & Fre4knc – Question Answer 10. missledz – The Bromeliad Society 11. Black Barrel & Nami – Hit Me More 12. missledz – ID 13. Offline – Me & You 14. Dava – Talk To Me 15. missledz – Won’t You ctoafn 1. Mefjus – Signalz 2. Ewun – Screw Up (The Upbeats remix) 3. Icicle – Dreadnaught Ft. SP:MC (Phace Remix) 4. Decimal Bass – Work for Nothing 5. Posij – Techplant 6. Emperor & Mefjus – Disrupted 7. Trei – Seeds VIP 8. Utopia – Scan Me – Original Mix 9. Dub Phizix – Bounce 10. […]

Fiction – Remedy All Stars Mix Dec 2020

For anyone that missed my 15 minute set from the Remedy Allstars live stream or wants to listen to it here it is! Was an awesome event, congrats to the Remedy crew for organising it and much love to all the other djs, was a wicked show and everyone rinsed it proper, thats for sure 😎 Cheers everyone and I hope you enjoy the mix 😁

Fiction – Bartek Promo Mix Mar 2021

This is just a short mix which I thought may capture what I like to play, and includes 4 unreleased bits from Adelaide artists – Pab, UTS, Missledz (now uk based) plus one from myself, alongside some of my favourite artists and labels such as Commercial Suicide, Sofa Sounds, C.I.A and more. I hope you enjoy 🙂 Thanks to Bartek for the opportunity to play on the show, and much love to the Remedy crew for getting me on board to play in the Allstars comp! Also shouts to the local boys from The Collective who asked me to originally play and represent Adelaide. Tracklist : Sal “Untitled Touch” – Commercial Suicide Pab “Always” – Dub Spectrasoul “Supression” – Subtitles Phaction “I Have You” (Ill Truth Remix) C.I.A FD “First Sound” C.I.A Id “id” (Miss Ledz Remix) – Dub Dunk “Cybernetic” – C.I.A UTS “If I Was” – Dub DLR & Break “Hit The Target” – Sofa Sound Fiction “Fat Cat” – Dub Adred & Jamal “Chernobyl” – Commercial Suicide

Fiction – ADLVIBEGUIDE 94 95 Jungle Mix

Hi guys, here’s my mix I recorded for the local Fb group ADLDNB Vibe Guide. Thought I’d put together something special for the crew, so I kept it strictly old skool jungle! All vinyl from my collection. I hope you enjoy the set Tracklist: Rebel MC feat Top Cat “Champion DJ” Potential Badboy ’95 remix Dropping’ Science Vol 1 “Unknown” DJ Zinc Remix DJ Power “Easy Step” DJ Krust “Set Speed” Fire Fox & 4-Tree “Warning” (powder mix) D.R.S feat Kenny Ken “Everyman” D.O.P.E Dub Mix Leviticus “Burial” (Chronic 2 feat Yolanda) A-Zone “Safety Zone” (remix) International Rudeboyz “The Half Step” Keen “Vol 1” Marvellous Cain “Hitman” Marvelous Caine Remix MA2 “Hearing Is Believing” DJ Gunshot “Check One” D.J Solo & D.J Rossie “Sureshot” Ranski “Dream Of Horns” DJ SS “Black” Krome & Time “ The Licence”

053 – The Ones And Twos On Fresh927 – ctoafn Overview Music Special 280121

With a 3 month old baby, even with my wife doing most of the heavy lifting, finding time to curate tunes can be difficult and one of my current fav dnb labels Overview Music released a best of compilation so I grabbed that and added a stack more and put together this show. All nice and tight deep dnb, with hints of tech, growlers and liquid. 1. Vowel – Dusk (Pitch Black) 2. Klinical – Around Me 3. Skylark – The Chase (feat. LaMeduza) 4. Operate & Rizzle – Toxic 5. Sustance – Squirt 6. T95 x DRS – On Site 7. Ill Truth – Flex 8. Ground – When I 9. Neve & Synth Ethics – Tierra (feat. Kwality) 10. Sustance – Temperance (Relict Remix) 11. Creatures & Jestah – Discreet Altercations 12. gyrofield – Fallen In Deep 13. Dubshun – Silent Kill 14. Wingz – Strained (Koherent Remix) 15. Klinical & Waeys – Framed 16. MISSIN – Pressure Point 17. Nectax – Clock Out 18. Ordure – Gatekeeper 19. Sustance – One Away 20. Alibi – Jet Wash 21. Wingz – One Beat 22. Nami & Rizzle – Mistress 23. Ill Truth – Quick Release 24. Wingz – […]